Restoration interrupted and not continued

athaydemirela posted 2 weeks ago in Import/Export

I'm having a problem restoring a backup. When I try to import a backup into my local connection, there is a time when an error appears on the screen. When I choose the option to continue the application, the restore does not proceed. Sometimes (It's not always that it happens.) in the footer the following message appears (translated from Portuguese):

"the end of the file block was cut into a multibytes character at position 540.373.995. Increasing the block size and trying to read again ..."

When I restore to another mysql database management system, it finishes and works correctly, but the developers who work with me use heidi and would like to use the solution to this problem.

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ansgar posted 1 week ago

Please follow issue #515 - that was already reported in the bugtracker.

athaydemirela posted 1 week ago

There are no answers and I'm in an emergency.

ansgar posted 1 week ago

You probably also selected the wrong encoding in the file-open-dialog. Or you selected "Auto-detect (may fail)", which really may have failed for that file.

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