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Can't see all the databases (scroll bar issue) 1 General gui44's profile image gui44 (1) 16 minutes ago
Rows Affected not displaying 3 General HerrimanCoder's profile image HerrimanCoder (25) 17 minutes ago
Process hangs after making connection 1 General almakano's profile image almakano (6) 19 minutes ago
Enable re-sequencing of connections 13 Feature discussion HerrimanCoder's profile image HerrimanCoder (25) 35 minutes ago
Very low contrast for User Management window on third group of permissions 1 General JAB Creations's profile image JAB Creations (72) 10 hours ago
Inconsistencies in database view for row counts 7 General JAB Creations's profile image JAB Creations (72) 2 days ago
Reformat SQL 3 General ghoppermaster's profile image ghoppermaster (13) 3 days ago
Previous releases - greyed out 2 General packzap's profile image packzap (2) 3 days ago
A BIG NEWBIE QUESTION 2 General Vicon's profile image Vicon (1) 4 days ago
HeidiSQL 12.8 with support for encrypted SQLite databases and SSL/MySQL bugfixes 0 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (10254) 4 days ago
Runninig SQL select 2 Running SQL scripts NeHaLeM's profile image NeHaLeM (19) 4 days ago
What about natively support Windows 11 ARM by the invasion of Windows ARM Copilot+ PC in 2024? 5 General vhminhtan's profile image vhminhtan (2) 4 days ago
BINARY display format seems broken 1 General's profile image (6) 4 days ago
Store root password in portable_settings.txt 0 General naturekid's profile image naturekid (1) 1 week ago
Names of Tab from SQL Queries 82 Feature discussion [expired user #6329]'s profile image [expired user #6329] (5) 1 week ago
Can I backup database by HeidiSQL? 2 General henray's profile image henray (1) 1 week ago
ODBC Data Source 2 General pefo301710's profile image pefo301710 (1) 1 week ago
A good SQL tool 2 General futao's profile image futao (3) 1 week ago
How to hide a panel? 0 HeidiSQL portable baili's profile image baili (1) 2 weeks ago
bug in all versions up to 2 General xxxxxx2's profile image xxxxxx2 (14) 2 weeks ago
Suggestions for MariaDB database merging software 0 General JAB Creations's profile image JAB Creations (72) 2 weeks ago
HeidiSQL Fivem Database 0 HeidiSQL portable juslogic's profile image juslogic (2) 2 weeks ago
Windows 10 Dark theme text color for numbers is same as background 2 General JAB Creations's profile image JAB Creations (72) 2 weeks ago
How to find the bigger packs? - SQL Error (1153): Got a packet bigger than 'max_allowed_packet' bytes 3 General JAB Creations's profile image JAB Creations (72) 2 weeks ago
Ability to drag and drop move session 1 Import/Export acosonic's profile image acosonic (4) 2 weeks ago
Import from a csv giving 1048 error 2 Import/Export Sheryl Posthumus's profile image Sheryl Posthumus (2) 2 weeks ago
openvpn on heidsql 1 General Joelfb's profile image Joelfb (10) 2 weeks ago
End of life and End of support date 3 General Kiruthika's profile image Kiruthika (1) 3 weeks ago
Idea to speed-up sql export significantly 6 Import/Export freejay's profile image freejay (6) 3 weeks ago
HeidiSQL fivem 1 Creating a connection juslogic's profile image juslogic (2) 3 weeks ago
Okta apps validation 1 General hemanth4's profile image hemanth4 (1) 3 weeks ago
add chatgpt bar, to describe need and chatgpt do sentencia sql 1 General scsjcm's profile image scsjcm (1) 3 weeks ago
Setting default value of BIT in MySQL 6 General dmikester1's profile image dmikester1 (19) 3 weeks ago
Timeouts in Importing Database Dump into HeidiSQL 1 Import/Export emmanuelkatto's profile image emmanuelkatto (3) 3 weeks ago
copy name 1 General jeffcomputers's profile image jeffcomputers (2) 4 weeks ago
Horizontal Scroll issue 0 General mikefenn's profile image mikefenn (1) 4 weeks ago
lost connection to server at 'reading authorization packet' system error 0 5 General mfarag's profile image mfarag (3) 4 weeks ago
Does regexp work in Heidi? 7 General Xire's profile image Xire (5) 4 weeks ago
How to Efficiently Optimize a SQL Query with Multiple Joins and Subqueries? 3 Running SQL scripts markwilliams21's profile image markwilliams21 (2) 4 weeks ago
Add a tree config to tables pane, including column names 4 Feature discussion studeter's profile image studeter (3) 4 weeks ago
HeidiSQL on MacOS 28 General quickgt's profile image quickgt (5) 4 weeks ago
Database and Table Tree does not display entire content on first run. 3 General polonggo's profile image polonggo (7) 1 month ago
How to Calculate Monthly Sales Contribution to Yearly Sales in SQL? 1 General markwilliams21's profile image markwilliams21 (2) 1 month ago
HeidiSQL 11.0 with SQLite support 9 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (10254) 1 month ago
Documents folder autocreate. 1 General Roberto Gatti's profile image Roberto Gatti (1) 1 month ago
May I ask how to change the theme of HeiDiSQL 8 General futao's profile image futao (3) 1 month ago
HeidiSQL 12.5 with Sequal integration 2 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (10254) 1 month ago
Is it possible to use this in an ipad ? 1 General rafaelJ's profile image rafaelJ (2) 1 month ago
Love this software so much! 1 General mengheang's profile image mengheang (1) 1 month ago
I can't connect to MariaDB via ssl: no cipher match 0x80090331 (SEC_E_ALGORITHM_MISMATCH) 12 Creating a connection gurianoff's profile image gurianoff (7) 1 month ago
Error message when trying to connect with SSH 6 Creating a connection sacapuce's profile image sacapuce (4) 1 month ago
Export table, alter table - if exists statement 7 General Dwza's profile image Dwza (7) 2 months ago
Processes tab hanging/freezing while displaying long queries 7 General tnovak's profile image tnovak (5) 2 months ago
How can I add new rows with mulitiple columns? 17 General Enferno's profile image Enferno (15) 2 months ago
SQL Server bacpacs 0 Feature discussion mikeprice's profile image mikeprice (1) 2 months ago
A small issue on the interface 1 General ffcz's profile image ffcz (2) 2 months ago
a most welcome feature 6 Feature discussion samhill5215's profile image samhill5215 (22) 2 months ago
HeidiSql 7zip / gz support 2 General Dwza's profile image Dwza (7) 2 months ago
How can I calculate How many years, days, or months in specific time range 3 General terilynsmith018's profile image terilynsmith018 (1) 2 months ago
Crashing when VPN is not reconnected 0 General acosonic's profile image acosonic (4) 2 months ago
ERROR EN INICIO DE SESION 1 General saray.gpemd's profile image saray.gpemd (1) 2 months ago
Heidisql stop responding a few seconds every Saving backup file 9 General pepe_carlos's profile image pepe_carlos (5) 2 months ago
What is Uptime in the footer thing. 3 General Elon Musk's profile image Elon Musk (4) 2 months ago
finding tab by name 1 General Jurek's profile image Jurek (3) 2 months ago
heidisql + ospanel 6 2 Creating a connection astrohagen's profile image astrohagen (2) 2 months ago
Unable to compile and debug PG stored procedures in HeidiSQL, could you please optimize them as soon as possible 0 Running SQL scripts laogu's profile image laogu (1) 2 months ago
can't edit rows or perform select statement on a table with a MEDIUMTEXT field in it 20 General jlevitas16's profile image jlevitas16 (15) 2 months ago
BUG: Input of Space Character > Heidi Jumps to Databases Tab 14 General UdoVV's profile image UdoVV (10) 2 months ago
"You have no privilege to this routine" 4 General edscott623's profile image edscott623 (3) 2 months ago
HeidiSQL 12.7 with support for descending indexes, filter boxes in table tools, JSONL export, and more 0 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (10254) 2 months ago
Single Table click "show all",how to return show 1000 for single table 1 General zhanghang's profile image zhanghang (1) 2 months ago
HeidiSQL Crashing when using popup text editor on varchar field 10 General XIAIX's profile image XIAIX (12) 2 months ago
Lost connection to server at 'handshake: reading initial communication packet', system error: 0 1 Running SQL scripts D1CR4FT's profile image D1CR4FT (1) 2 months ago
auto complete 1 General jeancarlosnx's profile image jeancarlosnx (1) 2 months ago
SQL version support visibility 8 General acfalk's profile image acfalk (5) 2 months ago
PRIMARY KEY 4 General baba's profile image baba (3) 2 months ago
Disable Filter before opening the data-page 5 General Geisha2024's profile image Geisha2024 (3) 3 months ago
Issue with Connecting to MySQL Server 3 General gregbowers's profile image gregbowers (5) 3 months ago
Can't remotely connect 0 Creating a connection Dark_Knight's profile image Dark_Knight (1) 3 months ago
Connection Timeout Error 0 General gregbowers's profile image gregbowers (5) 3 months ago
HeideSQL with PostgreSQL DB - finding correct reference for SQL syntax 1 General PaulKraemer's profile image PaulKraemer (3) 3 months ago
Automating export of query results to .csv 2 General PaulKraemer's profile image PaulKraemer (3) 3 months ago
HeidiSQL doesn't fully start up after latest Windows 11 update last week 4 General Henry's profile image Henry (3) 3 months ago
Unexpected Results in HeidiSQL 0 General gregbowers's profile image gregbowers (5) 3 months ago
HeidiSQL 12.6 with two new SQL formatters and static grid row id 5 Anouncements ansgar's profile image ansgar (10254) 3 months ago
Better suggestion & autocompletition? 8 General Kcko's profile image Kcko (88) 3 months ago
Self Join Query - Emmanuel Katto 4 General emmanuelkatto's profile image emmanuelkatto (3) 3 months ago
Adding default value for a bit column 3 General JenniferMorgan's profile image JenniferMorgan (1) 3 months ago
Error while Setting HeidiSQL up (the selected station does not exist. choose another station) 1 General Beezy350's profile image Beezy350 (1) 3 months ago
Database Tree Displaying Unwanted Databases 3 Feature discussion Mark's profile image Mark (2) 3 months ago
Database wiped after losing power. 2 General cephaloncody's profile image cephaloncody (1) 3 months ago
Where are the user settings saved? 14 Installation [expired user #6381]'s profile image [expired user #6381] (3) 3 months ago
Problem with cursor 0 General michiel057's profile image michiel057 (1) 3 months ago
SQL Export Broken in 1 General neik's profile image neik (1) 3 months ago
Keep getting [Confirm] "Reload File? File was modified from outside...." 11 General scottcopus's profile image scottcopus (7) 3 months ago
error message to connect my database 0 General Fernando's profile image Fernando (1) 3 months ago
Left Join on multiple tables 2 Running SQL scripts Johanndj's profile image Johanndj (2) 3 months ago
Suggestion: Enhancing HeidiSQL's Data Display and Editing Interface 1 Feature discussion paopaoqqcbg's profile image paopaoqqcbg (1) 3 months ago
Fast copy 1 General ricardogdz1's profile image ricardogdz1 (1) 3 months ago
Logging 2 Feature discussion szbalazs's profile image szbalazs (2) 3 months ago