Run Query Only Selected Text

renerlemes posted 12 months ago in Running SQL scripts
One suggestion would be the ability to execute the query if I selected the text, as is possible in other software to query the database.
kalvaro posted 12 months ago
renerlemes posted 12 months ago
I explain wrong. My suggestion is two shortcut for same function as Run Selected Query and Run (F9 and CTRL + F9)
kalvaro posted 11 months ago
Sorry: I can't understand a word.
renerlemes posted 11 months ago
My suggestion is to use the same shortcut for 2 functions. One would be selected and run with the same shortcut to run all queries query. For example, if I hit F9 and have selected text, this text will run, if you have nothing selected, will run everything.

kalvaro posted 11 months ago
So it has nothing to do with shortcuts or implementing new run modes. You'd like HeidiSQL to pick "Run Selection" automatically when there is a selection.

IMHO, it looks pretty interesting. I know nothing about HeidiSQL guts (I'm not a developer) but perhaps it could be implemented by keeping current commands internally:

- Run all
- Run selection
- Run current query

... and exposing them this way:

- Run -> chooses automatically between "Run all" or "Run selection"
- Run current -> chooses automatically between "Run current query" or "Run selection"

It's a subtle but potentially confusing change so further feedback and analysis would be required.

(If I still don't understand your request, please feel free to add more clarifications but I love the feature I've described nonetheless).
renerlemes posted 11 months ago
Really you understood my request. It's a pretty cool feature. Can we explain this feature for a developer? I'm new to the forum.
kalvaro posted 11 months ago
Anse hangs around almost daily. But, in my experience, this kind of changes really benefit from extended user feedback.
ansgar posted 11 months ago
Using different shortcuts is more explicit and less confusing I think. Using the same shortcut in conjunction with having text selected can especially confuse new users. I can't see a real benefit in having the same shortcut for both actions, is there some?
renerlemes posted 11 months ago
Most managers database like MySQL Query Browser and SQLManagement Studio there is this native function so it would not mess. Would be more convenient and fast if it had this feature in my opinion. An example, in my company has 26 programmers, all stopped using the SQLManagement Studio, however, we made giving the excellent application and the only problem we have is that shortcut. My only suggestion would be that you can use the same shortcut key and run the two functions.

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