need help on new feature "follow foreign key"

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I'm working on a new feature that allow the user to follow foreign key to the reference table and filter to show only rows linked from the current row (https:// /HeidiSQL/HeidiSQL/pull/1571). Since I'm not familiar with Delphi and Pascal, there is a problem I can't resolve now.

I'm trying to set the filter after switching to the reference table from the foreign key. But the filter text only appears in Recent filters. I guess there's something that load the filter text from filter history whenever I switch to another table.

Here's the code I wrote:

SynMemoFilter.SelText := ForeignColumnName + ' = "' + TextCopy + '"';
// SynMemoFilter.Text := ForeignColumnName + ' = "' + TextCopy + '"';
// actApplyFilterExecute(nil);

The commented code is the alternative code which also doesn't work.

@ansgar Can you give me some tips to handle this?

dungsaga's profile image dungsaga posted 2 years ago Permalink

I see the link Feature requests to issues with label:feature in GitHub. Should I ask for question in a GitHub issue instead of posting here?

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