One-click toggle to turn query "on" or comment out

charlieo posted 12 months ago in Feature discussion
Often times I am writing a series of complex queries in one tab. As I'm working through issues, I often want to turn some of the queries "on" or "off". What I do now is /*...*/ which works but it's a pain when I'm juggling lots of things on and off.

It would be great if there was a simple, direct way to toggle a given query on or off. For example, place the cursor anywhere in the given query and then double click in the left gutter (line #s) and the query where the cursor is sitting (through the nextwinkis commented out. Reverse the process to turn it back on.

Would be very nice.

Charlie O.
ansgar posted 12 months ago
Rightclick > "Un/comment"

You can assign a shortcut to that menu item, in Tools > Preferences > Shortcuts > SQL
charlieo posted 12 months ago
Nice. Wow, I had no idea these were there!

Thank you.


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