Suggestion for Portable Version

evil2003 posted 9 years ago in HeidiSQL portable
How about make HeidiSQL a real portable version. Here is my suggestion on how to implement it, with out worrying about User Privileges problem.

At program startup, first check for heidisql.ini in the same location as heidisql.exe. If there are the ini file, use it, otherwise it function as usual.

For user to use portable version, simply:
- install HeidiSQL as usual
- copy all files into USB stick
- create and empty heidisql.ini in HeidiSQL installation directory
- that must be all :D

You may add 'Install Portable Version' like many applications now today to help user perform above tasks.

How you consider it :)
cniry posted 5 years ago
Actually not work. Tested on HeidiSQL 7.0 stable
ansgar posted 5 years ago
Is that a reply to the initial 4 years old message, or?
cniry posted 5 years ago
sorry my faultsmile

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