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Topic Replies Category Author Date
Multi selection on connections list & Simultaneous connections opening 2 Feature discussion ic0de's profile image ic0de (2) 18 hours ago
Retain Screen Height Ratio between Editor Pane and Results Pane 0 Feature discussion aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (27) 24 hours ago
Revision 4514 "Donate" button(s) 49 Feature discussion Dr. Dave's profile image Dr. Dave (107) 3 days ago
Comment lines in filter conditions 1 Feature discussion alex_monthy's profile image alex_monthy (2) 2 weeks ago
Close a query result tab? 0 Feature discussion webdbase's profile image webdbase (28) 4 weeks ago
RFC: Add support Passwordless SSH & PKs with passwords 8 Feature discussion borislavsabev's profile image borislavsabev (6) 4 weeks ago
Feature request - save individual favourites setting with each session 1 Feature discussion Mary Bonney's profile image Mary Bonney (11) 1 month ago
Conversion lowercase fields name 1 Feature discussion gabo's profile image gabo (1) 2 months ago
[Feature Requests] Night Mode 5 Feature discussion ipinz's profile image ipinz (2) 2 months ago
Disable Reload file 3 Feature discussion deklin's profile image deklin (2) 2 months ago
Names of Tab from SQL Queries 29 Feature discussion DB Phantom's profile image DB Phantom (5) 3 months ago
PostgreSQL - scram-sha-256 2 Feature discussion rufus's profile image rufus (2) 3 months ago
Suggestion#4 - After open table, when filter string to find, put color the value match 1 Feature discussion cmmoreira's profile image cmmoreira (18) 3 months ago
Postgres over SSH 2 Feature discussion myak's profile image myak (1) 3 months ago
CMD -> Copy from one Server to another Server [Mirror, Load Balancing] 2 Feature discussion Horus Sirius's profile image Horus Sirius (6) 3 months ago
Filter option when exporting database 2 Feature discussion eypP4ISQ's profile image eypP4ISQ (3) 3 months ago
Search in Texteditor 0 Feature discussion hantim's profile image hantim (2) 3 months ago
Enhance drop down lists of foreign keys by multiple keyboard shortcuts 3 Feature discussion alex_monthy's profile image alex_monthy (2) 3 months ago
Only load whats filtered 4 Feature discussion Farbenzwerg's profile image Farbenzwerg (3) 3 months ago
Scratch pad 1 Feature discussion danoldenkamp's profile image danoldenkamp (3) 4 months ago
New Single record pop-up view 3 Feature discussion maniek's profile image maniek (3) 4 months ago
AutoComplete HeidiSQL Without Ctrl+Space and Dot 8 Feature discussion wasimxe's profile image wasimxe (14) 4 months ago
Code block Collapse 0 Feature discussion tmsiska's profile image tmsiska (1) 4 months ago
List Foreign keys that points *toward* a table 9 Feature discussion Xenos's profile image Xenos (17) 4 months ago
Get à value display on the screen 0 Feature discussion Marcodoudou's profile image Marcodoudou (7) 4 months ago
Multiple Databases filter in the same window to match data 4 Feature discussion cmmoreira's profile image cmmoreira (18) 4 months ago
Save Column Layout/Position 3 Feature discussion landreww's profile image landreww (3) 4 months ago
Dropdown menu 2 Feature discussion Marcodoudou's profile image Marcodoudou (7) 4 months ago
View/Edit current row as a table grid 1 Feature discussion ninof's profile image ninof (1) 5 months ago
Collapsible options pane for stored routines editor - is it possible? 0 Feature discussion kondybas's profile image kondybas (10) 5 months ago
[Feature Request] Favorite databases 2 Feature discussion eyedmax's profile image eyedmax (10) 5 months ago
Dark theme 28 Feature discussion eyedmax's profile image eyedmax (10) 5 months ago
Group tables like phpMyAdmin 9 Feature discussion pgribanov's profile image pgribanov (7) 5 months ago
Auto save all opened sql tabs to temporary files and load it on startup! 2 Feature discussion arkov's profile image arkov (2) 5 months ago
ability to rearrange query tabs 0 Feature discussion fBastiat's profile image fBastiat (1) 5 months ago
Display the content of binary fields (if possible) 3 Feature discussion mw_jko's profile image mw_jko (2) 5 months ago
remove default query tab, just left new query tab button 0 Feature discussion qsefthukol's profile image qsefthukol (3) 5 months ago
Extending/creating, linking new datafiles 0 Feature discussion devilboy477's profile image devilboy477 (1) 5 months ago
table name autocomplete and sear help box 0 Feature discussion bkkkd's profile image bkkkd (2) 6 months ago
Text Editor for Table Row Comments 3 Feature discussion Matschek's profile image Matschek (2) 6 months ago
Turn grey size bar green again 2 Feature discussion dpg's profile image dpg (2) 6 months ago
Home/End Key Behavior 1 Feature discussion djdjohnson's profile image djdjohnson (68) 6 months ago
New Regular Expression filter feedback 2 Feature discussion Arffeh's profile image Arffeh (30) 6 months ago
Horizontal scroll bug 4 Feature discussion pgros's profile image pgros (1) 6 months ago
Quick filter keyboard shortcuts 0 Feature discussion nickie.twisp's profile image nickie.twisp (5) 6 months ago
Right-click a cell value and run a predefined parameterized query 7 Feature discussion yan's profile image yan (18) 6 months ago
HTTP tunnel 7 Feature discussion daniele_dll's profile image daniele_dll (2) 6 months ago
Naming query results 0 Feature discussion muzza4's profile image muzza4 (57) 7 months ago
HeidiSql need Dark Theme 5 Feature discussion admin's profile image admin (4) 7 months ago
Enumerate all CHECK Constraints from MariaDB 0 Feature discussion Snify's profile image Snify (1) 7 months ago
DPI Awareness of Windows Store App 3 Feature discussion adelaiglesia's profile image adelaiglesia (1) 7 months ago
Fields sortable in table tab 5 Feature discussion orion91's profile image orion91 (3) 7 months ago
Add column name to "text editor" window 1 Feature discussion scottcopus's profile image scottcopus (7) 7 months ago
Insert UTC Date/Time 1 Feature discussion djdjohnson's profile image djdjohnson (68) 8 months ago
Print Result-List 1 Feature discussion BeSt's profile image BeSt (1) 8 months ago
[Feature request] Keep opened query tabs across user sessions until user close it manually 28 Feature discussion kravets's profile image kravets (4) 8 months ago
Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) 3 Feature discussion kiltannen's profile image kiltannen (3) 8 months ago
Make DB server list in session manager searchable 0 Feature discussion vlad88sv's profile image vlad88sv (2) 8 months ago
Alphabetize encoding list 2 Feature discussion wer's profile image wer (15) 9 months ago
Support for MS SQL and PostgreSQL SSH tunneling 1 Feature discussion kenorb's profile image kenorb (3) 9 months ago
CTRL+Y Redo 16 Feature discussion mrforsythexeter's profile image mrforsythexeter (30) 9 months ago
Table filter by column name 8 Feature discussion paolo.sanchi's profile image paolo.sanchi (8) 9 months ago
HeidiSQL on mac (again) 0 Feature discussion eos's profile image eos (42) 10 months ago
[Idea] Open many connection in same time 2 Feature discussion x-zolezzi's profile image x-zolezzi (2) 10 months ago
Open the structured data of a JSON 0 Feature discussion jprinzler's profile image jprinzler (6) 10 months ago
Make Heidi more code-firendly 7 Feature discussion nvivo's profile image nvivo (5) 10 months ago
Snippets enhancement proposal 1 Feature discussion LutzT's profile image LutzT (44) 11 months ago
Feature Request - Show decoded WKB points 0 Feature discussion shane91c's profile image shane91c (7) 12 months ago
[Feature Request] JSON viewer? 8 Feature discussion jaCUBE's profile image jaCUBE (4) 1 year ago
JSON viewer 4 Feature discussion aneron13's profile image aneron13 (2) 1 year ago
Make easier the edition of data 0 Feature discussion rifton007's profile image rifton007 (1) 1 year ago
Feature proposal: create a procedure/ function copy 2 Feature discussion LutzT's profile image LutzT (44) 1 year ago
Amazon RDS mysql databases 2 Feature discussion elcio.paludo's profile image elcio.paludo (19) 1 year ago
editor feature proposal: highlighting identical words/ phrases 0 Feature discussion LutzT's profile image LutzT (44) 1 year ago
HTTP Tunnel 6 Feature discussion infabo's profile image infabo (6) 1 year ago
Tablename case issue 0 Feature discussion swt's profile image swt (1) 1 year ago
Query Log 7 Feature discussion djdjohnson's profile image djdjohnson (68) 1 year ago
Multiple row edit / column select 1 Feature discussion JrgbNL's profile image JrgbNL (1) 1 year ago
User roles in MariaDB 10 Feature discussion nqrith's profile image nqrith (7) 1 year ago
Line Duplication in editor and a few other requests 1 Feature discussion scottlapointe's profile image scottlapointe (18) 1 year ago
Expand drop down 7 Feature discussion BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (553) 1 year ago
Show triggers for a table 4 Feature discussion Xenos's profile image Xenos (17) 1 year ago
Save Query? prompt 11 Feature discussion djdjohnson's profile image djdjohnson (68) 1 year ago
MS SQL Memory Optimized Tables 1 Feature discussion balexandre's profile image balexandre (5) 1 year ago
Row count in MS SQL 1 Feature discussion samspritzer's profile image samspritzer (3) 1 year ago
elapsed time executing query 4 Feature discussion bzoks's profile image bzoks (9) 1 year ago
Team Collaboration 0 Feature discussion refjamie's profile image refjamie (1) 1 year ago
sdfsd 0 Feature discussion lpzetn's profile image lpzetn (1) 1 year ago
keep encoding in export 4 Feature discussion nobswolf's profile image nobswolf (12) 1 year ago
Rename Query Tabs 0 Feature discussion Arffeh's profile image Arffeh (30) 1 year ago
Export dialog: SQL UPDATE 11 Feature discussion david.proweb's profile image david.proweb (18) 1 year ago
Looks like a bug - Manage User 0 Feature discussion abhay.mishra's profile image abhay.mishra (1) 1 year ago
Restore tabs on crash 6 Feature discussion Xenos's profile image Xenos (17) 1 year ago
Code completion ? 1 Feature discussion berocoder's profile image berocoder (3) 1 year ago
Is there a possibility of having in the future a characteristic of several data of each table in tabs? 0 Feature discussion's profile image (1) 1 year ago
Tab draggable 1 Feature discussion chan15's profile image chan15 (1) 1 year ago
autocommit should be disabled always by default 4 Feature discussion eos's profile image eos (42) 2 years ago
Column default value of uuid_short() for bigint 20 says "Incorrect integer value" 2 Feature discussion pawan163's profile image pawan163 (2) 2 years ago
Ability to set title to tabs 0 Feature discussion alexhitchins's profile image alexhitchins (7) 2 years ago
Execute "use mysql" before doing changes with the user manager 2 Feature discussion tam's profile image tam (8) 2 years ago