Bug? Focus lost after clicking on column in "hint" dialog.

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Written by timmm
6 months ago
Category: General
1 posts since Wed, 26 Mar 14
Each time when I select a column in the hint dialog, that appears after typing the name of a table, the focus is lost from the Query input box. I'm always working on a dual screen setup. After loosing the focus, it is set on the taskbar. I'am able to reproduce the problem on another Windows 7 PC and using the latest Heidi revision.
Written by superloop
2 months ago
1 posts since Mon, 28 Jul 14
i also have the same problem. i'm also running the latest Heidi revision on a Windows 7 PC.
Written by kdesser
6 days ago
1 posts since Tue, 16 Sep 14
I guess you both are using UltraMon?

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