Annoying popup

tybreizh29 posted 1 year ago in Feature discussion
HeidiSql is a very nice tool, but since few versions there is a very annoying message box (I had a very old one before).
On SQL warnings (but not errors !!) there is a message box that displays the warning message (in addition with the same message in the log display). Impossible to disable.
A popup on error can be understandable to notice me the error but for warning it's a real pain and makes HeidiSql useless when you make a lot of request (my warning is with date and the wildchar %).
I hope an option will be available in the future, only the log window is useful like in the old versions.
ansgar posted 12 months ago
Fix the cause of that warning, and you're done.
tybreizh29 posted 12 months ago
yes, maybe
but why a popup for warnings and not for errors !
errors at least needs to be seen, warning not that much.

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