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MariaDB - Unix socket authentication over SSH? 12 General Nisto's profile image Nisto (7) 2 days ago
PostgreSQL does not show databases 17 General [expired user]'s profile image [expired user] (6) 2 days ago
Request: execute SQL query with CTRL-ENTER 4 General steveb's profile image steveb (6) 3 days ago
Run icon 5 General lotiara's profile image lotiara (26) 3 days ago
Unable to assign "del" key as hotkey 1 General jinreal's profile image jinreal (1) 3 days ago
Doesn't work Shift+Del 7 General alexheisql's profile image alexheisql (4) 3 days ago
Next Data field edit with Tab key 5 General Mankra's profile image Mankra (2) 6 days ago
Heidi window greys out and freezes at random times 26 General abruck's profile image abruck (71) 1 week ago
Returns to First Line when Saving Stored Procedure 3 General pboykin's profile image pboykin (3) 2 weeks ago
How can i increase the "max_allowed_packet" bytes? 2 General tdotesko's profile image tdotesko (2) 2 weeks ago
Access violation at address 000000506A500000 in module 'heidisql.exe' 20 General viktor.hujer's profile image viktor.hujer (4) 2 weeks ago
HeidSQL UI not opening - It's running in background only 20 General BHAVIN's profile image BHAVIN (9) 2 weeks ago
Multiple Tabbed Table/Data Views 6 General [expired user]'s profile image [expired user] (5) 2 weeks ago
crash on starup - Invalid pointer operation 2 General christian.scherzer's profile image christian.scherzer (2) 2 weeks ago
SORTING OF ITEMS 10 General Ziggi's profile image Ziggi (13) 2 weeks ago
HeidiSQL crashes all the time 2 General pshep123's profile image pshep123 (2) 3 weeks ago
Save SSH passphrase 1 General Heidegger's profile image Heidegger (6) 3 weeks ago
Queries in left side pane instead of top tabs 1 General norad's profile image norad (1) 4 weeks ago
After, result grid not showing font size correctly 5 General ckleuser's profile image ckleuser (16) 4 weeks ago
Session not opening and not responding 8 General OSAYAG's profile image OSAYAG (5) 4 weeks ago
SQLLite DLL Does not Appear to Suport ssh Tunelling 3 General yotool's profile image yotool (3) 4 weeks ago
More/Check for updates not working anymore? 8 General archfrog's profile image archfrog (21) 1 month ago
View löscht Line Feeds 2 General reitbrud's profile image reitbrud (4) 1 month ago
postgres materialized views 2 General horizondave's profile image horizondave (1) 1 month ago
Alter Column 2 General tobisch159's profile image tobisch159 (2) 1 month ago
SQL results: all cells change to "Node" within 1 minute 12 General HerrimanCoder's profile image HerrimanCoder (15) 1 month ago
Screen Licked Full and Cannot Change or Move 8 General PCHome's profile image PCHome (34) 2 months ago
Division by zero error on auto refresh database 2 General rann's profile image rann (2) 2 months ago
Editing date values in PostgreSQL database 2 General jamez's profile image jamez (2) 2 months ago
mysql v8.0 support 6 General russromei's profile image russromei (5) 2 months ago
Problem with DEFUALT constraint in SQLITE 0 General azielnik's profile image azielnik (20) 2 months ago
Intellisense window is not readable (too small) 4 General belanp's profile image belanp (7) 2 months ago
EDatabaseError while opening MSSQL temporal tables 2 General matsg's profile image matsg (23) 2 months ago
Query tab jumps to the top on error 8 General blackcoffee's profile image blackcoffee (5) 2 months ago
Five databases but the same set of SQL snippets :-( 1 General belanp's profile image belanp (7) 2 months ago
Option to disable "SSL inactive" warning 1 General FriFra's profile image FriFra (2) 2 months ago
SQL Syntax Error 1064 Help 3 General feederman's profile image feederman (2) 2 months ago
"Betroffene Zeilen" and "Gefundene Zeilen" 1 General veloopity's profile image veloopity (10) 2 months ago
HeidiSQL hangs / not responding creating triggers 8 General LR's profile image LR (6) 2 months ago
Type into grid searches rather than editing 3 General Simon's profile image Simon (2) 2 months ago
Bug CTRL + Z 7 General junior.remualdo's profile image junior.remualdo (13) 2 months ago
Ctrl + z , Ctrl + Shift + z issue 14 General Mitchell Lee's profile image Mitchell Lee (68) 2 months ago
Formatierung SQL editor Neue Zeile vor "AND" 2 General fliegrobert's profile image fliegrobert (2) 2 months ago
read-only mode 14 General [expired user]'s profile image [expired user] (1) 2 months ago
how to lock column head buttons 2 General KBfriend's profile image KBfriend (1) 2 months ago
§ character 1 General tjakober's profile image tjakober (1) 2 months ago
Disabled .... ? 3 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (624) 2 months ago
Clicking on Query tab closes the tab (random error) 5 General hardball21's profile image hardball21 (6) 2 months ago
how to "upgrade" your portable heidisql version 5 General abu's profile image abu (17) 3 months ago
HeidiSQL Windows opens in huge window 3 General sancho's profile image sancho (2) 3 months ago
Material theme: white text on white background in data view 2 General danstar's profile image danstar (2) 3 months ago
Optimize remove query for multiple rows 0 General matixmedia's profile image matixmedia (1) 3 months ago
HeidiSql settings export 8 General Frens's profile image Frens (5) 3 months ago
How to verify Nightly Builds downloads? 6 General erchbox's profile image erchbox (11) 3 months ago
MySql variable in query - collation error 1267 Illegal mix of collations 1 General gismofx's profile image gismofx (1) 3 months ago
How to name the labels 9 General hector.bastien's profile image hector.bastien (4) 3 months ago
New Line in Select Command 2 General dediajimk's profile image dediajimk (5) 3 months ago
Umlauts do not work after Version 12.x 2 General Scre4py's profile image Scre4py (2) 3 months ago
I can't clear the filters tab 4 General HelpMePlease's profile image HelpMePlease (3) 3 months ago
User Manager - create a user to see only the database it is supposed to see 2 General maria666's profile image maria666 (2) 3 months ago
How to Set Custom Color in Session Manager 2 General John Bell's profile image John Bell (13) 3 months ago
table tree missing 1 General RoeldeBoel's profile image RoeldeBoel (2) 3 months ago
Delete forum account 1 General Suncatcher's profile image Suncatcher (17) 3 months ago
Database views do not update even when forcing a refresh 5 General RickKukiela's profile image RickKukiela (3) 3 months ago
error in connecting when password contains semicolon 12 General [expired user]'s profile image [expired user] (3) 3 months ago
Running a script 1 General software's profile image software (1) 3 months ago
error windows not open 2 General beginner's profile image beginner (3) 3 months ago
Local MariaDB Replication To AWS 0 General craigrobertson's profile image craigrobertson (1) 3 months ago
End of export. 2 General lotiara's profile image lotiara (26) 3 months ago
Download link in Update windows does not work 4 General lotiara's profile image lotiara (26) 3 months ago
Bug: Connecting through SSH Tunnel Using Plink within Windows 10 64bit 3 General Reiner030's profile image Reiner030 (8) 3 months ago
plink stopped working 19 General [expired user]'s profile image [expired user] (6) 3 months ago
Macbook? ;-) 11 General Kcko's profile image Kcko (60) 3 months ago
thinks HeidiSQL 0 General Janexsr's profile image Janexsr (1) 3 months ago
Select base for integer values in Data table 7 General's profile image (5) 3 months ago
Alias autocompletion delay 6 General jaredt's profile image jaredt (10) 3 months ago
CTR+Wheel does not zoom but increases and decreases the size of the font. How to Zoom the table? 1 General BroJenuel's profile image BroJenuel (1) 3 months ago
What MariaDB versions does HeidiSQL officially support? 2 General blutacksnake's profile image blutacksnake (2) 4 months ago
Improve support for saved SQL queries / custom views 1 General's profile image (5) 4 months ago
foreign key interface 1 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (624) 4 months ago
Chinese Characters cannot be dispalyed in data grid after upgraded to HeidiSQL 12 18 General patrickwong's profile image patrickwong (6) 4 months ago
Bug: password disappears from vault 1 General the_leb's profile image the_leb (2) 4 months ago
Load SQL File 5 General [expired user]'s profile image [expired user] (1) 4 months ago
When you create a view, how to write comment for the view。 2 General [expired user]'s profile image [expired user] (1) 4 months ago
I think the Korean application is wrong. 2 General's profile image (2) 4 months ago
Box size unable to make it bigger. 3 General mboulanger's profile image mboulanger (2) 4 months ago
Default query for Data 0 General johnnyontheweb's profile image johnnyontheweb (2) 4 months ago
Access violation at address 0000001000000000 in module 'heidisql.exe'. 4 General Rayad's profile image Rayad (2) 4 months ago
Do they have way can import CSV which has blank header(column name)? 3 General K13483's profile image K13483 (4) 4 months ago
Unvailable fields fast editing in view 6 General Kcko's profile image Kcko (60) 4 months ago
Generating MySQL backup from command-line 5 General ienumerable's profile image ienumerable (3) 4 months ago
VPN with dedicated IP to connect AWS RDS 3 General tanky's profile image tanky (3) 4 months ago
Admin/superadmin 3 General Phat_Man's profile image Phat_Man (2) 4 months ago
Some scroll bars are not reacting to skin 2 General egodoyc's profile image egodoyc (8) 4 months ago
Possible bug: Heidi seems to crash MariaDB 5 General Olaf789's profile image Olaf789 (21) 4 months ago
Basic FOR loop with synbtax error 5 General Thomas Collignon's profile image Thomas Collignon (4) 4 months ago
unable to uninstall 8 General dradiii's profile image dradiii (5) 4 months ago
Narrowed window 2 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (624) 4 months ago
Access violation when changing a VARCHAR column size from 800 to 8000 characters. 5 General archfrog's profile image archfrog (21) 4 months ago
how to use concat, like and subconsultas with where? 12 General Mandiizal's profile image Mandiizal (12) 4 months ago
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