HeidiSQL on my iMac

ivesbrito posted 5 years ago in Installation
Hello People,

I`m new here, but joined to ask something that i think is important to the HeidiSQL`s community: can i use in my iMac? I tried using the Wine program but i was not happy with my test.

Please, help !!happyThanks !
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Wine should work perfect. There is no native HeidiSQL for Mac or Linux, just a Windows 32bit executable.
higorvaz posted 5 years ago
It's working like a charm im my Mac OS X 10.6.8 with Winebottler.
If you need some please contact me.
Higor higorvaz@gmail.com
ivesbrito posted 5 years ago
im using OSX 10.8.2

halp !!!
jfalch posted 5 years ago
there is no halp. as mentioned above, heidisql is a windows program; thus, either it will run under wine (on a unix-like system), possibly with some tweaking; or it doesn´t. In that case, you´ll have to choose another mysql client.
higorvaz posted 5 years ago
Hi ivesbrito You're Brazilian, dont you? Have you read the answer I wrote you by email ? Nope lol ....
Dude I did not have much work, after installing wine the heidi install run normally
Have you already installed the wine?
Alternatively use Sequel the best free app, but still could not do all Heidi does.
ansgar posted 4 years ago
There is a chance I'll be able to compile a native Mac OS X build of HeidiSQL in the future. Delphi XE5 (probably earlier versions also) support that. But I guess there are many pitfalls to solve first. For example, loading the libmysql.dll could be a problem, and probably all zillion calls to the Windows API are a problem. In that case this may all be nothing but smoke and mirrors.

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