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tradehacker posted 6 years ago in General

(Apologies if this has been answered before but the search results didn't yield any result).

What are the query management features of HeidiSQL? My main requirement is to store hundreds of SQL queries that I have and be able to access them in a "point and click" style way without having to retype or copy and paste them. Is this supported functionality?

Currently I am simply using the up and down arrows at the MySQL console, and for older queries copying and pasting from .mysql_history.

ansgar posted 6 years ago
Well there is no point and click feature. But you have snippets for reoccuring stuff, query tabs for separated blocks, and the sql log with a contect menu item "Copy line to new query tab".
csiqojerncjsa posted 5 years ago

if I am not wrong, Snipptes have to be manually saved, the current log stores all queries sent to db. What could be needed is a kind of SQL history of all SQLs a user submits to a connection.

I work a lot with Teradata SQL assistant and this tool stores all from a user submitted queries in an ms access db with informations like: connection, query-start-time, end-time, duration, return value, ...

Just an idea.

ansgar posted 5 years ago
You are mixing up the intention behind snippets and logging. The query log can be written to a file. Please right-click the log window in order to activate it via "Log to file".

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