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CSV Import and special format of DATETIME-field 2 Import/Export NoPlayback's profile image NoPlayback (2) 6 days ago
How to Import a CSV file into a MySQL using batch. 3 Import/Export zatanx's profile image zatanx (2) 3 weeks ago
BUG: Unhandled Exception when Export Database as SQL on the server/instance level 0 Import/Export yonisade's profile image yonisade (1) 4 weeks ago
Autimatic Backup at any DAY 7 Import/Export [expired user #7331]'s profile image [expired user #7331] (3) 1 month ago
Export Large Table 8 Import/Export Cpecific's profile image Cpecific (10) 3 months ago
error: import csv which column has blank value and database table's column type is int 2 Import/Export K13483's profile image K13483 (6) 6 months ago
How to import csv MySql? 3 Import/Export pemoch's profile image pemoch (15) 7 months ago
No rows imported error 1 Import/Export cat210803's profile image cat210803 (1) 8 months ago
Massively Problems importing csv-Files 15 Import/Export cibmagic's profile image cibmagic (11) 9 months ago
Copy INSERT-Skript from Sqlite 2 Import/Export diaroe's profile image diaroe (4) 10 months ago
Importing into a new table from TSV crashes HeidiSQL 3 Import/Export sacrophyte's profile image sacrophyte (7) 1 year ago
Scheduled Export of MySQL 2 Import/Export SolutionGateway's profile image SolutionGateway (2) 1 year ago
import csv file update only certain columns 3 Import/Export bitseeker's profile image bitseeker (8) 1 year ago
Where can I read the warnings? 3 Import/Export YOLED's profile image YOLED (5) 1 year ago
big text file taking a v long time to import (2 days so far) 5 Import/Export [expired user #2764]'s profile image [expired user #2764] (2) 1 year ago
Stream Read Error 7 Import/Export HRR's profile image HRR (6) 1 year ago
Special characters are getting changed 3 Import/Export sql_is_good's profile image sql_is_good (2) 1 year ago
Instruction with number in export file 0 Import/Export Nemm's profile image Nemm (1) 1 year ago
Export database to sql, Drop view, and drop table for all views and tables 4 Import/Export shanyiqua's profile image shanyiqua (3) 1 year ago
Fehler bei komprimierter SQL-Datenbank 1 Import/Export Gismohan's profile image Gismohan (1) 2 years ago
Errors Importing URF-8 CSV Files 3 Import/Export PCHome's profile image PCHome (34) 2 years ago
SQL Error 1263 1 Import/Export sgoldberg61's profile image sgoldberg61 (1) 2 years ago
control characters in import csv file 1 Import/Export arashnz's profile image arashnz (1) 2 years ago
After build can't export csv data 14 Import/Export ckleuser's profile image ckleuser (16) 2 years ago
Import Hebrew doesn't work correctly v11.3.0.6295 1 Import/Export bar's profile image bar (1) 2 years ago
Fix warning with date column 0 Import/Export BigMat's profile image BigMat (4) 2 years ago
import: missing row - no error messageg / import log? 0 Import/Export backtester's profile image backtester (1) 2 years ago
Copy Database 7 Import/Export [expired user #6888]'s profile image [expired user #6888] (1) 2 years ago
Solving Assigning CTRL+ENTER as a Shortcut in v11 0 Import/Export jwan's profile image jwan (3) 2 years ago
cancel export of table does not work 2 Import/Export Gaetano's profile image Gaetano (5) 2 years ago
Warning error 1 Import/Export kaprofile5's profile image kaprofile5 (3) 2 years ago
One file per database 2 Import/Export daltinkurt's profile image daltinkurt (12) 2 years ago
Postgres Import with Foreign Keys 2 Import/Export chd.david's profile image chd.david (1) 2 years ago
Wrong Charset in Import 5 Import/Export Curanai's profile image Curanai (29) 2 years ago
Limits with CSV import 0 Import/Export's profile image (1) 2 years ago
Heidisql crashes when I am loading SQL script 2 Import/Export Councelor's profile image Councelor (1) 2 years ago
Large table (50GB blob) lets Heidi freeze during transfer 2 Import/Export WebCF's profile image WebCF (11) 2 years ago
Getting Error when trying to export my sql to put on another box 1 Import/Export MikeLowery's profile image MikeLowery (1) 2 years ago
Double Quotes now being added to Export Grid Rows 9 Import/Export CFlath's profile image CFlath (8) 2 years ago
Duplicate entry when restoring SQL backup 3 Import/Export geoffschultz's profile image geoffschultz (14) 2 years ago
Update a column with CVS file 2 Import/Export kaprofile5's profile image kaprofile5 (3) 2 years ago
Your query produced xxx warnings, however they are all empty 1 Import/Export steinhaug's profile image steinhaug (5) 2 years ago
Import CSV File 15 Import/Export Narday's profile image Narday (12) 3 years ago
Create checkbox is supported only for MySQL! It should work differently on PostgreSQL 1 Import/Export tzar's profile image tzar (2) 3 years ago
Import of SQL-Files is very slow 13 Import/Export [expired user #3272]'s profile image [expired user #3272] (2) 3 years ago
Where is the log file 4 Import/Export abruck's profile image abruck (71) 3 years ago
Two issues during the multi sql file import. 15 Import/Export Icos's profile image Icos (37) 3 years ago
Problem reading-in an auto-populated .csv / .txt from localhost 0 Import/Export mars's profile image mars (1) 3 years ago
CSV Import with only LF 2 Import/Export damemas's profile image damemas (2) 3 years ago
Multi-table auto-seperate exports 5 Import/Export [expired user #3265]'s profile image [expired user #3265] (2) 3 years ago
After Insert-Trigger -> insert into another data base possible? 1 Import/Export megadyn's profile image megadyn (2) 3 years ago
SQL Error (1064) : No database selected 2 Import/Export PegasusP's profile image PegasusP (13) 3 years ago
Note (Code 1031): Storage engine InnoDB of the table xxxxxx does not have this option 1 Import/Export chinook's profile image chinook (5) 3 years ago
marking only all tables during export 1 Import/Export MacDknife's profile image MacDknife (3) 3 years ago
Export PHP array new syntax 7 Import/Export justrusty's profile image justrusty (9) 3 years ago
On Import, Error Messages from Whom? 1 Import/Export bsmither's profile image bsmither (1) 3 years ago
Export strings. The numbers are in the wrong format. Visually dot separator. And when exporting a comma. 7 Import/Export BlackByte's profile image BlackByte (6) 3 years ago
Automatically generated outputs? 2 Import/Export trabant's profile image trabant (6) 3 years ago
Error message 4 Import/Export sigmasix's profile image sigmasix (3) 3 years ago
XML export problem 0 Import/Export mippo's profile image mippo (1) 3 years ago
Importing of sql file (F9) doesn't work anymore 6 Import/Export mbedrac's profile image mbedrac (16) 3 years ago
Export grid rows to delimited text doesn't respect number format 3 Import/Export Dan Ko's profile image Dan Ko (1) 3 years ago
Error in database connection 1 Import/Export biyani's profile image biyani (1) 3 years ago
Dangerous thing!! 4 Import/Export slamarca's profile image slamarca (2) 3 years ago
Export views problem 3 Import/Export cammudito's profile image cammudito (3) 4 years ago
Freezes after importing any size of SQL file 10 Import/Export Sylvain Legrand's profile image Sylvain Legrand (5) 4 years ago
Backing up a WordPress database 7 Import/Export [expired user #4158]'s profile image [expired user #4158] (23) 4 years ago
Export database as SQL no longer offers export options 2 Import/Export lennyesp's profile image lennyesp (2) 4 years ago
Import a fixed width file 1 Import/Export cghera's profile image cghera (1) 4 years ago
Export grid rows > Row selection > Complete, but results cut off 1 Import/Export chungca's profile image chungca (1) 4 years ago
Export Database as SQL Has No Choices 7 Import/Export PCHome's profile image PCHome (34) 4 years ago
write multi Adress vcard .vcf File from SQL-Table for Android Import 7 Import/Export marbeja's profile image marbeja (2) 4 years ago
Getting error trying to import 116mb sql file 0 Import/Export ctpops's profile image ctpops (1) 4 years ago
Restoration interrupted and not continued 3 Import/Export athaydemirela's profile image athaydemirela (2) 4 years ago
Export - Limit on number of rows 2 Import/Export superspace's profile image superspace (27) 4 years ago
Can't import SQL. 1 Import/Export NeHaLeM's profile image NeHaLeM (17) 4 years ago
Problem with CSV file / Beginner 1 Import/Export stephenmcateer's profile image stephenmcateer (1) 4 years ago
Artikel Tabelle aus MS Excel 365 in eine bestehende Datenbank importieren 13 Import/Export SQLBenutzer's profile image SQLBenutzer (10) 4 years ago
Using Heidi in migrating between servers 0 Import/Export smile's profile image smile (1) 4 years ago
Export to CSV NULL turn to \N but when importing from CSV \N turn to text "\N" instead of NULL 3 Import/Export harishashim's profile image harishashim (3) 4 years ago
Null value for CSV upload into a MYQL date/time field with a default of NULL 7 Import/Export [expired user #7983]'s profile image [expired user #7983] (1) 4 years ago
Problem with import from dumpfile. 2 Import/Export rolfhartmut's profile image rolfhartmut (2) 4 years ago
Automate data grid export 4 Import/Export sanumoli's profile image sanumoli (2) 4 years ago
Export from MySql server to Sql Server 3 Import/Export sanumoli's profile image sanumoli (2) 4 years ago
Export SQL table to CSV using command 6 Import/Export knkirubakaran's profile image knkirubakaran (4) 4 years ago
No rows were imported 3 Import/Export knunez's profile image knunez (1) 4 years ago
Backup of DB 0 Import/Export Spurthy S's profile image Spurthy S (1) 5 years ago
HeidiSQL loses window focus after importing file on Wine 2 Import/Export [expired user #11213]'s profile image [expired user #11213] (1) 5 years ago
Stream read error beim laden einer sql Datei 2 Import/Export lexxi2000's profile image lexxi2000 (3) 5 years ago
Query takes 17 seconds, export grid rows takes forever 2 Import/Export kragtorp's profile image kragtorp (3) 5 years ago
heidisql. После экспорта часть таблиц в БД превратились в представления 3 Import/Export pemoch's profile image pemoch (15) 5 years ago
Sync Schema and Data 0 Import/Export renerlemes's profile image renerlemes (22) 5 years ago
Unknown SSL-Error 0x8009035d 7 Import/Export bitman(c)'s profile image bitman(c) (6) 5 years ago
Import/export connection data 2 Import/Export Rodman's profile image Rodman (3) 5 years ago
100% crash on SQL file load. 60 Import/Export Icos's profile image Icos (37) 5 years ago
Server Connections: Extract Entries without export-function 1 Import/Export hulrich's profile image hulrich (1) 5 years ago
Export erro messagem. Could not find table or view 1 Import/Export renerlemes's profile image renerlemes (22) 5 years ago
why some views will be table please? 0 Import/Export xunitc's profile image xunitc (1) 5 years ago
Export import problem 2 Import/Export [expired user #11316]'s profile image [expired user #11316] (2) 5 years ago
blob data export bug 2 Import/Export [expired user #11229]'s profile image [expired user #11229] (2) 5 years ago
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