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Export database as SQL no longer offers export options

lennyesp's profile image lennyesp posted 5 months ago in Import/Export Permalink

I'm currently using HeidiSQL 10.2.5610 (64 Bit) and I always run a db SQL export before making any changes to the live database. Usually, when one selects "Export database to SQL" a new window appears showing the databases and tables, which this does. However, the main window is blank. I have no options to select the type of export I want or the destination. Previously, I could export to a SQL file, to another database, or even to another server.

I've attached a screenshot of the window as well.

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  • heidisql_bug
ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 5 months ago Permalink

Oh what you see there is just the left side tree of that table tools dialog. This seems to be a high DPI issue, as the width of that tree has gotten oversized so the right panel is 0 px wide. Probably you are able to resize the tree when you widen the whole dialog? If not then you will need to reset that tree width in your registry:

  • exit HeidiSQL
  • start regedit.exe
  • go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HeidiSQL
  • delete value TableTools_TreeWidth
  • restart HeidiSQL
lennyesp's profile image lennyesp posted 5 months ago Permalink

Thanks. That did it. The last few iterations of HeidiSQL have been having difficulty with keeping the dialogue windows at a reasonable width. Many times the display far too wide and I must manually shrink them.

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