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Topic Replies Category Author Date
Freezes after importing any size of SQL file 10 Import/Export Sylvain Legrand's profile image Sylvain Legrand (5) 1 month ago
Backing up a WordPress database 7 Import/Export Soporose's profile image Soporose (23) 2 months ago
Export database as SQL no longer offers export options 2 Import/Export lennyesp's profile image lennyesp (2) 3 months ago
Import a fixed width file 1 Import/Export cghera's profile image cghera (1) 4 months ago
Export grid rows > Row selection > Complete, but results cut off 1 Import/Export chungca's profile image chungca (1) 5 months ago
Export Database as SQL Has No Choices 7 Import/Export PCHome's profile image PCHome (15) 5 months ago
write multi Adress vcard .vcf File from SQL-Table for Android Import 7 Import/Export marbeja's profile image marbeja (2) 7 months ago
Getting error trying to import 116mb sql file 0 Import/Export ctpops's profile image ctpops (1) 7 months ago
Restoration interrupted and not continued 3 Import/Export athaydemirela's profile image athaydemirela (2) 7 months ago
Export - Limit on number of rows 2 Import/Export superspace's profile image superspace (26) 7 months ago
Can't import SQL. 1 Import/Export NeHaLeM's profile image NeHaLeM (4) 8 months ago
Problem with CSV file / Beginner 1 Import/Export stephenmcateer's profile image stephenmcateer (1) 9 months ago
Artikel Tabelle aus MS Excel 365 in eine bestehende Datenbank importieren 13 Import/Export SQLBenutzer's profile image SQLBenutzer (10) 9 months ago
Using Heidi in migrating between servers 0 Import/Export smile's profile image smile (1) 9 months ago
Export to CSV NULL turn to \N but when importing from CSV \N turn to text "\N" instead of NULL 3 Import/Export harishashim's profile image harishashim (3) 10 months ago
Null value for CSV upload into a MYQL date/time field with a default of NULL 7 Import/Export jkauffman28's profile image jkauffman28 (1) 10 months ago
Problem with import from dumpfile. 2 Import/Export rolfhartmut's profile image rolfhartmut (2) 10 months ago
Automate data grid export 4 Import/Export sanumoli's profile image sanumoli (2) 11 months ago
Export from MySql server to Sql Server 3 Import/Export sanumoli's profile image sanumoli (2) 11 months ago
Export SQL table to CSV using command 6 Import/Export knkirubakaran's profile image knkirubakaran (4) 11 months ago
No rows were imported 3 Import/Export knunez's profile image knunez (1) 11 months ago
Backup of DB 0 Import/Export Spurthy S's profile image Spurthy S (1) 1 year ago
HeidiSQL loses window focus after importing file on Wine 2 Import/Export devta's profile image devta (1) 1 year ago
Two issues during the multi sql file import. 10 Import/Export Icos's profile image Icos (33) 1 year ago
Stream read error beim laden einer sql Datei 2 Import/Export lexxi2000's profile image lexxi2000 (3) 1 year ago
Query takes 17 seconds, export grid rows takes forever 2 Import/Export kragtorp's profile image kragtorp (3) 1 year ago
heidisql. После экспорта часть таблиц в БД превратились в представления 3 Import/Export pemoch's profile image pemoch (7) 1 year ago
Sync Schema and Data 0 Import/Export renerlemes's profile image renerlemes (19) 1 year ago
Unknown SSL-Error 0x8009035d 7 Import/Export bitman(c)'s profile image bitman(c) (6) 1 year ago
Import/export connection data 2 Import/Export Rodman's profile image Rodman (3) 1 year ago
Your query produced xxx warnings, however they are all empty 0 Import/Export steinhaug's profile image steinhaug (5) 1 year ago
100% crash on SQL file load. 60 Import/Export Icos's profile image Icos (33) 1 year ago
Server Connections: Extract Entries without export-function 1 Import/Export hulrich's profile image hulrich (1) 1 year ago
Export erro messagem. Could not find table or view 1 Import/Export renerlemes's profile image renerlemes (19) 1 year ago
why some views will be table please? 0 Import/Export xunitc's profile image xunitc (1) 1 year ago
Export import problem 2 Import/Export goran.ostrom's profile image goran.ostrom (2) 2 years ago
blob data export bug 2 Import/Export damhye's profile image damhye (2) 2 years ago
Exporting Triggers 0 Import/Export HeidiUser.1's profile image HeidiUser.1 (2) 2 years ago
Excel csv export 1 Import/Export anet's profile image anet (1) 2 years ago
Import Excel CSV double quote sign 3 Import/Export HofMar's profile image HofMar (20) 2 years ago
Export as single SQL or ZIP file are missing 2 Import/Export nushnush's profile image nushnush (2) 2 years ago
Export grid rows 2 Import/Export BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (564) 2 years ago
Help on Excel Import 2 Import/Export velu130486's profile image velu130486 (2) 2 years ago
Markdown Export Format 15 Import/Export jayknight's profile image jayknight (9) 2 years ago
Importing CSV files 12 Import/Export Daniele68's profile image Daniele68 (2) 2 years ago
How to backup database every hour or so. 6 Import/Export JamesSmith's profile image JamesSmith (6) 2 years ago
creating new DB from a database dump always fails because the constraints are in the wrong place! 1 Import/Export eos's profile image eos (42) 2 years ago
How to automatically export a database to Google Spreadsheet? 5 Import/Export JamesSmith's profile image JamesSmith (6) 2 years ago
Importing langlink.sql and increasing chunk size 11 Import/Export tomthirteen's profile image tomthirteen (12) 2 years ago
Export grid rows to delimited text doesn't respect number format 1 Import/Export Dan Ko's profile image Dan Ko (1) 2 years ago
Warnings from last query: Note Storage engine InnoDB of table `mythemename`.`wp_users` doesn't have this option 0 Import/Export scifisi's profile image scifisi (1) 2 years ago
Im importing my heidi sql to mysql 5.1 community server 5 Import/Export ebitempura's profile image ebitempura (3) 2 years ago
HTML character transfer 7 Import/Export abes's profile image abes (2) 2 years ago
Importing csv/text file containing german characters 3 Import/Export chandrasen's profile image chandrasen (2) 2 years ago
/* SQL Error: Unknown column 'name' in 'field list' */ 12 Import/Export clayton53's profile image clayton53 (5) 2 years ago
Import Dialog Box 0 Import/Export Juvat's profile image Juvat (1) 2 years ago
FK Issue 3 Import/Export ChrisCwmbran's profile image ChrisCwmbran (2) 2 years ago
Export unique host names 6 Import/Export marta11's profile image marta11 (4) 2 years ago
[BUG] Import text file doesn't recognize paths with spaces 4 Import/Export larariro's profile image larariro (2) 2 years ago
No rows imported error 3 Import/Export EmmyS's profile image EmmyS (2) 2 years ago
Automated daily Backup 1 Import/Export's profile image (1) 2 years ago
how to export HeidiSQL Settings from backup Files only 7 Import/Export hjvdkamp's profile image hjvdkamp (5) 2 years ago
Automated way to export to grid rows 1 Import/Export marty5005's profile image marty5005 (1) 2 years ago
Export Slows As It Progresses 1 Import/Export TheOneDaveYoung's profile image TheOneDaveYoung (7) 2 years ago
HTML table export result rows to clipboard and paste to MS Word or Outlook 1 Import/Export arunasb's profile image arunasb (1) 2 years ago
heidisql crash 2 Import/Export swoosh's profile image swoosh (1) 2 years ago
heidisql crash 0 Import/Export S.Preiss's profile image S.Preiss (1) 2 years ago
Crash on context menu in database export 5 Import/Export Program4fun's profile image Program4fun (14) 3 years ago
Problems Importing Using An SQL Script. 2 Import/Export mitcon's profile image mitcon (2) 3 years ago
XML 2 Import/Export alexhitchins's profile image alexhitchins (7) 3 years ago
[Tutorial] Getting back settings from offline (broken, remote) Windows installation 1 Import/Export krzysiunet's profile image krzysiunet (6) 3 years ago
CSV Import With " " field enclosure 10 Import/Export cheesemarathon's profile image cheesemarathon (6) 3 years ago
JSON exporter does not escape strings 7 Import/Export Miroticey1's profile image Miroticey1 (13) 3 years ago
Specify Hex Blob when exporting database as SQL 1 Import/Export MiSAKACHi's profile image MiSAKACHi (8) 3 years ago
Postgres import/export issue 0 Import/Export thundergr's profile image thundergr (1) 3 years ago
MYSQL 5.7 DUMP 3 Import/Export michaelE's profile image michaelE (6) 3 years ago
Bug while exporting encrypted columns 2 Import/Export disperse's profile image disperse (2) 3 years ago
Is it possible to create an automated "Export database as SQL" for backup purposes? 2 Import/Export njwebdesign's profile image njwebdesign (1) 3 years ago
6 errors when loading (importing) an sql file 3 Import/Export HenryV's profile image HenryV (2) 3 years ago
Uisng mySQL or importing mySQL 4 Import/Export Krammig's profile image Krammig (3) 3 years ago
Split csv option 3 Import/Export michail1982's profile image michail1982 (19) 3 years ago
Import: map fields 1 Import/Export chris.cavage's profile image chris.cavage (1) 3 years ago
Crash at end of export 2 Import/Export jmlsteele's profile image jmlsteele (2) 3 years ago
Bug in CSV import? 3 Import/Export FraWeb's profile image FraWeb (3) 3 years ago
Export with JSON field seems to be buggy 6 Import/Export kisb's profile image kisb (1) 3 years ago
Some small changes in dump 1 Import/Export Gride's profile image Gride (1) 3 years ago
Export: copy selected rows ... 1 Import/Export aug7t101's profile image aug7t101 (1) 3 years ago
Chinese Character Not Supported 2 Import/Export Tyris's profile image Tyris (2) 3 years ago
Export in the correct language (mssql/mysql) 0 Import/Export dhuesca's profile image dhuesca (1) 3 years ago
Concern about export reliability 4 Import/Export kalvaro's profile image kalvaro (954) 3 years ago
Comma decimal separators generates invalid SQL statement 9 Import/Export majesk's profile image majesk (5) 3 years ago
Import a csv but disabled 3 Import/Export tda's profile image tda (2) 3 years ago
Bug: SQL Server FLOAT datatype generates wrong export SQL statements 1 Import/Export matsg's profile image matsg (20) 3 years ago
Bug when exporting view if last line is comment. 2 Import/Export rob's profile image rob (3) 4 years ago
Moving Database from c drive to d drive 1 Import/Export lordrom's profile image lordrom (6) 4 years ago
retreive data using php 5 Import/Export moh786's profile image moh786 (3) 4 years ago
Import concatenated field values with separator 0 Import/Export uameln's profile image uameln (1) 4 years ago
Can HeidiSQL transfer tables and data back and forth between MariaDB and MySQL databases? (Using SQL Export) 2 Import/Export WaveLength's profile image WaveLength (18) 4 years ago
Importing sessions with unencrypted passwords 0 Import/Export floutsch's profile image floutsch (1) 4 years ago
MS SQL 10.0 - Export grid rows 2 Import/Export kragtorp's profile image kragtorp (3) 4 years ago