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Backspace strangeness

rsterenb's profile image rsterenb posted 2 weeks ago in General

Not sure if this is supported since I'm on Linux/Wine. I don't know if this also happens on Windows, because I guess someone would have mentioned it by now and I found nothing here.

I'm currently running HeidiSQL Whenever I'm in a grid (table data, table editing) and I press backspace, the active tab looses focus and the first tab called "Host [...]" becomes active. Del(ete) works as expected, but.. the number of times I press Backspace and end up in another tab.. well, it's quite annoying. ;-)

I'm unsure about when this started, but I do know this didn't use to happen in a previous version. Is it something that can be fixed?

rsterenb's profile image rsterenb posted 2 weeks ago

In fact, I booted a Windows PC, updated to the latest version and it doesn't happen there.

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