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Foreign keys display issue 6 General alexlkv's profile image alexlkv (4) 1 hour ago
Comments in MS SQL 6 General igitur's profile image igitur (112) 1 hour ago
Data grid gets hosed after a while 4 General incursio's profile image incursio (6) 2 hours ago
Foreign Key 16 General's profile image (10) 5 hours ago
Sqlite support? 49 General MikeSchinkel's profile image MikeSchinkel (13) 20 hours ago
Blurry text on 4k display 51 General sumon's profile image sumon (20) 20 hours ago
Could you please add SQLite ? 3 General Wichart009's profile image Wichart009 (2) 21 hours ago
HeidiSQL for Firebird 3 General walterlane's profile image walterlane (1) 21 hours ago
Any support for SQLLite in the pipeline ? 6 General aikona's profile image aikona (8) 1 day ago
Data entry with foreign keys 2 Feature discussion lz7cjc's profile image lz7cjc (2) 2 days ago
Hope to AutoComplete Without Ctrl+Space 0 General GitHubgogo's profile image GitHubgogo (3) 2 days ago
How to rename a database...? 4 General westmatrix's profile image westmatrix (82) 4 days ago
Out of interest... (Save Clipboard Settings) 1 General notHeidi's profile image notHeidi (7) 5 days ago
Installation error on windows 10 12 Installation's profile image (7) 5 days ago
Incorrect template display 2 HeidiSQL portable Verolomstvo's profile image Verolomstvo (5) 5 days ago
I can not change the length 0 General Verolomstvo's profile image Verolomstvo (5) 5 days ago
Incorrect display 0 HeidiSQL portable Verolomstvo's profile image Verolomstvo (5) 5 days ago
Crash when clicking on a table name 1 General MarsHK's profile image MarsHK (5) 5 days ago
Crasha fter editing / copying field names 8 General notHeidi's profile image notHeidi (7) 6 days ago
Can't close file 3 General jpurpleman's profile image jpurpleman (7) 6 days ago
connection issue to SQL server with release 10.3 25 General philcar78's profile image philcar78 (3) 6 days ago
Filtering when i want to export some tables ... 2 General Kcko's profile image Kcko (29) 6 days ago
Small improvement 4 General Kcko's profile image Kcko (29) 6 days ago
Default custom text is considered to be an Expression / Field after save 0 General Theo Jager's profile image Theo Jager (4) 6 days ago
Connection from Local Network 3 Creating a connection AppMan's profile image AppMan (2) 6 days ago
Issues since 1 General cschlise's profile image cschlise (1) 6 days ago
marking only all tables during export 1 Import/Export MacDknife's profile image MacDknife (3) 7 days ago
Session manager bug 2 General ted's profile image ted (2) 1 week ago
How to search for a column name? 1 General serhio's profile image serhio (4) 1 week ago
Error connecting to SQL server 6 General CarlosC's profile image CarlosC (3) 1 week ago
Icons heidisql on wine 0 General dave3991's profile image dave3991 (1) 1 week ago
You have no privilege to this routine 0 General mdp93's profile image mdp93 (1) 1 week ago
Upload image with Windows Form Application C# 3 General Jack Ryan's profile image Jack Ryan (2) 1 week ago
Bug CTRL + Z 3 General junior.remualdo's profile image junior.remualdo (3) 2 weeks ago
Integrating HeidiSQL with my ecommerce store. 1 General LillianForeman's profile image LillianForeman (1) 2 weeks ago
Wine 5.x and HeidiSql error on Linux 1 General zootal's profile image zootal (23) 2 weeks ago
HeidiSQL 11.0 with SQLite support 0 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (8351) 2 weeks ago
file does not exist c:/program files/heidisql 13 General abra's profile image abra (1) 3 weeks ago
10.3 is indistinct when win10 display zoom set to 125%/150% 3 General zhafantian's profile image zhafantian (2) 3 weeks ago
Export PHP array new syntax 7 Import/Export justrusty's profile image justrusty (8) 3 weeks ago
Crash on connect every time 1 General laurin1's profile image laurin1 (8) 3 weeks ago
runaway CPU 9 General charlieo's profile image charlieo (23) 3 weeks ago
Stream read error tab 1 General Kcko's profile image Kcko (29) 3 weeks ago
Connection to Snowflake 0 General JimMcD's profile image JimMcD (1) 3 weeks ago
Excel (csv)How can I export more than 100,000 cases? 2 General's profile image (10) 3 weeks ago
Crash: Access violation at address when i try to create a column 2 General Alejandro.Cadena's profile image Alejandro.Cadena (1) 3 weeks ago
Session manager 7 Feature discussion alfiqmiq's profile image alfiqmiq (38) 4 weeks ago
I did block ads. . . 2 General kovacsbv's profile image kovacsbv (5) 4 weeks ago
Restoring Tab Setup Failed 2 General aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (51) 4 weeks ago
Shortcut for converting star notation to a list of all table columns? 1 General bpeikes's profile image bpeikes (1) 4 weeks ago
Bug, probably 1 General philip_38's profile image philip_38 (4) 4 weeks ago
Error using copy table function 24 General andrea.petracca's profile image andrea.petracca (2) 4 weeks ago
MicroFix - Mysql copy Table Enum Default value without quote 2 General roxwal's profile image roxwal (11) 4 weeks ago
MSSQL via SSH tunnel 2 Feature discussion cehser's profile image cehser (2) 4 weeks ago
Problem with AUTO_INCREMENT default value (Mysql) 2 General skydeex's profile image skydeex (2) 1 month ago
Connection settings in a database 5 Feature discussion Skelgaard's profile image Skelgaard (6) 1 month ago
HeidiSQL is running but not visible 9 General ngb_og's profile image ngb_og (4) 1 month ago
Generic Question 3 General philip_38's profile image philip_38 (4) 1 month ago
MySQL Events 0 General philip_38's profile image philip_38 (4) 1 month ago
new feature: single record view (vertically) of a record from result set 0 Feature discussion rogersd's profile image rogersd (1) 1 month ago
Heidi crashes when connection lost 2 General zappysam's profile image zappysam (2) 1 month ago
MySQL Table Editor/CREATE code Issue 7 General chrisw's profile image chrisw (4) 1 month ago
On Import, Error Messages from Whom? 1 Import/Export bsmither's profile image bsmither (1) 1 month ago
Cannot see tables in Postgressql placed in Azure 8 General heidiNewbie's profile image heidiNewbie (6) 1 month ago
Access Vagrant MySQL DB from local HeidiSQL GUI 4 General chris's profile image chris (2) 1 month ago
Library libpg-12.dll could not be loaded. 9 General ftn's profile image ftn (49) 1 month ago
There is a problem with the editing on the Parameters tab. 4 General s.d.w's profile image s.d.w (6) 1 month ago
A simple correction 5 General roxwal's profile image roxwal (11) 1 month ago
Need help regarding how to check MySql version used on this HeidiSQL (v8.0.0.4396) 2 General saa's profile image saa (2) 1 month ago
Export function to databasesql is error due to large table amount. Is there a solution? 7 General's profile image (10) 1 month ago
Bug: Ctrl + C => V not working 5 General Kcko's profile image Kcko (29) 1 month ago
sql export Error 3 General's profile image (10) 1 month ago
Autocompletion column sequence 1 General hantim's profile image hantim (3) 1 month ago
/* SQL Ooh(306): Text, ntext, and image day cannot be compared to LIKE using the LIKE operator. * 0 General's profile image (10) 1 month ago
Cmd line launch to PostgreSQL error on libmariadb.dll 2 Creating a connection DCom82's profile image DCom82 (1) 1 month ago
Heidi just closes when I press TAB key on my keyboard 3 General naudeap's profile image naudeap (2) 1 month ago
Unique over 2 columns 1 General ecxod's profile image ecxod (3) 1 month ago
Crash after disabling order by 2 General juanlu's profile image juanlu (5) 2 months ago
Autocomplete in Data editor from existing column data? 1 General andrew_husband's profile image andrew_husband (1) 2 months ago
Why does a new user allow ALTER by default? 3 Feature discussion Jason210's profile image Jason210 (6) 2 months ago
Select Server 6 Running SQL scripts jan's profile image jan (21) 2 months ago
export table same database 1 General roger-u's profile image roger-u (5) 2 months ago
Automatic session backups 2 Feature discussion jimtut's profile image jimtut (8) 2 months ago
Storing tab setup failed 3 General abruck's profile image abruck (24) 2 months ago
Export to Excel CSV takes long time 4 General aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (51) 2 months ago
Theme support 42 News ansgar's profile image ansgar (8351) 2 months ago
Text editor not showing complete value 4 General juanlu's profile image juanlu (5) 2 months ago
Export single session configuration 3 General pedja's profile image pedja (4) 2 months ago
sql error 1064 0 General abruck's profile image abruck (24) 2 months ago
How to access RDS MySQL DB 1 General nstech's profile image nstech (1) 2 months ago
Display BOOLEAN as 0/1, not 'TRUE'/'FALSE' 2 General aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (51) 2 months ago
Windows 10 Store version - where are the sessions stored? 1 General clmcavaney's profile image clmcavaney (3) 2 months ago
Cannot find a usable libpq.dll 22 Creating a connection jamesvl's profile image jamesvl (40) 2 months ago
Cannot Setup Postgresql Connection - Library is not in the List 2 General mojosound's profile image mojosound (2) 2 months ago
Backspace strangeness 16 General rsterenb's profile image rsterenb (8) 2 months ago
Feature request: [Session manager] -> Add filter in the sessions list 2 General JaumeGS's profile image JaumeGS (3) 2 months ago
Cannot set DELIMITER in right place 0 General robnic's profile image robnic (1) 2 months ago
Event Scheduler To Run Weekday Only 0 General themask's profile image themask (1) 2 months ago
History in table filter 6 Feature discussion mbedrac's profile image mbedrac (15) 2 months ago
Export strings. The numbers are in the wrong format. Visually dot separator. And when exporting a comma. 7 Import/Export BlackByte's profile image BlackByte (6) 2 months ago