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Hi again,

Thanks re: the red line for the SQL errors, it's very handy.

In regards to logging, would it be possible to have just the last executed / current query shown and the previous queries in a separate tab? Or a checkbox "Show Last Run Query Only"?

Also, if it's possible to show the results of the query in a clearer manner in a status bar at the top of the logging window?



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Well that console idea is nice, I would definitely use it myself. But that panel is currently just a text editor with syntax highlighting, without such features you describe there.

But you can limit the number of kept log lines to let's say 5, so the panel is not constantly full of text:


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Yeah... I guess it would need to be changed from a text editor control to a grid of some sort? Then each row would represent the output of one request. I guess each row could also have the overview of the query (error/rows affected etc) on the bottom of it.

Perhaps you could leave this logging window alone and create another one that is optional to show and dock? That other one being the grid style. I'm not sure what language / framework the program is built in, but perhaps there's a 'drop in' datagrid control or an MSHTML control where you can output as a <table>.

<table> <th><tr><td>Query Id</td><td>Query result</td><td>Duration</td><td>Affected Rows</td><td>Errors</td></tr></th> <tr><td>#1</td><td>select * from table1</td><td>0.000 sec.</td><td>1</td><td>0</td></tr> </table>

Of course, I'm not suggesting it is so simple, just theorising how I might approach it.



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Sorry the HTML didn't work in the last reply

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