Setting defaults in client (create database collation)

alturic's profile image alturic posted 1 month ago in HeidiSQL portable Permalink

I know it's a silly question but is there a way to set the default collation for creating new tables? HeidiSQL correctly shows me what the servers default collation is, but it'd be a nicety to be able to specify what to use as the default in HeidiSQL.

Am I missing an option somewhere or is that just not implemented?

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Collation is inherited from server to database, to tables, and finally to columns.

So I think what you want is to modify the database collation, like I just did in the "Alter database" dialog (right-click on database > edit). Setting your preferred collation will set the default collation for newly created tables:


Note your existing tables won't get touched by that, as you just change the default collation for new tables.

alturic's profile image alturic posted 1 month ago Permalink

Hmm, perhaps the wording is either confusing or I'm not explaining it right. When I create a database in HeidiSQL it wants to use utf8mb4_unicode_ci, but it then tells me (like yours) the server default is utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci, which is indeed what I expect all of my tables to be.

Where is HeidiSQL getting the utf8mb4_unicode_ci default from? Shouldn't it (unless it simply "can't") be what the server default is, unless there would be a way to configure that in HeidiSQL to begin with.

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