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Is utf8_general_ci not available anymore? Desperately need help! 2 General birdAndStar's profile image birdAndStar (2) 11 hours ago
Session Manager Search 1 Feature discussion milmike's profile image milmike (1) 13 hours ago
Assign different specific quotas to each DB user 1 General waorellana's profile image waorellana (1) 3 days ago
SQL Befehl 7 General Manager's profile image Manager (11) 3 days ago
Always trouble importing CSV 12 General mrfdes's profile image mrfdes (8) 5 days ago
Executable doesn't automatically elevate permissions 1 Installation BrentNewland's profile image BrentNewland (1) 5 days ago
Copy Table - Constraint not copied 0 General byman64's profile image byman64 (13) 5 days ago
Can't connect to mysql server (NOT LOCALHOST!) 6 General DarkLordLP7's profile image DarkLordLP7 (4) 6 days ago
Refresh favorite list on tree view refresh 0 Feature discussion ptejeda's profile image ptejeda (1) 1 week ago
file does not exist c:/program files/heidisql 17 General abra's profile image abra (1) 1 week ago
Insert SQL function in Tab Query does not work 2 General Roberto's profile image Roberto (2) 1 week ago
SQL Error (1356): View 'mysql.user' references invalid table(s) or column(s) or function(s) or definer/invoker of view lack rights to use them 5 General nat's profile image nat (6) 1 week ago
"Stop on errors in batch mode" - where is it? 3 General Katy's profile image Katy (13) 1 week ago
Import database as SQL 3 General gabriel's profile image gabriel (6) 1 week ago
Can not scroll data-table horizontally with touchPad 0 General chengj's profile image chengj (5) 2 weeks ago
Automatically reconnect to SQL Server? 3 General paul's profile image paul (3) 2 weeks ago
thanks for this project 2 General maravento's profile image maravento (1) 2 weeks ago
import csv file update only certain columns 3 Import/Export bitseeker's profile image bitseeker (8) 2 weeks ago
Cannot connect to MariaDB with in Connection Manager stored password 3 Creating a connection tgmm_de's profile image tgmm_de (2) 2 weeks ago
Character set for French 5 General's profile image (65) 2 weeks ago
Update record in DB fails 2 General guy.b's profile image guy.b (2) 3 weeks ago
Host/Processes 1 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (604) 3 weeks ago
Use blob literal instead of hex literal for BLOB in SQLite 0 General true_mogician's profile image true_mogician (1) 3 weeks ago
Line spacing 1 General Haru_ql's profile image Haru_ql (1) 3 weeks ago
Schedduled queries 3 General papo85's profile image papo85 (4) 3 weeks ago
Where can I read the warnings? 3 Import/Export YOLED's profile image YOLED (5) 3 weeks ago
ERROR: Reading update URL 2 Feature discussion YOLED's profile image YOLED (5) 3 weeks ago
HeidiSQL won't launch as of the windows servicing stack released this week 0 General ndavalos's profile image ndavalos (1) 4 weeks ago
"Cannot connect to MySQL server on 'Webserver IP" (10061)" 12 General Marcel99's profile image Marcel99 (2) 4 weeks ago
Huge memory consumption on startup, part 2 2 General TomasB's profile image TomasB (20) 4 weeks ago
Export grid rows as SQL inserts - group queries 2 General fcunited's profile image fcunited (2) 4 weeks ago
Creating a column to auto increment 5 General Nige's profile image Nige (2) 4 weeks ago
big text file taking a v long time to import (2 days so far) 5 Import/Export bambino_tostare's profile image bambino_tostare (2) 4 weeks ago
CONNECT ONE DATABASE TO MORE THAN TWO SYSTEMS 2 General kelvin's profile image kelvin (2) 1 month ago
Creating a connection -- Bug 4 Creating a connection miandan's profile image miandan (6) 1 month ago
heidisql can't open multi table data's!! 4 General mohammad's profile image mohammad (3) 1 month ago
Can I connect to a Raspberry Pi running sqlite from my PC on the same network? 7 General dynamicdave's profile image dynamicdave (5) 1 month ago
Start HeidiSQL Microsoft Store version via CLI with arguments 4 General Morgy's profile image Morgy (4) 1 month ago
Function not copied when transfering database from Mariadb on Windows to Linux 1 General mhzujo's profile image mhzujo (1) 1 month ago
Move forum to GitHub Discussions 0 General Morgy's profile image Morgy (4) 1 month ago
FK keys - cannot add - BUG 5 General Kcko's profile image Kcko (38) 1 month ago
String variable 14 General kapitannwel's profile image kapitannwel (15) 1 month ago
Stream Read Error 7 Import/Export HRR's profile image HRR (6) 1 month ago
How to remove/de-attach an object (database) from a user? 4 General Kreipski's profile image Kreipski (4) 1 month ago
Keyboard shortcuts 17 General h-bach's profile image h-bach (3) 1 month ago
Display the comment of a column in the data tab 9 Feature discussion thadin's profile image thadin (18) 1 month ago
Special characters are getting changed 3 Import/Export sql_is_good's profile image sql_is_good (2) 1 month ago
Better autocomplete 2 Feature discussion podwieczorek's profile image podwieczorek (3) 1 month ago
Display of line / row numbers 14 General mgroen's profile image mgroen (23) 2 months ago
I deleted databases on HeidiSQL and I need help 0 General z1Ne-'s profile image z1Ne- (1) 2 months ago
How to create an index? 2 General pemoch's profile image pemoch (7) 2 months ago
Refresh tables, databases etc. 2 General rauper's profile image rauper (2) 2 months ago
Execute a script query by command line and generate a .csv file 3 Running SQL scripts alhuto's profile image alhuto (2) 2 months ago
[bug] not able set ctrl+enter in shortcut 0 General biao's profile image biao (6) 2 months ago
"Run Current Query" doesn't work after semicolon 4 Running SQL scripts biao's profile image biao (6) 2 months ago
[Bug report] Table Comment error 8 General andreandroid's profile image andreandroid (4) 2 months ago
Instruction with number in export file 0 Import/Export Nemm's profile image Nemm (1) 2 months ago
Version error 2 General xxxxxx2's profile image xxxxxx2 (9) 2 months ago
Navigation through foreign keys 0 Feature discussion ifgitman's profile image ifgitman (6) 2 months ago
Export database to sql, Drop view, and drop table for all views and tables 4 Import/Export shanyiqua's profile image shanyiqua (3) 2 months ago
https.dll not found 3 General BoBBers's profile image BoBBers (20) 2 months ago
Postgres Info 2 General lotiara's profile image lotiara (13) 2 months ago
Limit number of query tabs? 2 General Sasino's profile image Sasino (2) 2 months ago
"Unknown, should never appear" 3 General ClarkeyBoy1987's profile image ClarkeyBoy1987 (7) 2 months ago
2 Autoincrement instead of 1 | Postgresql : Heidi creates it with 1 but when created the pk autoincrements in 2 instead of 1 0 General anzus101's profile image anzus101 (1) 2 months ago
Lost Database 2 General chrissword30's profile image chrissword30 (2) 2 months ago
SQL Error 1227, 1044 0 General Marcel99's profile image Marcel99 (2) 2 months ago
its not possible to crat a tabel 1 General Deki Blago's profile image Deki Blago (1) 2 months ago
Not allowed to connect 1 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (604) 2 months ago
Intermittent error from Redshift: SUBSTR() not supported 5 General j4nd3r53n's profile image j4nd3r53n (7) 2 months ago
Comparing lower(foo) foo producing incorrect results 2 General hydrophoid's profile image hydrophoid (2) 2 months ago
JSON viewer 6 Feature discussion aneron13's profile image aneron13 (2) 2 months ago
Start, Stop, Restart MariaDB-Server on remote server 1 General MH's profile image MH (1) 2 months ago
CTRL + Z CTRL+y undo/redo don't seem to work correctly on sql editor. 2 General hellorsanjeev's profile image hellorsanjeev (4) 2 months ago
Export Import and Views 0 General roan's profile image roan (1) 2 months ago
Host Names - Aliases 0 Feature discussion ldhartman's profile image ldhartman (1) 3 months ago
Power, sqrt functions 6 General azielnik's profile image azielnik (11) 3 months ago
I need an older version of Heidi, but I'm not sure which version will suit my purposes best. 3 General strikeknight57's profile image strikeknight57 (3) 3 months ago
Import CSV buggy 4 General theking2's profile image theking2 (3) 3 months ago
Postgres to Mysql? 1 General Kcko's profile image Kcko (38) 3 months ago
help pls 2 General spectre's profile image spectre (1) 3 months ago
Multiple instances empty BUG 1 General mbedrac's profile image mbedrac (16) 3 months ago
Fehler bei komprimierter SQL-Datenbank 1 Import/Export Gismohan's profile image Gismohan (1) 3 months ago
SQL Server with MFA 0 Creating a connection dcifuentes7979's profile image dcifuentes7979 (1) 3 months ago
Feature Request: generateing dynamic filters by clicking on multiple column values 2 Feature discussion niewolf's profile image niewolf (2) 3 months ago
how about socket_users ? 2 General ecxod's profile image ecxod (12) 3 months ago
Slow Query Editor 3 General BenV's profile image BenV (2) 3 months ago
Changes to "SQL Editing" keyboard shortcuts mostly don't stick 0 HeidiSQL portable Niko-O's profile image Niko-O (1) 3 months ago
Where are the user settings saved? 11 Installation radgh's profile image radgh (3) 3 months ago
Get FIRST_NAME ,Joining year,Joining Month and Joining Date from employee table 10 Running SQL scripts vardan10's profile image vardan10 (1) 3 months ago
Lost the result output window! 17 General eos's profile image eos (43) 3 months ago
fascination view-effect 0 General cibmagic's profile image cibmagic (7) 3 months ago
Error Updating Id from a table 0 Running SQL scripts Hev's profile image Hev (1) 3 months ago
SSL and MySQL 8 Access denied 14 Creating a connection tam's profile image tam (16) 3 months ago
Access denied for user root@localhost 22 Creating a connection Amps's profile image Amps (2) 3 months ago
Auto-complete columns names and data expot 5 General orzechto's profile image orzechto (5) 3 months ago
update field which results from joined query 13 Feature discussion BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (604) 3 months ago
Feature-ajustment: Quotes on autocompletion 0 Feature discussion cbk882's profile image cbk882 (6) 3 months ago
Feature-Request: compare two Stored-Routines 0 Feature discussion UweAtWork's profile image UweAtWork (8) 3 months ago
Errors Importing URF-8 CSV Files 3 Import/Export PCHome's profile image PCHome (21) 3 months ago
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