HeidiSQL 12.1 with views in SQLite

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3rd party updates:

  • Update SQLite libraries to v3.39.0, released on 2022-06-25

New stuff:

  • Create context menu item "Empty recent filters" on database and table filter above tree view. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=39447
  • Add support for MariaDB's new UUID column type. Closes issue #1545
  • Add basic support for listing and showing views in SQLite mode. Closes issue #1196
  • Support mouse wheel zoom in grid text editor
  • Issue #156: menu item "follow foreign key" in data grid (@dungsaga)
  • Let user set line break style for saved query tab files. Closes issue #892
  • Issue #892: support custom line break style when saving log panel contents or CREATE code tabs to file, using the existing "LineBreakStyle" option introduced in 59159c7afd8ea875b604d639bded105984b5e2c8.
  • Support renaming columns in SQLite, and generate separate ALTER TABLE queries for each change. Closes issue #1256
  • Support COLLATE clause in SQLite when creating tables
  • Upgrade used compiler to Delphi 11.1

Bugfixes and enhancements:

  • Enable 64 bit support for files > 4gb in zipped SQL export
  • Support comments on table indexes via table designer. Closes issue #128
  • Don't add a "WHERE -- foo" when the filter contains comments only. Closes issue #1537
  • Strip comments from procedure parameters before parsing. Closes issue #1477
  • Restore maximized state of text editor in OnCreate, not OnShow. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=39476
  • Don't reset a main control's window procedure if there is no main control. Closes issue #1349
  • SSH tunnel: use the shell executable filename in all dialog captions
  • Issue #287: v5.1 servers report utf8mb4 from mysql_character_set_name, although it's latin1. Trust the returned charset only on v5.5+ servers, and reset it on older servers.
  • MoveFile() does not work when target directory is a symlink, so we prefer CopyFile + DeleteFile. Closes issue #1616
  • Auto-fit result columns when compressing export file has finished. Closes issue #1617
  • TSHFileOpStruct.pFrom needs a trailing nul char, see https://stackoverflow.com/a/1594859/4110077 and/or https://docs.microsoft.com/de-de/windows/win32/api/shellapi/ns-shellapi-shfileopstructa?redirectedfrom=MSDN#members
  • When deleting tab backup file, delete it to recycle bin, for cases where the user did that by accident. Same for snippet file and overwritten export/zip file. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=39355
  • Set title on completion proposal form, to keep the form resizable with only 1 NbLinesInWindow. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=39366
  • Issue #1613: fix missing detection of spatial keys
  • mysql_character_set_name() from libmysql.dll reports utf8 if in fact it's a latin charset. Force utf8* charset in that case. See https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=39278
  • Don't reapply shortcuts to base editor, but to all others. Closes issue #1600
  • Fix crash after copying table to other database, when target database is expanded in DBtree and current session has a background color. Closes issue #1597
  • Optimization: set up a single TSynMemo instance instead of all, e.g. when creating a new query tab
  • Issue #1351: optimize StrHasNumChars
  • Make counting characters in TDBQuery.HasFullData more precise for diacritical characters. Fixes EnsureFullRow not doing its work when a cell contains some emoji. Reported in the forum: https://www.heidisql.com/forum.php?t=39239
  • Leave away delimiter at the end of a query batch, in one-go mode. Closes issue #1583
  • Issue #1577: make apphelpers.SelectNode more intelligent, returning true/false to indicate whether it successful went through OnFocusChanging event
  • Do not auto-close search/replace dialog if no occurrences were found. Closes issue #896
  • Enable cancel edit button after search/replace. Closes issue #1579
  • Issue #1577: break loop in search/replace on grid if advancing focus on next node is not allowed through OnFocusChanging event
  • Convert hardcoded MySQL error codes to named constants, taken from include/mysql/server/mysqld_error.h
  • Refactor: move structures for specific network types out of dbstructures, into their own dbstructures.xxx.pas, and include const.inc in project sources
  • Set character set and collation of MySQL/MariaDB connections only if current one is not UTF8/16/32. Closes issue #287
  • Issue #1256: restrict altering existing SQLite tables, apart from a few things
  • Refactor: create and use self explanatory TDBObjectEditor.ObjectExists method
  • Table editor: force repaint of column list after click on "delete column", which otherwise still displays the deleted columns until the user hovers over it
  • Issue #945: give id column in table editor slightly more width to let the text fit in
  • Issue #1256: create spRenameColumn template and prefer that in SQLite and Postgres
  • Issue #1521: get back partition clause into table editor by fixing the detection for CREATE code without a closing comment at the end
  • Prevent the last column from being dragged out of any VirtualTree header. Closes issue #1021
  • Issue #993: white is now used as background for selected text, which is light blue and unreadable. Set Material/clHighlight to hex bebebe instead.
  • Set system color clHighlight in Material theme to bright white (was rgb 32464a), to enhance readability of link colors in dialog footers. Closes issue #993.
  • Limit icons on column in table editor to show only one per key type. Closes issue #945
  • Support custom line breaks in ConfirmTabClear
  • Set hint on data grid top label, staying readable when screen width is too small to show the label. Closes issue #836
  • Ask user whether modified text shall be stored when pressing cancel button. Closes issue #817
  • Set focus on editor when creating new query tab, closing a previously grid editor. Closes issue #725
  • Auto-refreshing grid or list only if main form is active. Closes issue #669
  • Update cached object reference with new row count after inserting row, which may enable "Data" option in table copy dialog. Closes issue #666
  • Disable save and discard buttons of routine editor temporarily while saving changes. Closes issue #616
  • Display multi-line column headers in query result grid. Closes issue #1566
  • Replace redundant ExtractBaseFileName() with TPath.GetFileNameWithoutExtension()

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