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Export - Limit on number of rows

superspace posted 4 months ago in Import/Export

When exporting a table by SQL inserts, there's an option to break the inserts into chunks limited by the data size (measured in KB).

This works as expected.

However, when importing, there's often an error that Max insert rows is 1000.

Depending on how many columns and the type of data in the columns, I have to continually adjust this value.

This issue can be alleviated somewhat by clicking on the button to disable errors in batch mode, however, it also means that chunk which is over 1000 rows long does not get inserted fully.

It would be good to be able to have an option to limit by rows rather than size.

What do you good people think?

superspace posted 4 months ago

Seems like this issue has already been raised on github:

superspace posted 4 months ago

Actually, that issue (feature request) is to export the last 100 or 1000 rows.

Mine, is to break up the SQL insert into chunks of 100 or 1000 rows.

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