Lost connection to server at 'handshake: reading initial communication packet', system error: 0

D1CR4FT's profile image D1CR4FT posted 5 months ago in Running SQL scripts Permalink

Yea so I use HeidiSQL to open my FIVEM server and it was working just fine until lately i can't open it and it keeps getting the same error... do i need to be in the same ip always because im these last days on a different home and that's when it started giving me that error... I use it along with XAMPP to use mySQL. I never changed anything, just created the session and changed its port to 3308 right away and it was working so i dont think its the port but since i dont understand almost anything about heidiSQL, i really don't knw whats happening, so could someone help me? Left examples of the error in the images.

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isaacprater4's profile image isaacprater4 posted 3 months ago Permalink

I’m having same issue, have you ever figured it out?

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