Question about data table problem display when a longtext> 43679

ngir's profile image ngir posted 9 months ago in General Permalink

Hello, I 've a field (LONG TEXT) in a table which is used to store a long sql query

when I display the table data, there are 2 possible scenarios (joined png):

  • if all fields contains less than 43679 characters, no problem, normal use.

  • if one of the records contains more than 43679 characters in a field , the field remains empty and disrupts the operation of heidisql (display problems when navigating in the db tree, filtering problems, etc.). )

Is this a problem that has already been reported or seen by another please ?? Is it preferable to create a bug on github?

Best regards

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BigTallKeith's profile image BigTallKeith posted 1 week ago Permalink

I too have this issue and it is very difficult to work with, although I don't think its a character limit as the problematic fields have 65392 characters on 8 lines. Heidi becomes unresponsive until you scroll up/down in the data view to a section that has no empty (probelmatic) rows, at which point it comes back to life. Zooming in to hide the empty rows also works.

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