Export grid rows to delimited text doesn't respect number format

Dan Ko posted 9 months ago in Import/Export

Export grid rows feature is great and customizeable, but I've run into a little problem I can't fix with settings.

By default, I get period as the decimal part separator, but I need it to be comma. I've enabled the "Local number format" checkbox in settings and it worked for query results in the HeidiSQL interface and in export grid rows to "Excel CSV", but when I export grid rows to "Delimited text" I still get period as a decimal part separator.

Tried HeidiSQL 9.3 stable and 9.4 build 5174. I am on Windows 10, the DB is PostgreSQL and the field type is Numeric if any of that matters :)

ansgar posted 9 months ago

Well, delimited text should be most compatible to everything, so the period is used there, not the local character.

But you could make an extra-turn via Excel, then export it from Excel with your preferred settings. That should work, or?

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