PostgreSQL: Crash on Disconnect

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I am getting a consistent crash on disconnecting from my PostgreSQL server (v9.2.4). It appears to be crashing on some sort of access violation within the SSLEAY32.dll file. I am using the latest build of HeidiSQL (Portable). Below is the text of the crash log:

date/time : 2015-03-03, 16:56:20, 768ms
computer name : COMPUTER
user name : User
registered owner : Microsoft / Microsoft
operating system : Windows 7 x64 Service Pack 1 build 7601
system language : English
system up time : 4 days 16 hours
program up time : 21 seconds
processors : 4x Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 560 @ 2.67GHz
physical memory : 2077/8118 MB (free/total)
free disk space : (C:) 17.04 GB
display mode : 1920x1080, 32 bit
process id : $28a0
allocated memory : 53.12 MB
largest free block : 1.00 GB
executable : heidisql.exe
exec. date/time : 2015-03-03 16:55
version :
compiled with : Delphi XE5
madExcept version :
callstack crc : $c709fa10, $f25f5eff, $f25f5eff
exception number : 1
exception class : EAccessViolation
exception message : Access violation at address 568F581C in module 'SSLEAY32.dll'. Read of address C35B5E83.

main thread ($2f44):
568f581c SSLEAY32.dll SSL_shutdown
04934aab libpq.dll PQfinish
00830e25 heidisql.exe dbconnection 1913 +47 TPgConnection.SetActive
0093b6ac heidisql.exe Main 2021 +52 TMainForm.ConnectionsNotify
0085322a heidisql.exe dbconnection 38 +0 {System.Generics.Collections}TList<dbconnection.TDBConnection>.Notify
00853e9f heidisql.exe dbconnection 728 +0 {System.Generics.Collections}TObjectList<dbconnection.TDBConnection>.Notify
00853206 heidisql.exe dbconnection 38 +0 {System.Generics.Collections}TList<dbconnection.TDBConnection>.DoDelete
00853902 heidisql.exe dbconnection 728 +0 {System.Generics.Collections}TList<dbconnection.TDBConnection>.Delete
008538d5 heidisql.exe dbconnection 728 +0 {System.Generics.Collections}TList<dbconnection.TDBConnection>.Remove
0093b2fb heidisql.exe Main 1949 +6 TMainForm.actDisconnectExecute
0053ab2f heidisql.exe System.Classes TBasicAction.Execute
00594707 heidisql.exe Vcl.ActnList TCustomAction.Execute
0053a9cf heidisql.exe System.Classes TBasicActionLink.Execute
005b0730 heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls TControl.Click
005f72dc heidisql.exe Vcl.ComCtrls TToolButton.Click
005b0bf1 heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls TControl.WMLButtonUp
005b01f1 heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls TControl.WndProc
005afe2c heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls TControl.Perform
005b444c heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls GetControlAtPos
005b4516 heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls TWinControl.ControlAtPos
005afe2c heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls TControl.Perform
005b45e0 heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls TWinControl.IsControlMouseMsg
005b4b8d heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls TWinControl.WndProc
005fbe4c heidisql.exe Vcl.ComCtrls TToolBar.WndProc
005b4354 heidisql.exe Vcl.Controls TWinControl.MainWndProc
0053b840 heidisql.exe System.Classes StdWndProc
76b97885 USER32.dll DispatchMessageW
0068534b heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.ProcessMessage
0068538e heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.HandleMessage
006856c9 heidisql.exe Vcl.Forms TApplication.Run
76de3388 kernel32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk

Any ideas what might be causing this, or are you aware of any potential work-arounds? thanks.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 9 years ago Permalink
Yes, PostgreSQL connection crashes in libpq.dll->PQfinish when using the 32bit executable. I have no clue why yet. See here:

Note: That crash does not happen in the 64bit version of HeidiSQL, which uses the 64bit libpq.dll.

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