Error de SQL(6):[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen(Connect().] No se encontrĂ³ el servidor SQL Server especificado

kamajifoo posted 3 years ago in HeidiSQL portable

Can't connect SQL Server with HeideSQL Portable. From a PC in the same network, Windows 7, under a domain, using credentials to connect in a SQL Server 2005 by IP. I'm testing this program to use it in my laptop with Linux, but I could not connect. It says that can't find the SQL Server specified, but is the same address in my SQL Server connection. What's wrong?.

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kamajifoo posted 3 years ago

Sorry. I was googling and I found that was a Firewall Issue, I hope this can be useful for someone else. Thanks anyway.

kamajifoo posted 3 years ago

I just added the exception in the ESET Firewall.

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