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Error HeidiSQL 32bits, with PostgreSQL, with select Database 3 HeidiSQL portable Ricardo Pareira's profile image Ricardo Pareira (6) 6 months ago
Procedure conversion from MS SQL to HeidiSQL 0 HeidiSQL portable saviomr's profile image saviomr (1) 7 months ago
show table error(use wine, os: ubuntu 18.04.2) 1 HeidiSQL portable's profile image (2) 7 months ago
PLink 3 HeidiSQL portable behofmann's profile image behofmann (22) 7 months ago
Win10, Chinese environment, can't display Chinese 2 HeidiSQL portable lifeblood's profile image lifeblood (2) 8 months ago
bug import sql file error 1 HeidiSQL portable's profile image (2) 8 months ago
restrict heidi to IP or certificate 1 HeidiSQL portable sysfix's profile image sysfix (1) 8 months ago
cant uninstall HeidiSQL_10.1_64_Portable 2 HeidiSQL portable kaweng88's profile image kaweng88 (3) 8 months ago
Suggestion#1 - Multiple collumn filter 7 HeidiSQL portable cmmoreira's profile image cmmoreira (18) 9 months ago
please rebuild 5481 1 HeidiSQL portable Ricardo Pareira's profile image Ricardo Pareira (6) 9 months ago
Not enough timers available in update proccess 4 HeidiSQL portable ComeOn's profile image ComeOn (3) 9 months ago
HeidiSQL bug with regard to MS SQL Server? 17 HeidiSQL portable panofish's profile image panofish (18) 9 months ago
Where to place php files 1 HeidiSQL portable pura-vida's profile image pura-vida (2) 9 months ago
wine - need help with Access violation at address 7C583BF8 in module 'd2d1.dll' 3 HeidiSQL portable hrvoj3e's profile image hrvoj3e (31) 1 year ago
BUG find A BUG!!!!!! 2 HeidiSQL portable skyddr8511's profile image skyddr8511 (2) 1 year ago
shouldn't file paths be relative inside portable_settings.txt ? 0 HeidiSQL portable abu's profile image abu (10) 1 year ago
PostgreSQL, HeidiSQL 32 bit error while selecting connection 3 HeidiSQL portable Ricardo Pareira's profile image Ricardo Pareira (6) 1 year ago
Modifica iva con virgola. 0 HeidiSQL portable Antonio's profile image Antonio (1) 2 years ago
Settings are overwritten on close 3 HeidiSQL portable AndreKR's profile image AndreKR (2) 2 years ago
plink dynamic path 1 HeidiSQL portable geagab's profile image geagab (1) 2 years ago
Problem with creating a stored procedure 3 HeidiSQL portable Jaco's profile image Jaco (2) 2 years ago
Lost connection data 0 HeidiSQL portable quan's profile image quan (1) 2 years ago
SQL Error (1103): Incorrect table name '' 16 HeidiSQL portable Allineer's profile image Allineer (47) 2 years ago
Reqirement: double click to highlight the selected and all the compared words in SQL editor 0 HeidiSQL portable zigzagroad's profile image zigzagroad (1) 2 years ago
exporting db as SQL 4 HeidiSQL portable swedev's profile image swedev (3) 2 years ago
Crach when runing SQL query 0 HeidiSQL portable kko's profile image kko (3) 3 years ago
Command line issue 1 HeidiSQL portable DavBE's profile image DavBE (2) 3 years ago
bugreport 1 HeidiSQL portable umbertoB67's profile image umbertoB67 (1) 3 years ago
SQL Error(0) Object Already Open 1 HeidiSQL portable lpav99's profile image lpav99 (1) 3 years ago
[BUG] Crashing: Access violation at address 00704268 in module 'heidisql.exe'. Write of address 00000011 8 HeidiSQL portable radli's profile image radli (3) 3 years ago
an error occurred in the application when close postgresql 1 HeidiSQL portable wukon's profile image wukon (4) 3 years ago
MSSQL: Missing schema name causes syntax errors. 0 HeidiSQL portable intruder's profile image intruder (3) 3 years ago
Heidisql 9.4 Crash when Suggestionlist opens 0 HeidiSQL portable d2k2's profile image d2k2 (4) 3 years ago
Crash report 0 HeidiSQL portable testy's profile image testy (1) 3 years ago
Found a bug about base64 decryption 8 HeidiSQL portable sniper2's profile image sniper2 (7) 3 years ago
BUG - Error retrieving data when table has uniqe index 0 HeidiSQL portable's profile image (1) 3 years ago
Does HeidiSQL support MS SQL 2005 fully? add index to a table... 0 HeidiSQL portable smartree's profile image smartree (1) 3 years ago
Postgres not working in portable version 2 HeidiSQL portable jako512's profile image jako512 (2) 3 years ago
SQL SERVER ERROR 208 0 HeidiSQL portable marce002's profile image marce002 (13) 3 years ago
need portable for latest Revision 1 HeidiSQL portable jobinelv's profile image jobinelv (2) 4 years ago
Error de SQL(6):[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen(Connect().] No se encontró el servidor SQL Server especificado 2 HeidiSQL portable kamajifoo's profile image kamajifoo (3) 4 years ago
Bug report - where to post? 1 HeidiSQL portable dsl101's profile image dsl101 (3) 4 years ago
Email Notifications 1 HeidiSQL portable hsql's profile image hsql (1) 4 years ago
Please help me 11 HeidiSQL portable eshal's profile image eshal (7) 4 years ago
Helpme 10 HeidiSQL portable atess's profile image atess (8) 4 years ago
Query helpers box not accessible in a new query tab 5 HeidiSQL portable slorandus's profile image slorandus (7) 4 years ago
Port Connection Permissions? 2 HeidiSQL portable rl3j's profile image rl3j (4) 4 years ago
Bug Reports? 3 HeidiSQL portable rl3j's profile image rl3j (4) 4 years ago
update of heidi throw proxy 0 HeidiSQL portable manu[fr]'s profile image manu[fr] (1) 4 years ago
Run highlighted sql statement in HeidiSQL 1 HeidiSQL portable spacebar's profile image spacebar (5) 4 years ago
PostgreSQL 17 HeidiSQL portable mcemberci's profile image mcemberci (23) 4 years ago
save session immediately 0 HeidiSQL portable fatkun's profile image fatkun (1) 5 years ago
PostgreSQL: Crash on Disconnect 1 HeidiSQL portable jnp's profile image jnp (20) 5 years ago
SSH Configuration 39 HeidiSQL portable behofmann's profile image behofmann (22) 5 years ago
I found a bug. 0 HeidiSQL portable 19774279's profile image 19774279 (2) 5 years ago
[Bug] MSSQL support bugs 9 HeidiSQL portable dmig's profile image dmig (7) 5 years ago
The program exits with error 1 HeidiSQL portable antoniogarcia78's profile image antoniogarcia78 (2) 5 years ago
Commandline connection to MSSQL on portable HeidiSQL 6 HeidiSQL portable Marc's profile image Marc (5) 5 years ago
heidisql view data error,bug sqlyog view data right 2 HeidiSQL portable wuhongjun's profile image wuhongjun (2) 6 years ago
Getting SQL Error (2003) in statement #0 2 HeidiSQL portable EricSeven's profile image EricSeven (1) 6 years ago
TMessageForm Destroyed Twice - bugreport 7 HeidiSQL portable John Bell's profile image John Bell (9) 6 years ago
Error in "Manage user authentication and privileges" in sql server session 2 HeidiSQL portable anonimoftp's profile image anonimoftp (2) 6 years ago
Couldn't find the toolbar option for stored procedure 8 HeidiSQL portable Jack_Tauson_Sr's profile image Jack_Tauson_Sr (5) 6 years ago
Error with decimal point 2 HeidiSQL portable Jirka Privratsky's profile image Jirka Privratsky (1) 6 years ago
[BUG?] AV after Alt+Tab pressed on text editor window 4 HeidiSQL portable Allineer's profile image Allineer (47) 7 years ago
Changing current table by right-click, the any action in the table-popup 3 HeidiSQL portable Allineer's profile image Allineer (47) 7 years ago
Suggestion for Portable Version 3 HeidiSQL portable evil2003's profile image evil2003 (2) 7 years ago
Error when trying to show a view on MS SQL 2 HeidiSQL portable oz8hp's profile image oz8hp (6) 7 years ago
Learn SQL 2 HeidiSQL portable mandyman3012's profile image mandyman3012 (2) 7 years ago
Import Servers from an older version 13 HeidiSQL portable paulb's profile image paulb (9) 7 years ago
Query Output no more available 2 HeidiSQL portable paulb's profile image paulb (9) 7 years ago
Snippets store folder 8 HeidiSQL portable Allineer's profile image Allineer (47) 7 years ago
Import of .REG info 8 HeidiSQL portable wolfhnd's profile image wolfhnd (2) 8 years ago
Save filters 1 HeidiSQL portable mlun's profile image mlun (8) 8 years ago
Small interface bug 0 HeidiSQL portable Allineer's profile image Allineer (47) 8 years ago
How to make event or routine 5 HeidiSQL portable AndyLPJr's profile image AndyLPJr (3) 8 years ago
MSSQL tables size === -1B 0 HeidiSQL portable Allineer's profile image Allineer (47) 8 years ago
Minor Folder Naming Issue 2 HeidiSQL portable richard43's profile image richard43 (2) 8 years ago
File seems corrpt 1 HeidiSQL portable vaibhavs's profile image vaibhavs (1) 8 years ago
Result Bar is showing in my Software 2 HeidiSQL portable ganeswara's profile image ganeswara (1) 9 years ago
Install instructions 1 HeidiSQL portable mlun's profile image mlun (8) 9 years ago
Portable config/settings migration 6 HeidiSQL portable murraybiscuit's profile image murraybiscuit (4) 9 years ago
Portable updates? Confusing that it links to the same as the non portable version? 3 HeidiSQL portable westmatrix's profile image westmatrix (82) 10 years ago
what happen in the data folder? 0 HeidiSQL portable firsthere's profile image firsthere (1) 10 years ago
Nightly builds & the portable installation 0 HeidiSQL portable leo's profile image leo (2) 10 years ago
Update for portable ver? 8 HeidiSQL portable mmarsching's profile image mmarsching (12) 10 years ago
Portable version of HeidiSQL 4 3 HeidiSQL portable evdebo's profile image evdebo (1) 10 years ago