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Topic Replies Category Author Date
Error/Alert Pop-Up after executing Code in Heidy-Editor-WIndow 3 General cibmagic's profile image cibmagic (4) 38 minutes ago
Problème avec la table reliée 1 General Paulo30500's profile image Paulo30500 (1) 20 hours ago
runaway CPU 3 General charlieo's profile image charlieo (21) 20 hours ago
Hide SQL log? 5 General Oddish's profile image Oddish (1) 1 day ago
Creating a column to auto increment 4 General Nige's profile image Nige (2) 1 day ago
export data page into excel 2 General solikien's profile image solikien (4) 1 day ago
[Bug] Crashes, when opening data tab, MSSQL 1 General dmig's profile image dmig (7) 1 day ago
New libmysq with auth plugin caching_sha2_password ? 15 General TomasB's profile image TomasB (15) 3 days ago
Backspace strangeness 7 General rsterenb's profile image rsterenb (8) 4 days ago
Auto-storing tab setup failed 17 General pch1900's profile image pch1900 (4) 5 days ago
Copy selected rows to another table 6 General dafi's profile image dafi (20) 5 days ago
PostgreSql - search_path 5 General Koszyk's profile image Koszyk (12) 7 days ago
I hope I can edit multiple tables at the same time 3 General Storm's profile image Storm (1) 1 week ago
Nightly 5684 Won't restore tabs 0 General Arffeh's profile image Arffeh (36) 1 week ago
Feature Request 3 General steveb's profile image steveb (3) 2 weeks ago
Managed Magento hosting provider for saas product 1 General johncampbell's profile image johncampbell (1) 2 weeks ago
Hello Everyone 2 General ashishmalik's profile image ashishmalik (1) 2 weeks ago
trouble with cut and paste 2 General ataru1976's profile image ataru1976 (4) 2 weeks ago
An error occurred in the application when I export SQL results to excel 2 General Krystal's profile image Krystal (1) 2 weeks ago
postgres materialized views 1 General horizondave's profile image horizondave (1) 3 weeks ago
Adding and displaying comments in Postgres SQL does not work 1 General mnk's profile image mnk (12) 3 weeks ago
Applay modifications 0 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (564) 3 weeks ago
Bug? With date INTERVAL? Just in 1 General ByterBit's profile image ByterBit (1) 3 weeks ago
10.2 stopped showing history or typed text 2 General andrewterry's profile image andrewterry (2) 3 weeks ago
Can't see indexes on AzureDB created in SQL Server Management Studio 1 General aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (38) 3 weeks ago
Save the procedure, strange free spaces are created automatically. 5 General s.d.w's profile image s.d.w (3) 4 weeks ago
Query History is missing 4 General thespecialist's profile image thespecialist (3) 4 weeks ago
peloton bike 0 General grace_acebedo's profile image grace_acebedo (1) 4 weeks ago
light bug exporting SQL DBase 1 General luberg's profile image luberg (1) 4 weeks ago
Could not check donation state 2 General mlott3's profile image mlott3 (2) 1 month ago
Create view if a table exists 3 General SurSild's profile image SurSild (2) 1 month ago
Invalid default value for type DATE '0000-00-00' 7 General adyoi's profile image adyoi (20) 1 month ago
Pricelist database design 2 General hyungsup2's profile image hyungsup2 (1) 1 month ago
BLOB/TEXT column can't have a default value 1 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (564) 1 month ago
No bugs here 2 General rodrigo.vasconcellos's profile image rodrigo.vasconcellos (8) 1 month ago
Cannot find a usable libmariadb.dll. 4 General shulato's profile image shulato (1) 1 month ago
ERROR: Plugin http could not be loaded 8 General pampas58's profile image pampas58 (2) 1 month ago
Dropping the default value doesn't change the default 8 General TheColorRed's profile image TheColorRed (15) 1 month ago
HeidiSQL Crashes when connection lost to server 2 General nem's profile image nem (3) 1 month ago
HeidiSQL Crashes when no sorting 0 General nem's profile image nem (3) 1 month ago
Error when dropping column from Sorting menu 7 General RevitArkitek's profile image RevitArkitek (13) 1 month ago
SQL Error (208): Invalid object name 'sys.extended_properties' Invalid object name 'sys.columns' 10 General Ben070's profile image Ben070 (6) 1 month ago
search/replace 0 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (564) 1 month ago
Unable to write to c:\users...\tabs.ini 1 General omriman12's profile image omriman12 (2) 1 month ago
software 2 General daizymathew's profile image daizymathew (1) 1 month ago
Can't customize toolbar? 1 General clearwest's profile image clearwest (1) 1 month ago
MSSQL: Column comments are not shown 17 General igitur's profile image igitur (112) 1 month ago
Is there a way to password protect portable_settings.txt 1 General webdbase's profile image webdbase (29) 1 month ago
Tools/preferences/files 2 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (564) 1 month ago
getting "Auto-storing tab setup failed every hour or so 3 General abruck's profile image abruck (13) 1 month ago
graphics not right. this is what it looks like when I open Heidi 6 General abruck's profile image abruck (13) 1 month ago
Shortcut keys buggy behavior 6 General CaptainHypertext's profile image CaptainHypertext (8) 1 month ago
trying to connect to MSSQL server using named pipe in HeidiSQL 3 General raphael75's profile image raphael75 (12) 1 month ago
Data tab 4 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (564) 2 months ago
Need help to connect to old SQL server w/o Heidi 4 General PavelRus's profile image PavelRus (3) 2 months ago
HeidiSQL permanently Ping the server 2 General cibmagic's profile image cibmagic (4) 2 months ago
Access denied for user 4 General user1's profile image user1 (5) 2 months ago
Feature Request: Horizontal table for result set 7 General crudolf's profile image crudolf (5) 2 months ago
Export options (only procedures, triggers) 1 General muchemi's profile image muchemi (1) 2 months ago
Unsigned Stored Procedure Parameters 2 General Mass's profile image Mass (2) 2 months ago
CTRL + Z CTRL+y undo/redo don't seem to work correctly on sql editor. 1 General hellorsanjeev's profile image hellorsanjeev (4) 2 months ago
Multi-Step Operation Generated Errors 4 General aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (38) 2 months ago
I need help! 4 General haggy's profile image haggy (4) 2 months ago
MSG: Settings for "my database" were changed 6 General BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (564) 2 months ago
Search snippets in subfolders 1 General forest's profile image forest (1) 2 months ago
Rev 5646: Internal error 126 2 General INMOVES's profile image INMOVES (12) 2 months ago
Results SubPanels have incorrect title 2 General aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (38) 2 months ago
SSH Tunnel - Connection Issue RESOLVED: Change from Prior Versions 2 General crazygood's profile image crazygood (2) 2 months ago
Shortcut to toggle between editor and results table 2 General gerardsweeney's profile image gerardsweeney (1) 2 months ago
New DPI settings result in huge fonts 15 General dicks's profile image dicks (6) 2 months ago
sql help not available 2 General gibra's profile image gibra (2) 2 months ago
Row count in SQL Server 4 General samspritzer's profile image samspritzer (3) 2 months ago
Who can help with visualization data? 4 General JaneWalters's profile image JaneWalters (3) 2 months ago
Query history 2 General JL's profile image JL (1) 2 months ago
HeidiSQL on Mac 9 General jgreco's profile image jgreco (1) 2 months ago
Preview StoredProcedure in SqlServer and Oracle 1 General HDR83's profile image HDR83 (1) 2 months ago
SQL Error (40515): Reference to database and/or server name in 'master.dbo.sysprocesses' is not supported in this version of SQL Server 3 General aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (38) 2 months ago
Open File - New Tab 10 General renerlemes's profile image renerlemes (19) 2 months ago
SQL Server and Geography point column crash 0 General dennmtr's profile image dennmtr (2) 2 months ago
Data Grid Editing Crashes Heidi 4 General scottlapointe's profile image scottlapointe (18) 2 months ago
Backup of Connection Settings 7 General culpitt's profile image culpitt (1) 2 months ago
tabs features 3 General ftn's profile image ftn (43) 2 months ago
does not start the connection 36 General ftn's profile image ftn (43) 2 months ago
Export as SQL - no data and autoincrement value 2 General iAndy's profile image iAndy (2) 2 months ago
Intel help 0 General ftn's profile image ftn (43) 2 months ago
SQL cross multiple data bases 1 General jesus's profile image jesus (1) 2 months ago
Could you please add SQLite ? 1 General Wichart009's profile image Wichart009 (1) 2 months ago
Testing Heidisql 6 General user1's profile image user1 (5) 3 months ago
Case sensitive database names in MySQL 2 General vrs-webmaster's profile image vrs-webmaster (2) 3 months ago
Toolbar height gets increased when display scaling is changed 2 General kitoram's profile image kitoram (7) 3 months ago
Is possible to ssh 2 times? 1 General akari's profile image akari (1) 3 months ago
Microsoft Store version not updated 5 General adam.stiskala's profile image adam.stiskala (4) 3 months ago
Uggly views on Ubuntu with wine 2 General yukkon's profile image yukkon (2) 3 months ago
SQL Error (2006): MySQL server has gone away 1 General adyoi's profile image adyoi (20) 3 months ago
Crash when trying to read a table on SQL Server 16 General tonymarston's profile image tonymarston (18) 3 months ago
Window glitches after "Run SQL file..." 8 General Wiikend's profile image Wiikend (11) 3 months ago
Duplicate row with key, the keys not auto increment 2 General adyoi's profile image adyoi (20) 3 months ago
Help 11 General gamemodefx's profile image gamemodefx (6) 3 months ago
Bug - Application loses focus and goes to background on "Default" cell double-click 4 General al2k4's profile image al2k4 (2) 3 months ago
A Problem about opening database. 2 General yagizher's profile image yagizher (3) 3 months ago