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When I do a check for update the "download and install" button is grayed out. What do I need to do to fix that? When I try to upgrade manually I now get blocked from doing an upgrade because I have an adblocker. Before you bitch at me for causing a loss in revenue with my adblocker, not supporting, etc, etc., I'd like to point that I donate to your cause and I find these aggressive tactics very off-putting.

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Well you should not get this ad hint when you donated before and stay logged in on .

Donations and ads are the only income for HeidiSQL. I hate ads too, but I acceppt them if the website serves me something useful, in this case a free software you obviously use.

The update check dialog grays out the "download build" button if you are on an earlier release. You need to download the current release first.

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So what use is the update button if you have to be on the current version to use it. I donate so that I can support the site without having to risk getting malware through ads. I do not enable ads for any sites, no exceptions. I rather find an alternative (and there is always an alternative) than enable ads. I'm happy to donate if that gets rid of ads but I do not enable ads, regardless of how useful I think the site is as there is always an alternative. Please provide a way for those that donate to update your client without having to enable ads. Alternatively, refund my donations and I'll go back to using MySQL workbench from Oracle. BTW I trust you know what a social media promoter vs detractor is.

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As said, as a donor, if you used the same email address as here in the forum, no ads should be displayed. And there shouldn't be an error message on the download page. If there still is, then please try to log out and in again. If that still persists, please drop me a note, it may be a bug then, and I beg your pardon in that case.

It's very ok to block ads, that's up to you. But you cannot expect developers of free software to provide their work without accepting their method to create a few earnings.

The fact that the update button is grayed out is because HeidiSQL may become unstable if you run a newer build with some older dll files. This is a technical reason, and you should really install a release before continuing to update HeidiSQL through the auto-updater.

However, you can still download the builds from the nightly builds section. But don't complain about issues if you do that.

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I don't mind seeing some ads if it helps you. Therefore I switched off ma AdBlocker, uBlock Origin. But still I don't see ads and get these annoying messages instead. Could you please check your adblock checker, or let me know how I could actually allow your ads? Seeing lots of ads elsewhere, when deactivating uBlock ... Thanks!


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Thanks for the hint. I'd like to check that. Which web browser are you using?

Note you can always right-click the links on the download page to get the files.

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Yes, thanks to the hint on the download page I was able to download. Next time I'll just try a different browser, where I'm sure that it has no extensions installed. But some block ads anyway unless you find the hidden switch to allow them ...

Now I tried Firefox, Opera, Edge, and IE. None of them showing ads, but only your warning. Looked a bit deeper at FF: No extensions installed, and I specifically added an exception for to allow tracking. Still no ads.

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