Hello everybody..Pls help

Kun posted 1 year ago in General
create table PHIOMS1(
IdPHIOMS1 int not null auto_increment primary key,
Comm int,
TagName varchar(32),
OPCTagName varchar(32),
Description varchar(32),
SigType varchar(32),
EURangeLow int,
EURangeHigh int,
EUUnit varchar

can somebody tell me what is the problem with my code??
moxun1639 posted 1 year ago
EUUnit varchar → EUUnit varchar(32)
kalvaro posted 1 year ago
Launch HeidiSQL, connect to your database, paste the code in the "Query" tab and hit the "Execute SQL..." toolbar button (the blue right arrow). If it has a syntax error, MySQL server will tell you about it and HeidiSQL will notify back.

Kun posted 1 year ago
Thank you moxun

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