Connection fail via SSH Tunnel

myc0058 posted 1 year ago in General
I want to connect remote Mysql server via SSH Tunnel.

local -> ssh server -> mysql server

but heidisql doesnt try to connect to mysql server

try to connect ssh server local.

plz help me.

best regards
ansgar posted 1 year ago
If it connects to localhost then check your SSH tunnel settings. You could also update to the latest build as I have rewritten the SSH tunnel recently, and you now get messages from the plink command line window as message dialogs. Perhaps when the server provides a new or changed key, then Heidi pops up with a question dialog which you need to confirm first.
myc0058 posted 1 year ago
I try to command line

D:\Data\util>plink -L 3307:DB_IP:3306 -P 22 -pw password moh_user@SSH_IP

and access localhost 3307 port number with HeidiSQL.

it works.

and heidiSQL's SSH Tunnel works also.

Did i have to use command line first time?

anyway thx
sme posted 12 months ago
You need the server key in your registry. This is done when you first connect to the server.

As ansgar said there should be already a fix to provide a dialog when needed.
apaffefettu posted 10 months ago
However, if I use the same credentials over SSH via the follow command line:

mysql -u social_shop_prod -h us-east-1.amazonaws.com -p
I can connect successfully and get the MySQL interactive command prompt

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