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Written by fixx
6 years ago
Category: Import/Export
1 posts since Wed, 18 Jun 08
Hi everyone

I have noticed that the latest build does not have the "fields enclosed by, lines escaped by..." options when exporting data on Vista.

It does work fine on XP.

Any ideas?

Written by kalvaro
6 years ago
595 posts since Thu, 29 Nov 07
I suppose you mean the Export-> Export data menu. HeidiSQL modifies the regular "Save as" system dialog to append that line and the Vista dialog is different from the XP one. I don't have a Vista box here in order to confirm it but it can easily be a bug.

You can report it in the bug tracker, together with a screenshot.
Written by Dr. DaveMoney, Euro
6 years ago
105 posts since Sun, 27 Jan 08
Just curious... was this posted on code.google as a bug? If so, is it resolved?
Written by ansgar
6 years ago
5023 posts since Fri, 07 Apr 06
Neither reported in the bugtracker nor solved in the meantime.

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