strange behaviour of selecting a row in data tab

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Written by Tribal
4 years ago
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i noticed some strange behaviour of selecting a row in the data grid relating to the button for deleting a row. in some cases, when swtiching from and to the data tab again, this button doesn't become enabled.

one way to reproduce this behaviour is as following:
select any row in the data grid and click on any free space inside the grid in order to deselect that row. now swtich to any other tab (the button for deleting a row only now becomes disabled) and back to the data tab. the button stays disabled even if you click on the row initially selected or select a range. it stays disabled just until you select any other row.

from my point of view it would be more intuitive to set the button state immediately after (de)selecting rows means the button becomes disabled as soon as i deselect all rows and becomes enabled again as i select at least one row or do a range select. that would also obviate the need for the hint which says you have to select at least one row in order to delete.

think about it and i hope i put it understandable into words wink

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