Database and Table Tree does not display entire content on first run.

polonggo's profile image polonggo posted 1 month ago in General Permalink

After opening HeidiSQL, the Database and Table tree is not entirely displayed. The scrollbar is already at the bottom, even if there are still other contents.

Bandaid solution is to collapse and uncollapse the database tree.

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ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 1 month ago Permalink

I guess this happened in an older release? Please make sure it's the latest build.

lavixu's profile image lavixu posted 3 weeks ago Permalink

I never see this issue before the version titled with "Update VirtualTreeview component code to v8.0.3 from 2024-04-07".

And I tried the latest 12.7 build and issue still existed. For me, there are mostly 10 tables is hidden from tree view.

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