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podwieczorek's profile image podwieczorek posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink


would it be possible to implement more friendly autocomplete feature. I'm talking about autocomplete which appears when:

  • I enter database_name. and list of tables appear
  • I enter table_name. and list of columns appear

Right now I have to type name of table / column from the beginning of the name. I can't search inside the name. Better autocomplete would search inside the table / column name as well. It would improve and speed up query writing process.

So when we have following tables:

  • user
  • user_email
  • user_photo

Right now typing photo returns no result. It should return user_photo table.


ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 3 years ago Permalink

You can activate the option "Find matches in middle of entered text":


That way HeidiSQL does not limit the suggestions to those which match at the beginning:


podwieczorek's profile image podwieczorek posted 3 years ago Permalink

Thank you for a response. I didn't know this feature is available (I think it should be turned on by default). I must missed it or it was added in last of couple versions. Thank you so much.

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