HeidiSql 7zip / gz support

Dwza's profile image Dwza posted 2 weeks ago in General Permalink

I know this topic was asked before and after 10 Years there still just seem to be a workaround. But i still want to bring this widely wished feature up againg.

Could you possibly make HSQL export gz files directly? Exporting to zip is'nt really that what most people are looking for :) And I am sure MANY people would love to see this feature. And since 7zip supports commandline, this may should be no big deal to implement (if 7zip installation is installed [required]).

I'm not sure, just a guess :) May this also would solve the 4gb and above problem with the zip compression.

Best Regards Dwza

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 weeks ago Permalink

The 4GB issue you mention was solved 2 years ago in v12.1

I cannot find a feature request in the tracker for gz output, so I can't believe this is widely wished.

Using the command line on Linux, for .zip files you just need unzip instead of gunzip or gzip.

Also, .zip output is linked internally, without dependencies. Delphi supports .zip compression natively. Not so for .gz files.

Dwza's profile image Dwza posted 2 weeks ago Permalink

Oh, i heav'nt noticed that there was a fix. I just saw a post that was 5 month ago where people talked about gz and that this still havent been added for over 9 years... currently 10 since this conversation was... i think in dec last year. I was not aware of a feature request tracke... ill have a look and may post this there to see if people would like to see such a feature. And thank you for your quick response :)

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