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Your query produced xxx warnings, however they are all empty

steinhaug's profile image steinhaug posted 2 years ago in Import/Export Permalink

Not sure if this is in the right category, as its a bug report.

For some reason when I export data with HeidiSQL and import it again each and every SQL will return an error which is reported, however the error seems to always be empty. That is, I can do import with 1 query alone and it will be 1 error thats empty or as the image below a larger import where the errors are more.

I am afraid I might miss some actual errors if they were to occure by this behaviour, so I am wondering what could be the reason that I get this. I am running on windows 10, but I ran Windows7 for years and I have had this behaviour atleast for a year now and I am steadily updating the software aswell.

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