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Topic Replies Category Author Date
Navigation through foreign keys 0 Feature discussion ifgitman's profile image ifgitman (6) 6 days ago
JSON viewer 6 Feature discussion aneron13's profile image aneron13 (2) 4 weeks ago
Host Names - Aliases 0 Feature discussion ldhartman's profile image ldhartman (1) 1 month ago
Feature Request: generateing dynamic filters by clicking on multiple column values 2 Feature discussion niewolf's profile image niewolf (2) 1 month ago
update field which results from joined query 13 Feature discussion BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (602) 2 months ago
Feature-ajustment: Quotes on autocompletion 0 Feature discussion cbk882's profile image cbk882 (6) 2 months ago
Feature-Request: compare two Stored-Routines 0 Feature discussion UweAtWork's profile image UweAtWork (8) 2 months ago
improve column filter system. 0 Feature discussion no0101's profile image no0101 (1) 2 months ago
Theme Amakrits: pressed buttons are not visible in the toolbar 3 Feature discussion Antony's profile image Antony (4) 3 months ago
Filter for display columns 4 Feature discussion tihoho's profile image tihoho (6) 3 months ago
Refreshing Table view is hard 5 Feature discussion lemon_juice's profile image lemon_juice (146) 3 months ago
QOL Feature suggestion - Floating 'Query' window 0 Feature discussion Conz's profile image Conz (3) 3 months ago
Snippet subfolders 3 Feature discussion jakebathman's profile image jakebathman (2) 4 months ago
Storing tab contents 4 Feature discussion apocs's profile image apocs (8) 4 months ago
Check constraints not showing for SQLite databases 6 Feature discussion jonathanpoulin's profile image jonathanpoulin (9) 4 months ago
Request: make first two tabs (Host/Database) hide-able 0 Feature discussion user4958's profile image user4958 (1) 5 months ago
Popup editor has truncated string 3 Feature discussion's profile image (2) 6 months ago
yubikey login 0 Feature discussion sureshkuna's profile image sureshkuna (1) 6 months ago
Feature request - interactive query builder 0 Feature discussion sasho's profile image sasho (4) 6 months ago
Microsoft SQL Server (SSH tunnel) 1 Feature discussion mindc's profile image mindc (1) 7 months ago
Dropping a TAble 2 Feature discussion BigBaz's profile image BigBaz (21) 7 months ago
Ability to disable prompting to save queries 2 Feature discussion marmolada's profile image marmolada (2) 7 months ago
Add "Empty Tables" with disabled foreign key checks 2 Feature discussion Acs's profile image Acs (38) 7 months ago
HeidiSql need Dark Theme 6 Feature discussion admin's profile image admin (4) 7 months ago
Sort by IP Address 5 Feature discussion coderoad's profile image coderoad (4) 7 months ago
MariaDB connect engine 2 Feature discussion RiddlerX2's profile image RiddlerX2 (3) 7 months ago
Recognize settings for - Database Tools > Database SQL export - in connection settings 2 Feature discussion StephanBiegel's profile image StephanBiegel (2) 8 months ago
[Feature Request] JSON viewer? 12 Feature discussion jaCUBE's profile image jaCUBE (4) 8 months ago
showing processlist memory, max memory in MB not in Byte 0 Feature discussion Horus Sirius's profile image Horus Sirius (11) 9 months ago
Copy Routines 2 Feature discussion atniin's profile image atniin (3) 9 months ago
SHow the Server IP next to its Name in the window title 0 Feature discussion WebCF's profile image WebCF (7) 9 months ago
Progress of a long query execution 1 Feature discussion jflietstra's profile image jflietstra (9) 9 months ago
Support for System-Versioning Tables 7 Feature discussion HonzaCZ's profile image HonzaCZ (3) 9 months ago
Table compare 15 Feature discussion Rvanlaak's profile image Rvanlaak (26) 10 months ago
Names of Tab from SQL Queries 41 Feature discussion DB Phantom's profile image DB Phantom (5) 10 months ago
Feature Request - Popup Menu for Tabs 2 Feature discussion mam's profile image mam (4) 10 months ago
Non unique key in MsSQL not visible 0 Feature discussion roxwal's profile image roxwal (12) 10 months ago
Request for feature: "UNALTER code" 0 Feature discussion Jelmer's profile image Jelmer (4) 10 months ago
Auto Backup time 6 Feature discussion JennaDeh's profile image JennaDeh (3) 10 months ago
Autocomplete Datatypes 0 Feature discussion atniin's profile image atniin (3) 10 months ago
Renaming of query tab 14 Feature discussion biju_ps's profile image biju_ps (4) 11 months ago
Rename query tab 2 Feature discussion dmikester1's profile image dmikester1 (18) 11 months ago
Rename Query Tabs 2 Feature discussion Arffeh's profile image Arffeh (39) 11 months ago
Changes of Tablenames at Database copy 7 Feature discussion hhoefling's profile image hhoefling (8) 11 months ago
Using F10 key 0 Feature discussion Mary Bonney's profile image Mary Bonney (14) 11 months ago
Snippets per Database 1 Feature discussion Acs's profile image Acs (38) 11 months ago
Add dropdowns with filter (to everywhere) 10 Feature discussion Acs's profile image Acs (38) 12 months ago
Close a query result tab? 1 Feature discussion webdbase's profile image webdbase (30) 12 months ago
ST_AsText of point instead of unreadable binary text in data view 0 Feature discussion dennmtr's profile image dennmtr (3) 12 months ago
search for table column horizontally in Data tab 2 Feature discussion hsujj's profile image hsujj (1) 12 months ago
SQLite output default in scientific notation 0 Feature discussion grade1000's profile image grade1000 (1) 12 months ago
Dark theme 35 Feature discussion eyedmax's profile image eyedmax (11) 1 year ago
Export as SQL - add a variable for table 1 Feature discussion gerardsweeney's profile image gerardsweeney (5) 1 year ago
Table tab view > columns list search 3 Feature discussion lohe's profile image lohe (2) 1 year ago
Colors für Query Tabs 5 Feature discussion poblox's profile image poblox (3) 1 year ago
Connecting to database via PHPMyAdmin 2 Feature discussion dreadnaut's profile image dreadnaut (2) 1 year ago
Paste as plain text (without newline) 4 Feature discussion gerardsweeney's profile image gerardsweeney (5) 1 year ago
New tab required for CONSTRAINTS 0 Feature discussion tonymarston's profile image tonymarston (29) 1 year ago
CHECK CONSTRAINTS and MySQL version 8.0.20 0 Feature discussion tonymarston's profile image tonymarston (29) 1 year ago
Automatic switching between Dark and Light Mode 0 Feature discussion CommanderTom66's profile image CommanderTom66 (2) 1 year ago
data-grid column sorting arrows bug & styling 0 Feature discussion leeoniya's profile image leeoniya (18) 1 year ago
Feature request: Play a sound when a query has finished executing 2 Feature discussion mickeymoose's profile image mickeymoose (1) 1 year ago
Quick "select * from table" options 1 Feature discussion sebastienkb's profile image sebastienkb (3) 1 year ago
Sqlite with Cipher support 1 Feature discussion magicmars's profile image magicmars (1) 1 year ago
AutoComplete HeidiSQL Without Ctrl+Space and Dot 14 Feature discussion wasimxe's profile image wasimxe (14) 1 year ago
Commit prompt when moving from an edited row in GRID editing 2 Feature discussion RiaanGeyer's profile image RiaanGeyer (2) 1 year ago
Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061) 0 Feature discussion erick743436's profile image erick743436 (3) 1 year ago
Database version control 5 Feature discussion Javi88's profile image Javi88 (5) 1 year ago
SQL Formating Option 3 Feature discussion JeffreyChen's profile image JeffreyChen (2) 1 year ago
Filter features for Export Database as sql... 1 Feature discussion jpurpleman's profile image jpurpleman (8) 1 year ago
Visual Query Builder 9 Feature discussion cheth's profile image cheth (9) 1 year ago
show me user name , not user_id 0 Feature discussion ayhanbaris's profile image ayhanbaris (1) 1 year ago
Default collation 8 Feature discussion skuja's profile image skuja (12) 1 year ago
Restore tree status on refresh 5 Feature discussion bouvrie's profile image bouvrie (4) 1 year ago
Feature Request: Enable refresh of table view 1 Feature discussion chris4beta's profile image chris4beta (7) 1 year ago
Detection of fields in subqueries 0 Feature discussion RiddlerX2's profile image RiddlerX2 (3) 2 years ago
Query history window 2 Feature discussion texi33's profile image texi33 (2) 2 years ago
MRU tab option 3 Feature discussion kovacsbv's profile image kovacsbv (6) 2 years ago
Query Tab Labels/Names 7 Feature discussion aphel's profile image aphel (9) 2 years ago
Search dialog SHOULD NOT closed after click Find button 3 Feature discussion combo's profile image combo (1) 2 years ago
Data entry with foreign keys 2 Feature discussion lz7cjc's profile image lz7cjc (2) 2 years ago
Session manager 7 Feature discussion alfiqmiq's profile image alfiqmiq (38) 2 years ago
MSSQL via SSH tunnel 2 Feature discussion cehser's profile image cehser (2) 2 years ago
Connection settings in a database 5 Feature discussion Skelgaard's profile image Skelgaard (6) 2 years ago
new feature: single record view (vertically) of a record from result set 0 Feature discussion rogersd's profile image rogersd (1) 2 years ago
Why does a new user allow ALTER by default? 3 Feature discussion Jason210's profile image Jason210 (11) 2 years ago
Automatic session backups 2 Feature discussion jimtut's profile image jimtut (8) 2 years ago
History in table filter 6 Feature discussion mbedrac's profile image mbedrac (16) 2 years ago
cell copy & paste 2 Feature discussion jeff.wong's profile image jeff.wong (2) 2 years ago
PostgreSQL - scram-sha-256 15 Feature discussion rufus's profile image rufus (2) 2 years ago
Enable scalling of the database/table area 0 Feature discussion andrijapanic's profile image andrijapanic (1) 2 years ago
Problem with "foreign key columns" 3 Feature discussion H4NNE5's profile image H4NNE5 (17) 2 years ago
Grouping of the connections 5 Feature discussion timoFrenzel's profile image timoFrenzel (2) 2 years ago
Detect Changes to Open Files - On Focus 1 Feature discussion aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (53) 2 years ago
Feature Request: Add expansion of tables in the tree view. 1 Feature discussion blackrg's profile image blackrg (1) 2 years ago
Visual Relationship Builder 0 Feature discussion iazdot17's profile image iazdot17 (1) 2 years ago
Protecting tables from accidental deletion/truncate 6 Feature discussion CelebDAQ's profile image CelebDAQ (4) 2 years ago
Revision 4514 "Donate" button(s) 52 Feature discussion Dr. Dave's profile image Dr. Dave (107) 2 years ago
trim input in connection manager 0 Feature discussion nobswolf's profile image nobswolf (13) 2 years ago
I want to quickly copy and paste records. 1 Feature discussion mutter21's profile image mutter21 (1) 2 years ago
Ads were blocked - no problem. But keep in mind that developing HeidiSQL, user support and hosting takes time and money. You may want to send a donation instead.