Not enough timers available in update proccess

ComeOn posted 3 months ago in HeidiSQL portable

Hi to all. The first - thanks to devs for this program, small and useful. I have a problem in my case - from some time I can't update it automatically. I see that program downloads update, closes blink by several windows and after this shows a message "Not enough timers available". Is this my only problem? Maybe I have to check something on my PC?

HediSQL ver - 9.0.5454 (installed by hands - this problem was earlier)


ansgar posted 3 months ago

Never saw that error myself, but I guess you can just ignore it. I guess this is a bug in the new compiler library.

ComeOn posted 3 months ago

I would be glad to ignore it, but program doesn't update )))

ComeOn posted 2 months ago

The error is actual for the new version too. I can't install updates automatically

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ansgar posted 2 months ago

I was not able to reproduce that, so I have no clue how to fix that. If at least there was a callstack available. I recommend manual updating through the download page in the meantime.

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