Tip: Multiple SSH tunnel connections.

darkangel posted 4 years ago in Creating a connection

I couldn't understand why I kept getting access denied errors when connecting to a 2nd server via an SSH tunnel. I just realised that it's because both connections were using the same local port (3307). So if you want to use multiple tunnel connections, remember to use a different local port for each one.

It may seem obvious, but it's always the simple stuff that results in lots of wasted time.



PS. It may be a good idea for HeidiSQL to warn you when port is in use.
robotom posted 9 months ago
This helped me out, 3 years later!

I was looking at my mysql logs, wondering why I wasn't getting any access denied errors. Agree on the warning part.
SilPho1 posted 1 month ago
Seems so obvious, yet this was a problem for me for a whole year. I just worked around it by only having one SSH connection open at a time. Never thought to search for a solution until today.

So yeah, thanks!happy

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