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Cannot find a usable libmariadb.dll. 16 General shulato's profile image shulato (1) 16 hours ago
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP removed from list of default values 4 General tihoho's profile image tihoho (3) 1 day ago
To freeze a column 5 General spl52's profile image spl52 (4) 2 days ago
Heidisql wont start 4 General preaney's profile image preaney (2) 2 days ago
Bug + new user can see all tables without permmision 3 General Blanca_PJ's profile image Blanca_PJ (2) 3 days ago
SQL Error (207): Invalid Column Name 'TABLE_NAME' 11 General nahonix's profile image nahonix (5) 3 days ago
Crash with message : Column "Name" not available. 9 General christophe's profile image christophe (2) 4 days ago
Limits with CSV import 0 Import/Export's profile image (1) 5 days ago
Will export 20GB database cause a loss of application speed? 1 General Sven's profile image Sven (1) 5 days ago
Cannot see VIEWS in SQLite-Database 2 General JnS20's profile image JnS20 (2) 5 days ago
Nigthly builds doubled in size. 6 General internetocean's profile image internetocean (3) 5 days ago
SSL Connection Error: unknown error number, Please select a different library 9 General dmikester1's profile image dmikester1 (17) 5 days ago
HeidiSQL for Firebird 6 General walterlane's profile image walterlane (1) 5 days ago
SHow the Server IP next to its Name in the window title 0 Feature discussion WebCF's profile image WebCF (5) 6 days ago
File size 7 General mcemberci's profile image mcemberci (23) 6 days ago
All cell values in results view show "Node" 3 General HerrimanCoder's profile image HerrimanCoder (8) 1 week ago
Postgres Import with Foreign Keys 1 Import/Export chd.david's profile image chd.david (1) 1 week ago
Default limit for SQL queries - revamped 6 General maeeh's profile image maeeh (31) 1 week ago
Progress of a long query execution 1 Feature discussion jflietstra's profile image jflietstra (9) 1 week ago
Export of SQL-Data in CSV 13 General jk3's profile image jk3 (2) 2 weeks ago
Get FIRST_NAME ,Joining year,Joining Month and Joining Date from employee table 9 Running SQL scripts vardan10's profile image vardan10 (1) 2 weeks ago
HeidiSQL 11.0 with SQLite support 8 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (8841) 2 weeks ago
Indication of associated tables by a foreign key (Indicação de tabelas associadas por chave estrangeira) 0 General profbaco's profile image profbaco (2) 2 weeks ago
Improvement suggestion (Sugestão de melhoria) 0 Running SQL scripts profbaco's profile image profbaco (2) 2 weeks ago
HeidiSQL & Linux 10 General ArVie's profile image ArVie (4) 2 weeks ago
View names automatically change to lower case 2 General klaus.kirchhoff's profile image klaus.kirchhoff (5) 2 weeks ago
Support for System-Versioning Tables 7 Feature discussion HonzaCZ's profile image HonzaCZ (3) 2 weeks ago
HeidiSQL on MacOS 24 General quickgt's profile image quickgt (5) 3 weeks ago
AutoIncrement gives NULL 0 General Gwyneth's profile image Gwyneth (1) 3 weeks ago
MySQL parser errors 0 Running SQL scripts faraonem's profile image faraonem (1) 3 weeks ago
SQL Error(2013) Lost Connection: reading initial communication packet 10 Creating a connection stugol's profile image stugol (3) 3 weeks ago
SSL connection to MySQL 8.0 server 9 Creating a connection phinor's profile image phinor (10) 3 weeks ago
Can't connect via ssh tunnel 10 General chris221's profile image chris221 (4) 3 weeks ago
WISHLIST ITEM: count of rows in the user interface 1 General Gaetano's profile image Gaetano (3) 3 weeks ago
UTF encoded data 1 General Gaetano's profile image Gaetano (3) 3 weeks ago
HeidiSQL forum resgistration process 1 General Gaetano's profile image Gaetano (3) 3 weeks ago
Table compare 15 Feature discussion Rvanlaak's profile image Rvanlaak (26) 4 weeks ago
My database has been deleted what can I do? 2 General Blue_Label's profile image Blue_Label (1) 4 weeks ago
Where are my database file saved on My Window machine? 2 General's profile image (58) 4 weeks ago
HeidiSQL 11.1 released 1 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (8841) 4 weeks ago
Received disconnect from port xxxxxx No supported authentication methods available [preauth] 4 General ecxod's profile image ecxod (8) 4 weeks ago
Default "CURRENT_TIMESTAMP" automatically change from "Expression" to "Custom text" 2 General inkblack's profile image inkblack (1) 4 weeks ago
Names of Tab from SQL Queries 41 Feature discussion DB Phantom's profile image DB Phantom (5) 4 weeks ago
Why View looses formatting? 2 General plavilink's profile image plavilink (2) 4 weeks ago
Feature Request - Popup Menu for Tabs 2 Feature discussion mam's profile image mam (4) 4 weeks ago
Display row data vertically 1 HeidiSQL portable xwei_chen's profile image xwei_chen (1) 1 month ago
auto refresh maybe 1 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (590) 1 month ago
I connect my database on HeidiSQL with a Flask Python application 4 Creating a connection ludarc's profile image ludarc (4) 1 month ago
Reinstall heidisql 1 General HungrySoulGaming's profile image HungrySoulGaming (1) 1 month ago
Unable to close tab 2 General lavaplanetmir's profile image lavaplanetmir (2) 1 month ago
Cannot set shortcut to Ctrl-ENTER 2 General mpovidlov's profile image mpovidlov (1) 1 month ago
A little buglet 3 General notHeidi's profile image notHeidi (10) 1 month ago
Non unique key in MsSQL not visible 0 Feature discussion roxwal's profile image roxwal (12) 1 month ago
Request for feature: "UNALTER code" 0 Feature discussion Jelmer's profile image Jelmer (4) 1 month ago
Auto Backup time 6 Feature discussion JennaDeh's profile image JennaDeh (3) 1 month ago
compilation with embarcadero Delphi Community Edition 5 General watery's profile image watery (4) 1 month ago
Heidisql crashes when I am loading SQL script 2 Import/Export Councelor's profile image Councelor (1) 1 month ago
Copy Routines 1 Feature discussion atniin's profile image atniin (2) 1 month ago
Change MySQL Server Host Address 2 General jules22's profile image jules22 (2) 1 month ago
call procedure problem 2 Running SQL scripts maniekPL's profile image maniekPL (2) 1 month ago
How to connect Heidi To Sql Server Database 4 General's profile image (58) 1 month ago
encryption innodb 2 General RolfRi's profile image RolfRi (2) 1 month ago
workbook to create triggers and procedures 1 General's profile image (58) 1 month ago
Large table (50GB blob) lets Heidi freeze during transfer 2 Import/Export WebCF's profile image WebCF (5) 1 month ago
Library libmariadb.dll could not be loaded. Please select a different one. Internal error 5: Access is denied 1 General plasmaflux's profile image plasmaflux (1) 1 month ago
Autocomplete Datatypes 0 Feature discussion atniin's profile image atniin (2) 1 month ago
Getting Error during import of SQL using HeidiSQL 1 General ksure15's profile image ksure15 (1) 1 month ago
Auto Increment problem 4 General's profile image (3) 1 month ago
Multicursor in query window ? 1 General smarcin's profile image smarcin (1) 1 month ago
Invalid Postgresql drop foreign key 1 General TheColorRed's profile image TheColorRed (16) 1 month ago
Exporting SQL views 12 General anuragnz's profile image anuragnz (7) 2 months ago
Favorite/Starred tables bug 1 General michaeln's profile image michaeln (3) 2 months ago
Setting Column Defaults 1 General roger-u's profile image roger-u (12) 2 months ago
Replace only replacing one instance 11 General timtak's profile image timtak (7) 2 months ago
very long query 4 General roger-u's profile image roger-u (12) 2 months ago
Sorting query results - click on column header 3 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (590) 2 months ago
space cann't to set shortcut 1 General hyj0903's profile image hyj0903 (1) 2 months ago
Is anything mistaking with mssql INDEX 0 General heidiphan's profile image heidiphan (1) 2 months ago
HeidSQL UI not opening - It's running in background only 17 General BHAVIN's profile image BHAVIN (9) 2 months ago
Exit button [X] does not cover entire top-right window corner 1 General michaeln's profile image michaeln (3) 2 months ago
Renaming of query tab 14 Feature discussion biju_ps's profile image biju_ps (4) 2 months ago
Refreshing Table view is hard 2 Feature discussion lemon_juice's profile image lemon_juice (146) 2 months ago
CSV Export Field Separator Issues 3 General patrick1gleeson's profile image patrick1gleeson (1) 2 months ago
Error with HeidiSQL 0 General martin1717's profile image martin1717 (1) 2 months ago
Can't get it working under Wine Linux 16.04 and 14.04 6 Installation Dartdog's profile image Dartdog (8) 2 months ago
Getting Error when trying to export my sql to put on another box 1 Import/Export MikeLowery's profile image MikeLowery (1) 2 months ago
Rename query tab 2 Feature discussion dmikester1's profile image dmikester1 (17) 2 months ago
Rename Query Tabs 2 Feature discussion Arffeh's profile image Arffeh (39) 2 months ago
Compare and Update 0 General MrMix's profile image MrMix (1) 2 months ago
CyberArk integration with HeidiSQL Client 15 Creating a connection bozhidarkostov's profile image bozhidarkostov (10) 2 months ago
32 bit on Windows XP 3 Installation BobSmith's profile image BobSmith (3) 2 months ago
Double Quotes now being added to Export Grid Rows 9 Import/Export CFlath's profile image CFlath (4) 2 months ago
Discord bot can not connect to the database. 0 General rodrigop's profile image rodrigop (1) 2 months ago
"HeidiSQL - Made with Delphi" webinar available 1 News ansgar's profile image ansgar (8841) 2 months ago
Export row grids in Excel CSV is placing quotes around the first row. 9 General mseeds's profile image mseeds (2) 2 months ago
Access violation at address 000000506A500000 in module 'heidisql.exe' 3 General viktor.hujer's profile image viktor.hujer (4) 2 months ago
Changes of Tablenames at Database copy 7 Feature discussion hhoefling's profile image hhoefling (8) 2 months ago
What is workday & How is the future scope? 0 General persis crystal's profile image persis crystal (1) 2 months ago
Unable to see query results ... 5 General johnain's profile image johnain (7) 2 months ago
Cannot create connection to MS SQL Server on Linux 10 Creating a connection ralfmr's profile image ralfmr (3) 2 months ago
Ads were blocked - no problem. But keep in mind that developing HeidiSQL, user support and hosting takes time and money. You may want to send a donation instead.