Export Database as SQL Has No Choices

PCHome posted 7 days ago in Import/Export

Suddenly a few days ago the Export Database as SQL started showing only Clipboard as the choice with the space where the other choices used to be as a grey box. I've closed and opened HeidiSQL and even rebooted but nothing seems to restore the feature. My version is

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ansgar posted 7 days ago

Never heard that before. Are you running HeidiSQL through Wine? Or did you activate a non-default theme? Or maybe both...

PCHome posted 7 days ago

Running through wine but no changes to themes or anything else. It was working one moment, then the next it wasn't.

PCHome posted 7 days ago

After you mentioned themes, it occurred to me to change to a different one just in case the default theme had become corrupt but unfortunately it made no difference.

PCHome posted 7 days ago

Finally after trying unsuccessfully with several themes, the Windows theme seems to have resolved the problem. It had been using whatever the default theme was so there must be some odd bug in the theme area.

ansgar posted 6 days ago

That's why I asked for themes - they seem to have lots of bugs. Although I could reproduce only very few ones, the bugtracker is full of them.

PCHome posted 4 days ago

Yes but it was working and I hadn't changed the theme from whatever it used from the time of installation a long time ago, then it suddenly wasn't working. It happened within the blink of an eye! If the themes are so problematic, why are they there? Anyway, it's working now so I'll just have to remember to not change themes in case I ever get the urge. Thank you for your assistance.

ansgar posted 4 days ago

If the themes are so problematic, why are they there?

Well, users asked for it, so I did it :) I personally never use them, for the same reason. Though now I even have the "privilege" to fix bugs in them.

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