mrforsythexeter posted 6 years ago in Feature discussion
I notice CTRL+Z works for undo in the Query, even though your shortcut is ALT+BckSpace. Is CTRL+Y (redo) disabled, or just not easy to turn on.
kelye posted 6 years ago

And what's the intended behavior of CTRL + W ?
Usually it closes the tab, in Heidi just clears the tab.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Ctrl+W clears a tab. If it's not the first, static tab, the tab is also closed.

Shortcuts can be customized in Tools > Preferences > Shortcuts.
kelye posted 6 years ago
well... then in there is a bug... no tabs are closed, only flushed

if someone can confirm this i will submit a bug report
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Oh sorry, I mixed it up - Ctrl+W never closes any tab. Double click on a tab does that. This is intentionally, not some bug.

kelye posted 6 years ago
a lot of applications close the tab on Ctrl+W ... maybe a poll on that behavior ? :)

And i found the shortcut for 'undo' but nothing on 'redo'
pionect posted 3 years ago
I'm also missing CTRL - Y for redo.
In most programs this redoes the last action and in HeidiSQL it seems to delete a single line.
ansgar posted 3 years ago
You can watch out and edit shortcuts for HeidiSQL's query editors, in Tools > Preferences > Shortcuts > "SQL editing"
pionect posted 3 years ago
Thanks a lot!
Revolt posted 2 years ago
I get an error saying that CTRL+Y is already used, but it isn't! Why are the shortcuts SO messed up?

m.lohse posted 2 years ago
I could set "redo" to CTRL+Y but I did not get a message that this shortcut is already used for "delete line". So CTRL+Y still deleted the line and didn't redo. When I change "delete line" to another shortcut of course it works but at the moment the check if shortcut is already set doesn't seem to work.
pionect posted 2 years ago

It still wasn't able to change the shortcuts.
I just noticed that 'Redo' is twice in the list with shortcuts.
Could that be the issue?
cduprez posted 2 years ago

I am facing the same problem trying to customize "Upper Case Block" with Ctrl+U shortcut and "Lower Case Block" with Ctrl+Shift+U shortcut.
I get a message saying that the shortcut SynEdit "Ctrl+U" to ecUpperCaseBlock is not possible because shortcut already exists.
I looked at every shortcut and Ctrl+U is not used.

What can I do to customize theses shortcuts ?


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