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Topic Replies Category Author Date
Automatic switching between Dark and Light Mode 0 Feature discussion CommanderTom66's profile image CommanderTom66 (2) 2 days ago
data-grid column sorting arrows bug & styling 0 Feature discussion leeoniya's profile image leeoniya (18) 1 week ago
Feature request: Play a sound when a query has finished executing 2 Feature discussion mickeymoose's profile image mickeymoose (1) 4 weeks ago
Quick "select * from table" options 1 Feature discussion sebastienkb's profile image sebastienkb (3) 4 weeks ago
Sqlite with Cipher support 1 Feature discussion magicmars's profile image magicmars (1) 1 month ago
AutoComplete HeidiSQL Without Ctrl+Space and Dot 14 Feature discussion wasimxe's profile image wasimxe (14) 1 month ago
Commit prompt when moving from an edited row in GRID editing 2 Feature discussion RiaanGeyer's profile image RiaanGeyer (2) 1 month ago
Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061) 0 Feature discussion erick743436's profile image erick743436 (3) 1 month ago
Database version control 5 Feature discussion Javi88's profile image Javi88 (5) 1 month ago
Snippet subfolders 2 Feature discussion jakebathman's profile image jakebathman (2) 2 months ago
SQL Formating Option 3 Feature discussion JeffreyChen's profile image JeffreyChen (2) 2 months ago
Renaming of query tab 9 Feature discussion biju_ps's profile image biju_ps (4) 2 months ago
Filter features for Export Database as sql... 1 Feature discussion jpurpleman's profile image jpurpleman (8) 2 months ago
Visual Query Builder 9 Feature discussion cheth's profile image cheth (9) 2 months ago
Names of Tab from SQL Queries 37 Feature discussion DB Phantom's profile image DB Phantom (5) 2 months ago
show me user name , not user_id 0 Feature discussion ayhanbaris's profile image ayhanbaris (1) 2 months ago
Default collation 8 Feature discussion skuja's profile image skuja (12) 2 months ago
Rename Query Tabs 1 Feature discussion Arffeh's profile image Arffeh (39) 2 months ago
Restore tree status on refresh 5 Feature discussion bouvrie's profile image bouvrie (4) 3 months ago
Feature Request: Enable refresh of table view 1 Feature discussion chris4beta's profile image chris4beta (7) 3 months ago
Detection of fields in subqueries 0 Feature discussion RiddlerX2's profile image RiddlerX2 (1) 3 months ago
Query history window 2 Feature discussion texi33's profile image texi33 (2) 3 months ago
MRU tab option 3 Feature discussion kovacsbv's profile image kovacsbv (6) 3 months ago
Query Tab Labels/Names 7 Feature discussion aphel's profile image aphel (9) 3 months ago
Search dialog SHOULD NOT closed after click Find button 3 Feature discussion combo's profile image combo (1) 3 months ago
Data entry with foreign keys 2 Feature discussion lz7cjc's profile image lz7cjc (2) 3 months ago
Session manager 7 Feature discussion alfiqmiq's profile image alfiqmiq (38) 4 months ago
MSSQL via SSH tunnel 2 Feature discussion cehser's profile image cehser (2) 4 months ago
Connection settings in a database 5 Feature discussion Skelgaard's profile image Skelgaard (6) 4 months ago
new feature: single record view (vertically) of a record from result set 0 Feature discussion rogersd's profile image rogersd (1) 4 months ago
Why does a new user allow ALTER by default? 3 Feature discussion Jason210's profile image Jason210 (6) 5 months ago
Automatic session backups 2 Feature discussion jimtut's profile image jimtut (8) 5 months ago
History in table filter 6 Feature discussion mbedrac's profile image mbedrac (15) 5 months ago
cell copy & paste 2 Feature discussion jeff.wong's profile image jeff.wong (2) 5 months ago
PostgreSQL - scram-sha-256 15 Feature discussion rufus's profile image rufus (2) 6 months ago
Enable scalling of the database/table area 0 Feature discussion andrijapanic's profile image andrijapanic (1) 6 months ago
Problem with "foreign key columns" 3 Feature discussion H4NNE5's profile image H4NNE5 (17) 7 months ago
Grouping of the connections 5 Feature discussion timoFrenzel's profile image timoFrenzel (2) 7 months ago
Detect Changes to Open Files - On Focus 1 Feature discussion aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (51) 7 months ago
Dark theme 34 Feature discussion eyedmax's profile image eyedmax (10) 7 months ago
Feature Request: Add expansion of tables in the tree view. 1 Feature discussion blackrg's profile image blackrg (1) 7 months ago
Visual Relationship Builder 0 Feature discussion iazdot17's profile image iazdot17 (1) 8 months ago
Protecting tables from accidental deletion/truncate 6 Feature discussion CelebDAQ's profile image CelebDAQ (4) 8 months ago
Revision 4514 "Donate" button(s) 52 Feature discussion Dr. Dave's profile image Dr. Dave (107) 8 months ago
trim input in connection manager 0 Feature discussion nobswolf's profile image nobswolf (13) 8 months ago
I want to quickly copy and paste records. 1 Feature discussion mutter21's profile image mutter21 (1) 9 months ago
Excel Friendly Copy/Paste 10 Feature discussion djdjohnson's profile image djdjohnson (68) 10 months ago
[Feature Request] JSON viewer? 9 Feature discussion jaCUBE's profile image jaCUBE (4) 10 months ago
JSON viewer 5 Feature discussion aneron13's profile image aneron13 (2) 11 months ago
Restore tabs on crash 10 Feature discussion Xenos's profile image Xenos (17) 11 months ago
Custom colours are gone 16 Feature discussion kalvaro's profile image kalvaro (955) 11 months ago
Once again, oracle support 1 Feature discussion squeezer's profile image squeezer (1) 12 months ago
Donation - E-Mail not working 9 Feature discussion bberger's profile image bberger (3) 12 months ago
New Feature: Maintain Panel Size Ratio when moving window 3 Feature discussion aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (51) 12 months ago
Auto uppercase functions cannot work 5 Feature discussion Danpier's profile image Danpier (3) 12 months ago
Retain Screen Height Ratio between Editor Pane and Results Pane 4 Feature discussion aSystemOverload's profile image aSystemOverload (51) 12 months ago
Multi selection on connections list & Simultaneous connections opening 2 Feature discussion ic0de's profile image ic0de (2) 1 year ago
Comment lines in filter conditions 1 Feature discussion alex_monthy's profile image alex_monthy (2) 1 year ago
Close a query result tab? 0 Feature discussion webdbase's profile image webdbase (30) 1 year ago
RFC: Add support Passwordless SSH & PKs with passwords 8 Feature discussion borislavsabev's profile image borislavsabev (6) 1 year ago
Feature request - save individual favourites setting with each session 1 Feature discussion Mary Bonney's profile image Mary Bonney (11) 1 year ago
Conversion lowercase fields name 1 Feature discussion gabo's profile image gabo (1) 1 year ago
[Feature Requests] Night Mode 5 Feature discussion ipinz's profile image ipinz (2) 1 year ago
Disable Reload file 3 Feature discussion deklin's profile image deklin (2) 1 year ago
Suggestion#4 - After open table, when filter string to find, put color the value match 1 Feature discussion cmmoreira's profile image cmmoreira (18) 1 year ago
Postgres over SSH 2 Feature discussion myak's profile image myak (1) 1 year ago
CMD -> Copy from one Server to another Server [Mirror, Load Balancing] 2 Feature discussion Horus Sirius's profile image Horus Sirius (9) 1 year ago
Filter option when exporting database 2 Feature discussion eypP4ISQ's profile image eypP4ISQ (3) 1 year ago
Search in Texteditor 0 Feature discussion hantim's profile image hantim (3) 1 year ago
Enhance drop down lists of foreign keys by multiple keyboard shortcuts 3 Feature discussion alex_monthy's profile image alex_monthy (2) 1 year ago
Only load whats filtered 4 Feature discussion Farbenzwerg's profile image Farbenzwerg (3) 1 year ago
Scratch pad 1 Feature discussion danoldenkamp's profile image danoldenkamp (3) 1 year ago
New Single record pop-up view 3 Feature discussion maniek's profile image maniek (3) 1 year ago
Code block Collapse 0 Feature discussion tmsiska's profile image tmsiska (1) 1 year ago
List Foreign keys that points *toward* a table 9 Feature discussion Xenos's profile image Xenos (17) 1 year ago
Get à value display on the screen 0 Feature discussion Marcodoudou's profile image Marcodoudou (7) 1 year ago
Multiple Databases filter in the same window to match data 4 Feature discussion cmmoreira's profile image cmmoreira (18) 1 year ago
Save Column Layout/Position 3 Feature discussion landreww's profile image landreww (3) 1 year ago
Dropdown menu 2 Feature discussion Marcodoudou's profile image Marcodoudou (7) 1 year ago
View/Edit current row as a table grid 1 Feature discussion ninof's profile image ninof (1) 1 year ago
Collapsible options pane for stored routines editor - is it possible? 0 Feature discussion kondybas's profile image kondybas (10) 1 year ago
[Feature Request] Favorite databases 2 Feature discussion eyedmax's profile image eyedmax (10) 1 year ago
Group tables like phpMyAdmin 9 Feature discussion pgribanov's profile image pgribanov (7) 1 year ago
Auto save all opened sql tabs to temporary files and load it on startup! 2 Feature discussion arkov's profile image arkov (2) 1 year ago
ability to rearrange query tabs 0 Feature discussion fBastiat's profile image fBastiat (1) 1 year ago
Display the content of binary fields (if possible) 3 Feature discussion mw_jko's profile image mw_jko (2) 1 year ago
remove default query tab, just left new query tab button 0 Feature discussion qsefthukol's profile image qsefthukol (3) 1 year ago
Extending/creating, linking new datafiles 0 Feature discussion devilboy477's profile image devilboy477 (1) 1 year ago
table name autocomplete and sear help box 0 Feature discussion bkkkd's profile image bkkkd (2) 1 year ago
Text Editor for Table Row Comments 3 Feature discussion Matschek's profile image Matschek (2) 1 year ago
Turn grey size bar green again 2 Feature discussion dpg's profile image dpg (2) 2 years ago
Home/End Key Behavior 1 Feature discussion djdjohnson's profile image djdjohnson (68) 2 years ago
New Regular Expression filter feedback 2 Feature discussion Arffeh's profile image Arffeh (39) 2 years ago
Horizontal scroll bug 4 Feature discussion pgros's profile image pgros (1) 2 years ago
Quick filter keyboard shortcuts 0 Feature discussion nickie.twisp's profile image nickie.twisp (5) 2 years ago
Right-click a cell value and run a predefined parameterized query 7 Feature discussion yan's profile image yan (18) 2 years ago
HTTP tunnel 7 Feature discussion daniele_dll's profile image daniele_dll (2) 2 years ago
Naming query results 0 Feature discussion muzza4's profile image muzza4 (57) 2 years ago
HeidiSql need Dark Theme 5 Feature discussion admin's profile image admin (4) 2 years ago
Enumerate all CHECK Constraints from MariaDB 0 Feature discussion Snify's profile image Snify (1) 2 years ago
Ads were blocked - no problem. But keep in mind that developing HeidiSQL, user support and hosting takes time and money. You may want to send a donation instead.