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Insert files into TXT/BLOB 1 General azielnik's profile image azielnik (5) 2 days ago
Theme Amakrits: pressed buttons are not visible in the toolbar 3 Feature discussion Antony's profile image Antony (4) 2 days ago
How can do Comcast IMAP settings if it is not working properly? 0 General smith8395john's profile image smith8395john (1) 3 days ago
Issue with BIT default values in Mysql 0 General rpastoruma's profile image rpastoruma (1) 4 days ago
HeidiSQL does not unload the id column 3 General xxxxxx2's profile image xxxxxx2 (7) 5 days ago
BLOB gets altered at import/export 2 General Paulus's profile image Paulus (2) 5 days ago
Every day falls with an error 0 General Antony's profile image Antony (4) 5 days ago
Unable To Install Heidisql 5 General Jamesfisher's profile image Jamesfisher (4) 5 days ago
Warning row 1 doesn't contain data for all columns 0 General AkmalRamzi's profile image AkmalRamzi (1) 5 days ago
Second query window changes size 2 General Mary Bonney's profile image Mary Bonney (14) 6 days ago
Filter for display columns 4 Feature discussion tihoho's profile image tihoho (6) 6 days ago
Debug procedures 2 General emerson's profile image emerson (1) 6 days ago
Minor suggestions 2 General NickF's profile image NickF (2) 1 week ago
Search/filter column by name 1 General gian55's profile image gian55 (1) 1 week ago
editing and Saving column data 1 General mathison's profile image mathison (1) 1 week ago
"Unknown, should never appear" 1 General ClarkeyBoy1987's profile image ClarkeyBoy1987 (1) 1 week ago
Setting default value of BIT in MySQL 0 General dmikester1's profile image dmikester1 (18) 2 weeks ago
Code CREATE tab add database name in foreign key definition 0 General askari's profile image askari (2) 2 weeks ago
Refreshing Table view is hard 5 Feature discussion lemon_juice's profile image lemon_juice (146) 2 weeks ago
mariadb ADD COLUMN virtual = You have an error in your SQL syntax 2 General vodish's profile image vodish (5) 2 weeks ago
Change users connection limits 1 General WebCF's profile image WebCF (7) 2 weeks ago
Heidisql Error: An error occurred in the application cannot focus a disabled or invisible 6 General zulkhaery's profile image zulkhaery (1) 3 weeks ago
All cell values in results view show "Node" 7 General HerrimanCoder's profile image HerrimanCoder (8) 3 weeks ago
QOL Feature suggestion - Floating 'Query' window 0 Feature discussion Conz's profile image Conz (3) 3 weeks ago
Can't connect after restart by HeidiSQL 7 Creating a connection mRc0's profile image mRc0 (4) 3 weeks ago
Postgre internal temporary schemas could be filtered out 4 General inc's profile image inc (2) 3 weeks ago
Lost the result output window! 16 General eos's profile image eos (43) 4 weeks ago
Confirmation window with SQL Script review before posting 0 General eric4235's profile image eric4235 (1) 4 weeks ago
Can you add DB2 support? 11 General xxxxxx2's profile image xxxxxx2 (7) 4 weeks ago
HeidiSQL 11.1 released 3 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (9054) 4 weeks ago
Problem reading csv file 0 General's profile image (1) 4 weeks ago
Will export 20GB database cause a loss of application speed? 4 General Sven's profile image Sven (5) 4 weeks ago
Copy as SQL INSERTs ignores hidden columns 0 General ruyelpequenocid's profile image ruyelpequenocid (1) 1 month ago
capital-letter in lowercase letters 2 General Sven's profile image Sven (5) 1 month ago
Snippet subfolders 3 Feature discussion jakebathman's profile image jakebathman (2) 1 month ago
Datatype image in MS-SQL 2 General werne's profile image werne (3) 1 month ago
Heidisql can't find server when moving ip addresses 4 General Jmcaninch615's profile image Jmcaninch615 (3) 1 month ago
"Stop on errors in batch mode" - where is it? 2 General Katy's profile image Katy (13) 1 month ago
After build can't export csv data 14 Import/Export ckleuser's profile image ckleuser (8) 1 month ago
[Bug report] Row count not up to date when dumping table to SQL file 2 General High-Voltage's profile image High-Voltage (7) 1 month ago
heidisql for ubuntu operating system? 0 General jotana240's profile image jotana240 (1) 1 month ago
SQL Dump Timestamp colums in UTC format 8 General High-Voltage's profile image High-Voltage (7) 1 month ago
Error message no longer shows 1 General ArnorBld's profile image ArnorBld (8) 1 month ago
compilation with embarcadero Delphi Community Edition 14 General watery's profile image watery (5) 1 month ago
table doesn't exit in engine 3 General andrea_ca_gt's profile image andrea_ca_gt (2) 1 month ago
Slow row deletion with SSH 3 General crafter2345's profile image crafter2345 (2) 1 month ago
High CPU utilization 3 General egidio's profile image egidio (2) 1 month ago
The maximum column size is 767 bytes 2 General serlopsil's profile image serlopsil (2) 1 month ago
Warning dialog, where to view warnings? 7 General SPlatten's profile image SPlatten (5) 1 month ago
SqlServer arguments 1 Creating a connection Benodilo's profile image Benodilo (2) 1 month ago
New query tab settings 2 General TorukCamanbay's profile image TorukCamanbay (3) 1 month ago
Storing tab contents 4 Feature discussion apocs's profile image apocs (8) 1 month ago
Can't create a cpy of table with bit fields 1 General geoffschultz's profile image geoffschultz (14) 1 month ago
MFA / Ubikey / Interactive Keyboard 2 Creating a connection liquidwatch's profile image liquidwatch (2) 1 month ago
gui view of queries 5 General albertfa's profile image albertfa (1) 1 month ago
MariaDB: Create Procedures with PL/SQL Code via HeidiSQL? 2 General amshh's profile image amshh (2) 1 month ago
kubuntu 20.14 bugs on the screen 0 General mnk's profile image mnk (17) 1 month ago
HeidiSQL available through Microsoft Store 5 News ansgar's profile image ansgar (9054) 1 month ago
Heidi not opening after latest Windows update 2 General aryehcaplan1's profile image aryehcaplan1 (2) 1 month ago
Use Database Export with prompt 1 General gtspina's profile image gtspina (1) 1 month ago
Entity Relationship Diagram 0 General excitedbox's profile image excitedbox (2) 1 month ago
Newbie question - rainbow_database 1 General Julleah6025's profile image Julleah6025 (1) 1 month ago
Feedback: query exact row count from tables and views 2 General paul's profile image paul (3) 1 month ago
Thank you 1 General aphos's profile image aphos (1) 2 months ago
Data types text and varchar are incompatible in the equal to operator 3 General mgrantom's profile image mgrantom (2) 2 months ago
Check constraints not showing for SQLite databases 6 Feature discussion jonathanpoulin's profile image jonathanpoulin (9) 2 months ago
Jump to a row by entering its value (but it starts with two times the same character) 0 General dall's profile image dall (1) 2 months ago
Table 1 General Maksim's profile image Maksim (1) 2 months ago
Creating user not working PostgresSQL 2 General Patrick-M's profile image Patrick-M (3) 2 months ago
Right-Click-Generate INSERT/SELECT/DELETE for Table 4 General hthyme's profile image hthyme (4) 2 months ago
import bak file 1 General serhio's profile image serhio (5) 2 months ago
Charcoal Dark Slate is buggy :)) 0 General ecxod's profile image ecxod (9) 2 months ago
Import Hebrew doesn't work correctly v11.3.0.6295 1 Import/Export bar's profile image bar (1) 2 months ago
Performance with many open tabs 9 General bing's profile image bing (8) 2 months ago
HeidiSQL 11.3 with syntax highlighting in grid text editor 16 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (9054) 2 months ago
Error while trying to upload CSV file 1 General k3fjeee's profile image k3fjeee (1) 2 months ago
SQL Error (2013): 2 General lolip's profile image lolip (2) 2 months ago
Partitions not showing in MariaDB 10.3 3 General toonces67's profile image toonces67 (2) 2 months ago
Cant connect to localhost 0 General kaweng88's profile image kaweng88 (6) 2 months ago
portable_settings.txt very big 9 General lotiara's profile image lotiara (11) 2 months ago
Request: make first two tabs (Host/Database) hide-able 0 Feature discussion user4958's profile image user4958 (1) 2 months ago
New to Heidi, would like tables and stored procedures/views to be seperated and not one long list 1 General clemenslinders's profile image clemenslinders (2) 2 months ago
1 turns into T,rue and 0 into fa,lse 0 General clemenslinders's profile image clemenslinders (2) 2 months ago
permanent changes in my.cnf 4 General jhe's profile image jhe (3) 2 months ago
plugin 1 General giampaulo's profile image giampaulo (1) 2 months ago
Cannot exper because of window layout 2 General mork's profile image mork (2) 2 months ago
Importing a CSV File 4 General lvogl's profile image lvogl (3) 2 months ago
Any Fix for Error 2006 or 2013, or Can Get a support through mail or Discord?? 1 Running SQL scripts IamPM's profile image IamPM (1) 2 months ago
Why does Heidi choose not to see public? 5 General j4nd3r53n's profile image j4nd3r53n (4) 2 months ago
VIEWs not visible on the views list 1 General azielnik's profile image azielnik (5) 3 months ago
TABLE DEFINITION 0 General azielnik's profile image azielnik (5) 3 months ago
CSV Import problem 0 General azielnik's profile image azielnik (5) 3 months ago
Where are the user settings saved? 7 Installation radgh's profile image radgh (3) 3 months ago
Can't see public schema in PostgreSQL/Redshift 0 General j4nd3r53n's profile image j4nd3r53n (4) 3 months ago
Fix warning with date column 0 Import/Export BigMat's profile image BigMat (4) 3 months ago
Display of line / row numbers 13 General mgroen's profile image mgroen (23) 3 months ago
Regular Expression Databases name in Session Manager 0 General HariprasathYadav's profile image HariprasathYadav (1) 3 months ago
Copy Query Results in Text Format 3 General John Bell's profile image John Bell (11) 3 months ago
Upgrade MariaDB bundled installation? 14 Installation krilbe's profile image krilbe (11) 3 months ago
Duration for multiple queries shows duration for last query 3 General David Marcus's profile image David Marcus (3) 3 months ago
Ads were blocked - no problem. But keep in mind that developing HeidiSQL, user support and hosting takes time and money. You may want to send a donation instead.