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SET DEFAULT for MySQL 1 Feature discussion savvin's profile image savvin (1) 1 week ago
show tree on connection list 0 Feature discussion yucikala's profile image yucikala (16) 2 weeks ago
Naming the result tabs 1 Feature discussion bpeikes's profile image bpeikes (2) 3 weeks ago
Confirm Close Tab 2 Feature discussion reformed's profile image reformed (2) 2 months ago
Request: make first two tabs (Host/Database) hide-able 5 Feature discussion user4958's profile image user4958 (1) 2 months ago
Copy Data tab to a Query Tab 0 Feature discussion maxd1010's profile image maxd1010 (2) 2 months ago
Show binary data as UUID 0 Feature discussion pulzarraider's profile image pulzarraider (1) 5 months ago
Master password 3 Feature discussion rbuelund's profile image rbuelund (1) 5 months ago
Is it ok to save URL names in the database? 0 Feature discussion mindy6's profile image mindy6 (1) 5 months ago
MySQL View Table Counts 2 Feature discussion Escondido's profile image Escondido (6) 7 months ago
Possibility hide/show tables on the main tree 4 Feature discussion [expired user #9905]'s profile image [expired user #9905] (2) 7 months ago
Ability to interrupt filter execution 0 Feature discussion hantim's profile image hantim (4) 8 months ago
heidisql -p Safety Problem 4 Feature discussion chieflu's profile image chieflu (2) 8 months ago
ability to rearrange query tabs 1 Feature discussion fBastiat's profile image fBastiat (1) 9 months ago
Postgre - SET DEFAULT ON DELETE 3 Feature discussion jjdev's profile image jjdev (2) 9 months ago
Filter for display columns 8 Feature discussion tihoho's profile image tihoho (7) 9 months ago
Function Debug 2 Feature discussion JonasTFreitas's profile image JonasTFreitas (2) 9 months ago
LET SELECT DECIMAL POINT FOR NUMBERS WHILE EXPORT 2 Feature discussion Ziggi's profile image Ziggi (13) 11 months ago
Erweiterung Datenbanklink 2 Feature discussion reitbrud's profile image reitbrud (4) 11 months ago
Names of Tab from SQL Queries 49 Feature discussion [expired user #6329]'s profile image [expired user #6329] (5) 11 months ago
Logging - Show current query and history in separate tab 3 Feature discussion ghoppermaster's profile image ghoppermaster (11) 12 months ago
Autosuggest - Query context / 0 Feature discussion ghoppermaster's profile image ghoppermaster (11) 12 months ago
Logging - Is it possible to make error text red? 4 Feature discussion ghoppermaster's profile image ghoppermaster (11) 12 months ago
File Import Setting 4 Feature discussion sam_benne's profile image sam_benne (2) 12 months ago
SQL Auto-Completion Enhancement for tables and columns 2 Feature discussion loalexzzzz's profile image loalexzzzz (2) 1 year ago
Add color icon/flag on interface to help distinct connection after beeing connected 1 Feature discussion webwoodme's profile image webwoodme (2) 1 year ago
Auto restore of filters and sorts 2 Feature discussion Olaf789's profile image Olaf789 (21) 1 year ago
Comment Hotkey 3 Feature discussion kaalamannacool's profile image kaalamannacool (4) 1 year ago
Is there a keyboard shortcut for "Apply filter" while editing the a Filter? 3 Feature discussion svish's profile image svish (4) 1 year ago
Formatting 3 Feature discussion theking's profile image theking (2) 1 year ago
Request: A cancel button when running an SQL Export from the mass table editor 3 Feature discussion [expired user #5084]'s profile image [expired user #5084] (7) 1 year ago
Combining results query in Heidi 3 Feature discussion closedminded's profile image closedminded (2) 1 year ago
Request: Drag and drop highlighted text in editor 2 Feature discussion apocs's profile image apocs (8) 1 year ago
Close a query result tab? 3 Feature discussion webdbase's profile image webdbase (31) 1 year ago
Export result of multiple queries 3 Feature discussion Eduard_F's profile image Eduard_F (9) 1 year ago
Display of foreign keys different when viewing or editing 3 Feature discussion mongoose34's profile image mongoose34 (2) 1 year ago
That about tags in object navigation 3 Feature discussion dmneedall68's profile image dmneedall68 (3) 2 years ago
New Single record pop-up view 5 Feature discussion maniek's profile image maniek (3) 2 years ago
Dark theme 36 Feature discussion eyedmax's profile image eyedmax (11) 2 years ago
need help on new feature "follow foreign key" 1 Feature discussion dungsaga's profile image dungsaga (2) 2 years ago
Support sqlite COLLATE 0 Feature discussion ahdung's profile image ahdung (2) 2 years ago
Feature request: Refresh schema when alter query runs 0 Feature discussion jrhatlelid's profile image jrhatlelid (1) 2 years ago
how to enable perfomance schema variable on? 0 Feature discussion r_b_chauhan's profile image r_b_chauhan (7) 2 years ago
Feature request: Pin column when scrolling sideways in data view 0 Feature discussion geezuzz's profile image geezuzz (1) 2 years ago
Suggestion: a renderer for php-serialized data like the one for JSON 3 Feature discussion olliejones's profile image olliejones (5) 2 years ago
Restore tabs on crash 12 Feature discussion Xenos's profile image Xenos (17) 2 years ago
Disable foreign key check when exeute a query 2 Feature discussion snake_eyes's profile image snake_eyes (10) 2 years ago
table row(s) - copy as "table" 3 Feature discussion chivi's profile image chivi (3) 2 years ago
plink - add user configurable options into session manager 0 Feature discussion chivi's profile image chivi (3) 2 years ago
New feature request : Ctrl+c/v for table/proc/func objects on the tree view/pane 2 Feature discussion Mitchell Lee's profile image Mitchell Lee (68) 2 years ago
MindDB Integration 0 Feature discussion aiser's profile image aiser (1) 2 years ago
Freepascal rewrite 0 Feature discussion Ramedes's profile image Ramedes (6) 2 years ago
Feature Request - Show decoded WKB points 1 Feature discussion [expired user #10365]'s profile image [expired user #10365] (7) 2 years ago
Session Manager Search 4 Feature discussion milmike's profile image milmike (2) 2 years ago
Session manager 11 Feature discussion alfiqmiq's profile image alfiqmiq (38) 2 years ago
Refresh favorite list on tree view refresh 0 Feature discussion ptejeda's profile image ptejeda (1) 2 years ago
ERROR: Reading update URL 2 Feature discussion YOLED's profile image YOLED (5) 2 years ago
Display the comment of a column in the data tab 9 Feature discussion [expired user #6512]'s profile image [expired user #6512] (18) 2 years ago
Better autocomplete 2 Feature discussion podwieczorek's profile image podwieczorek (4) 2 years ago
Navigation through foreign keys 0 Feature discussion ifgitman's profile image ifgitman (6) 2 years ago
JSON viewer 6 Feature discussion [expired user #11524]'s profile image [expired user #11524] (2) 2 years ago
Host Names - Aliases 0 Feature discussion ldhartman's profile image ldhartman (4) 2 years ago
Feature Request: generateing dynamic filters by clicking on multiple column values 2 Feature discussion niewolf's profile image niewolf (2) 2 years ago
update field which results from joined query 13 Feature discussion BubikolRamios's profile image BubikolRamios (629) 2 years ago
Feature-ajustment: Quotes on autocompletion 0 Feature discussion cbk882's profile image cbk882 (6) 2 years ago
Feature-Request: compare two Stored-Routines 0 Feature discussion UweAtWork's profile image UweAtWork (8) 2 years ago
improve column filter system. 0 Feature discussion no0101's profile image no0101 (1) 2 years ago
Theme Amakrits: pressed buttons are not visible in the toolbar 3 Feature discussion Antony's profile image Antony (4) 2 years ago
Refreshing Table view is hard 5 Feature discussion lemon_juice's profile image lemon_juice (146) 2 years ago
QOL Feature suggestion - Floating 'Query' window 0 Feature discussion Conz's profile image Conz (3) 2 years ago
Snippet subfolders 3 Feature discussion [expired user #9144]'s profile image [expired user #9144] (2) 2 years ago
Storing tab contents 4 Feature discussion apocs's profile image apocs (8) 2 years ago
Check constraints not showing for SQLite databases 6 Feature discussion jonathanpoulin's profile image jonathanpoulin (9) 2 years ago
Popup editor has truncated string 3 Feature discussion's profile image (2) 3 years ago
yubikey login 0 Feature discussion sureshkuna's profile image sureshkuna (1) 3 years ago
Feature request - interactive query builder 0 Feature discussion sasho's profile image sasho (4) 3 years ago
Microsoft SQL Server (SSH tunnel) 1 Feature discussion mindc's profile image mindc (1) 3 years ago
Dropping a TAble 2 Feature discussion BigBaz's profile image BigBaz (24) 3 years ago
Ability to disable prompting to save queries 2 Feature discussion marmolada's profile image marmolada (2) 3 years ago
Add "Empty Tables" with disabled foreign key checks 2 Feature discussion Acs's profile image Acs (38) 3 years ago
Sort by IP Address 5 Feature discussion coderoad's profile image coderoad (4) 3 years ago
MariaDB connect engine 2 Feature discussion RiddlerX2's profile image RiddlerX2 (3) 3 years ago
Recognize settings for - Database Tools > Database SQL export - in connection settings 2 Feature discussion StephanBiegel's profile image StephanBiegel (2) 3 years ago
[Feature Request] JSON viewer? 12 Feature discussion jaCUBE's profile image jaCUBE (4) 3 years ago
showing processlist memory, max memory in MB not in Byte 0 Feature discussion Horus Sirius's profile image Horus Sirius (11) 3 years ago
Copy Routines 2 Feature discussion atniin's profile image atniin (3) 3 years ago
SHow the Server IP next to its Name in the window title 0 Feature discussion WebCF's profile image WebCF (11) 3 years ago
Progress of a long query execution 1 Feature discussion jflietstra's profile image jflietstra (9) 3 years ago
Support for System-Versioning Tables 7 Feature discussion HonzaCZ's profile image HonzaCZ (3) 3 years ago
Table compare 15 Feature discussion Rvanlaak's profile image Rvanlaak (26) 3 years ago
Feature Request - Popup Menu for Tabs 2 Feature discussion mam's profile image mam (4) 3 years ago
Non unique key in MsSQL not visible 0 Feature discussion roxwal's profile image roxwal (12) 3 years ago
Request for feature: "UNALTER code" 0 Feature discussion Jelmer's profile image Jelmer (4) 3 years ago
Auto Backup time 6 Feature discussion JennaDeh's profile image JennaDeh (3) 3 years ago
Autocomplete Datatypes 0 Feature discussion atniin's profile image atniin (3) 3 years ago
Renaming of query tab 14 Feature discussion [expired user #6606]'s profile image [expired user #6606] (4) 3 years ago
Rename query tab 2 Feature discussion dmikester1's profile image dmikester1 (18) 3 years ago
Rename Query Tabs 2 Feature discussion Arffeh's profile image Arffeh (39) 3 years ago
Changes of Tablenames at Database copy 7 Feature discussion hhoefling's profile image hhoefling (8) 3 years ago
Using F10 key 0 Feature discussion Mary Bonney's profile image Mary Bonney (14) 3 years ago