Double clicking on database name in treeview puts the name into the editor

Battlestar posted 1 year ago in General

Everytime I just want to expand the sub items of a database item using a double click HeidiSQL messes with my SQL script because it adds the database name into the script.

I understand this feature but it should only paste the name of the clicked item when it was already focussed. Otherwise it confuses the user who just double clicks a parent item to expand / collapse it.


egodoyc posted 1 year ago
Hi !

I Agree with that.

ansgar posted 1 year ago
Try the following:
* rightclick the tree
* click "Tree style options"
* activate "Auto expand on click"

I believe that could help you as you don't need to doubleclick any more then.
Battlestar posted 1 month ago
That is quite a solution but this is not intuitive because the user does not expect this behaviour. Why should I get used to single clicking a tree node when I need to use a double click in other applications?
apric posted 4 weeks ago
I had this issue multiple times as well.
In some random place in my (large and complicated) queries a syntax error occurs because i tried expanding some DB in the tree view (working with several hundred databases!).

Add this to the shitty MySQL error messages and you wasted several minutes of your life...
Very annoying :(

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