Select Except / Minus Select

ze posted 12 months ago in General

I'm pretty new using HeidiSQL and i Wonder if Minus command works.

what I would like to do is

Select 1 ...minus Select 2

I tried to use : Select Except either but no success.

Can someone tell me if there is an equivalent ?

Thanks in advance
ze posted 12 months ago
oops seems to be not implemented yet in MySQL ...
kalvaro posted 12 months ago
Just in case (don't feel offended if you already knew)... HeidiSQL is a fancy graphical client for MySQL Server, which is a different third-party program. What you can do or not do with SQL basically depends on the server, not the client.
ze posted 12 months ago
Hi kalvaro

thanks for your reply.
I realized (too late wink) that is not implemented yet in MySQL

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