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Any support for SQLLite in the pipeline ? 0 General aikona's profile image aikona (7) 58 minutes ago
Redshift Postgress with Heidi 30 General feverpitch's profile image feverpitch (6) 16 hours ago
HeidiSQL on MacOS 15 General quickgt's profile image quickgt (4) 16 hours ago
memory leak very high memory 1 General foremostmagnets's profile image foremostmagnets (1) 17 hours ago
View SQL Security Definer on export. 1 General ameeno's profile image ameeno (1) 2 days ago
HeidSQL UI not opening - It's running in background only 12 General BHAVIN's profile image BHAVIN (7) 3 days ago
Data tab 2 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (570) 5 days ago
Bug: scaling problem 2 General Skelgaard's profile image Skelgaard (3) 6 days ago
Right-Mouse-Klick on Tabel 'Create new' - 'Table Copy' looses Rows 10 General Manfred.P's profile image Manfred.P (11) 1 week ago
Start icon in database when open app 4 General renerlemes's profile image renerlemes (22) 1 week ago
Error when trying to open a SQL Server view 2 General Sunil013's profile image Sunil013 (2) 1 week ago
Support of Window Functions in MariaDB 4 General sderom's profile image sderom (2) 1 week ago
Heidi 10.2.0 does not process postgresql-10-postgis-2.4 properly 12 General charmquark's profile image charmquark (7) 1 week ago
Display error? (I can't launch HeidiSQL after passed a session manager through) 0 General helios's profile image helios (1) 2 weeks ago
View formatting is reset 1 General vodish's profile image vodish (3) 2 weeks ago
Query encoding broken after saving 3 General Enissay's profile image Enissay (5) 2 weeks ago
Import CSV file with preceding comparing of the file and db table 1 General chilly_bang's profile image chilly_bang (1) 2 weeks ago
RE: ERROR: operator does not exist: - regclass 9 General weinerk's profile image weinerk (7) 2 weeks ago
This error! 1 General Dev_Jaguar's profile image Dev_Jaguar (1) 2 weeks ago
Crash in table view 0 General cengizhan's profile image cengizhan (8) 2 weeks ago
formatting of views 3 General mcarthur66's profile image mcarthur66 (2) 3 weeks ago
ENTERDATE Not Changing 2 General levolka's profile image levolka (2) 3 weeks ago
Refresh tables, databases etc. 1 General rauper's profile image rauper (2) 3 weeks ago
Delete multiple tables 1 General rauper's profile image rauper (2) 3 weeks ago
Compatibility, Mysql 8 - Can't read tables properly in information_schema. 1 General joeysql's profile image joeysql (7) 3 weeks ago
Windows 10 - problem display toolbar 2 General rpass's profile image rpass (1) 3 weeks ago
User field in connection settings 0 General marcelovieiratecnologia's profile image marcelovieiratecnologia (1) 3 weeks ago
Strange Behavior with MsSql 1 General rnervi's profile image rnervi (1) 3 weeks ago
Hard to fill in DateTime fields 5 General w00kie's profile image w00kie (6) 3 weeks ago
Comparing Schemas 3 General muzza4's profile image muzza4 (57) 4 weeks ago
Adding and displaying comments in Postgres SQL does not work 4 General mnk's profile image mnk (14) 4 weeks ago
Unable to perform ssh tunneling with HeidiSQL and wine 14 General tambua81's profile image tambua81 (7) 4 weeks ago
Cannot retrieve public in PostgreSQL 3 General CarloTargaryen's profile image CarloTargaryen (2) 4 weeks ago
HeidiSQL has suddenly become very unstable. 2 General joeysql's profile image joeysql (7) 4 weeks ago
Can't see indexes on AzureDB created in SQL Server Management Studio 2 General aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (39) 1 month ago
HeidiSQL freezes when trying to export(or more like TRYING to access the window that allows you to export) huge amount of data 0 General aldergar's profile image aldergar (1) 1 month ago
Auto-storing tab setup failed 22 General pch1900's profile image pch1900 (6) 1 month ago
how to change the order of the connection entries? 6 General xdev's profile image xdev (8) 1 month ago
heidisql asks me i want to save the query tab contents, when i say "no", they are still here when i start it the next time 2 General xdev's profile image xdev (8) 1 month ago
Empty warning? 1 General xdev's profile image xdev (8) 1 month ago
Connection refused - but it works directly from Connection Manager 3 General Hanuta's profile image Hanuta (2) 1 month ago
Creating a stored procedure in heidisql 11 General mehakj's profile image mehakj (6) 1 month ago
duplicate row 0 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (570) 1 month ago
Window glitches after "Run SQL file..." 9 General Wiikend's profile image Wiikend (11) 1 month ago
New icon for MariaDB 3 General vodish's profile image vodish (3) 1 month ago
Is possible to ssh 2 times? 7 General akari's profile image akari (4) 1 month ago
Crash when trying to read a table on SQL Server 34 General tonymarston's profile image tonymarston (25) 1 month ago
Error on start 7 General raspberry367's profile image raspberry367 (4) 1 month ago
Could not check donation state 4 General mlott3's profile image mlott3 (3) 1 month ago
postgres, backslash symbol in the table name 7 General olshevskiy87's profile image olshevskiy87 (3) 1 month ago
CSV Export Field Separator Issues 1 General patrick1gleeson's profile image patrick1gleeson (1) 1 month ago
Auto-Storing tab setup failed 3 General Yiannis_'s profile image Yiannis_ (2) 1 month ago
Backspace strangeness 8 General rsterenb's profile image rsterenb (8) 1 month ago
Request: SQL text over result tabs 1 General ataru1976's profile image ataru1976 (5) 1 month ago
Line spacing issue in windows 10 5 General DennisS's profile image DennisS (4) 1 month ago
View special characters (carriage return, line feed ecc) in grid 1 General abrfra's profile image abrfra (1) 1 month ago
La table reliée n'affiche pas les données 5 General Paulo30500's profile image Paulo30500 (4) 2 months ago
Installing on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services 5 General marcusawerly's profile image marcusawerly (4) 2 months ago
Recurring Display Issues 4 General YMarlot's profile image YMarlot (3) 2 months ago
deadlock found when trying to get lock try restarting transaction mysql 1 General abruck's profile image abruck (16) 2 months ago
Windows 10 line spacing and general display issue 0 General DennisS's profile image DennisS (4) 2 months ago
Display window error 1 General PerDahPed's profile image PerDahPed (1) 2 months ago
PostgresSQL | Column Alter Error 1 General TowesSin's profile image TowesSin (1) 2 months ago
Only one Database comes up 2 General abruck's profile image abruck (16) 2 months ago
runaway CPU 7 General charlieo's profile image charlieo (23) 2 months ago
Error/Alert Pop-Up after executing Code in Heidy-Editor-WIndow 3 General cibmagic's profile image cibmagic (4) 2 months ago
Problème avec la table reliée 1 General Paulo30500's profile image Paulo30500 (4) 2 months ago
Hide SQL log? 5 General Oddish's profile image Oddish (1) 2 months ago
Creating a column to auto increment 4 General Nige's profile image Nige (2) 2 months ago
export data page into excel 2 General solikien's profile image solikien (4) 2 months ago
[Bug] Crashes, when opening data tab, MSSQL 1 General dmig's profile image dmig (7) 2 months ago
New libmysq with auth plugin caching_sha2_password ? 15 General TomasB's profile image TomasB (15) 2 months ago
Copy selected rows to another table 6 General dafi's profile image dafi (20) 2 months ago
PostgreSql - search_path 5 General Koszyk's profile image Koszyk (12) 2 months ago
I hope I can edit multiple tables at the same time 3 General Storm's profile image Storm (1) 2 months ago
Nightly 5684 Won't restore tabs 0 General Arffeh's profile image Arffeh (36) 2 months ago
Feature Request 3 General steveb's profile image steveb (3) 2 months ago
Managed Magento hosting provider for saas product 1 General johncampbell's profile image johncampbell (1) 2 months ago
Hello Everyone 2 General ashishmalik's profile image ashishmalik (1) 2 months ago
trouble with cut and paste 2 General ataru1976's profile image ataru1976 (5) 2 months ago
An error occurred in the application when I export SQL results to excel 2 General Krystal's profile image Krystal (1) 2 months ago
postgres materialized views 1 General horizondave's profile image horizondave (1) 2 months ago
Applay modifications 0 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (570) 2 months ago
Bug? With date INTERVAL? Just in 1 General ByterBit's profile image ByterBit (1) 2 months ago
10.2 stopped showing history or typed text 2 General andrewterry's profile image andrewterry (2) 2 months ago
Save the procedure, strange free spaces are created automatically. 5 General s.d.w's profile image s.d.w (3) 3 months ago
Query History is missing 4 General thespecialist's profile image thespecialist (3) 3 months ago
peloton bike 0 General grace_acebedo's profile image grace_acebedo (1) 3 months ago
light bug exporting SQL DBase 1 General luberg's profile image luberg (1) 3 months ago
Create view if a table exists 3 General SurSild's profile image SurSild (2) 3 months ago
Invalid default value for type DATE '0000-00-00' 7 General adyoi's profile image adyoi (20) 3 months ago
Pricelist database design 2 General hyungsup2's profile image hyungsup2 (1) 3 months ago
BLOB/TEXT column can't have a default value 1 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (570) 3 months ago
No bugs here 2 General rodrigo.vasconcellos's profile image rodrigo.vasconcellos (8) 3 months ago
Cannot find a usable libmariadb.dll. 4 General shulato's profile image shulato (1) 3 months ago
ERROR: Plugin http could not be loaded 8 General pampas58's profile image pampas58 (2) 3 months ago
Dropping the default value doesn't change the default 8 General TheColorRed's profile image TheColorRed (15) 3 months ago
HeidiSQL Crashes when connection lost to server 2 General nem's profile image nem (3) 3 months ago
HeidiSQL Crashes when no sorting 0 General nem's profile image nem (3) 3 months ago
Error when dropping column from Sorting menu 7 General RevitArkitek's profile image RevitArkitek (13) 3 months ago