HTML TABLE clipboard export breaks gmail paste

Thinkscape posted 6 years ago in Import/Export
There's been some changes to HTML TABLE export recently, which breaks COPY-PASTE into Gmail message.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Select a few data rows
2. Export grid rows
3. Copy to clipboard, HTML table, selection
4. Click [OK]
5. Go to gmail in your browser
6. Open new message
7. CTRL+V clipboard content
8. ... nothing happens

A few versions back (2.8, 2.9?) this worked flawlessly and a html table was inserted into the message. Now, nothing happens.
It's probably because Heidi creates a well-formed HTML document (with <html>,<body> etc.) instead of just the HTML table, which breaks things.

Please consider reverting to old behavior.

Thanks for reading.

ansgar posted 6 years ago
"A few versions back" ? We have HeidiSQL 6.0 and this is already more than one year oldsmileMust be several years ago since I changed that. If I remember right, this was in order to support rich text editors like MS Word, OpenOffice and so on, but as this is so long ago there could easily be more reasons for that change.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
I can also not reproduce that in Gmail nothing happens - Ctrl+V pastes the HTML file source in the editor.
Thinkscape posted 6 years ago
version - typo, I meant 5.8/5.9

I doubt anyone cares about pasting HTML source. I'm reporting problem pasting into HTML email. You're probably trying to paste HTML into "plain text" message.

In order to reproduce, switch gmail message to "rich text" (default in gmail since last year) and then try to paste the table. Before those 5.8 changes, pasting would result in a nicely formatted table popping inside message body.
jfalch posted 6 years ago
perhaps export dialog could gain a "compact" option checkbox - omit everything around <table> when checked (ie DOCTYPE, html, head, body) ?
Thinkscape posted 6 years ago
Well, it's called "HTML TABLE", so it should generate a <table>, not a document.

An additional export format, "HTML REPORT" or "HTML DOCUMENT" could be used to generate a full html document.
jfalch posted 6 years ago
a matter of debate. nearly all options on the left side of the "export grid rows" dialog select completely different data formats; this distinction (table/doc) selects two variants of a single data format (HTML). Thus, an additional control selecting the variant appears more logical to me.
There is, however, the something-like-exception SQL INSERT / REPLACE, both of which are variants of the data format SQL ... oh well.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
Pasting HTML into a rich text editor (MS Word, OpenOffice Writer, ...) need a full document in order to keep formatting. But that only applies to the rich text version of the both clipboard contents. The raw content could proably be a simple table, yes, but I need to check that.
Thinkscape posted 6 years ago
@anse: how about rich-text export then? It should work with both windowze editors and internet browsers... but not sure it can contain tables.
ansgar posted 6 years ago
rich text is already one of two versions in clipboard. Complicated stuff. However, I was talking about the raw version, which I could probably change to only use a table.

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