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reformed's profile image reformed posted 8 months ago in Feature discussion Permalink

It is so easy to accidentally close query tabs, whether you are simply trying to switch to a different tab and accidentally click on that tiny "x," or accidentally double-click on the tab itself.

Please add a confirmation dialog that asks the user if they are sure they want to close the tab.

Thank you

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 8 months ago Permalink

There is already one, but you might have turned it off:


You can reactivate that prompt in Tools > Preferences > Files and tabs:


reformed's profile image reformed posted 8 months ago Permalink

Yes this setting activates the prompt. However, if you have multiple unsaved tabs open, and try to close the client, it will open this prompt for every tab. This is why I disabled this setting. I normally work with 10 or so unsaved tabs, and it is cumbersome to have to close the prompt 10 times after each work day.

Can you update this prompt so that it only opens when a tab is double-clicked or the X is clicked, not when the client itself is closed? Because the prompt even says, when you close the client, that the tabs are auto-saved, so there's really no reason to have the prompt then.


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