Error with decimal point

Jirka Privratsky posted 4 years ago in HeidiSQL portable
I have got problem with decimal point. When I try to edit row in table ( including data type DECIMAL(6,2) ), Heidi generates error message "SQL Error (102): Incorrect syntax near ‘,’."
In table without data type DECIMAL is OK
Server: MS SQL 2008 Express, database collation is Czech_CI_AS.
Client: HeidiSQL Portable, OS Win7 64-bit, WinXP Pro ( Czech localization )

My own application runs properly ( no problem with decimal point ), but I need from time to time edit data in table. Have You got any idea for solving this problem ?
have nice day
kalvaro posted 4 years ago
I cannot reproduce it with latest snapshot ( The grid editor only accepts the decimal separator set in my regional settings (comma) and HeidiSQL generates correct SQL:

(There's no way though to edit DATETIME or IMAGE columns.)
Program4fun posted 4 years ago
I have nearly the same problem in Version Some days ago I updated HeidiSQL to version 8. I'm not sure, but in the earlier version that worked fine.

If I execute a query and some recordsets are displayed I can not copy&paste a floating point value.
If I change a value manually (by F2) I get this:

UPDATE `Anlagen` SET `Nennleistung`=8.45 WHERE `ID`=5277;
/* No error */

But with STRG+C and STRG-V I get this:

UPDATE `Anlagen` SET `Nennleistung`=8,45 WHERE `ID`=5288; #
/* SQL Fehler (1064): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '45 WHERE `ID`=5288' at line 1 */

Server: MySQL 5.1.69, database collation is utf8_general_ci
Client: HeidiSQL, Win7 64Bit (german)


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