Add color icon/flag on interface to help distinct connection after beeing connected

webwoodme's profile image webwoodme posted 2 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink

Hello, I'm managing a lot of database connections in Heidi. They are regrouped by environnement DEV/TST/QA/PROD.

In Beekeper (another soft but less advandced) you have this option to attribute a color to a specific connection that would appear at the bottom line of the window after beeing connected.

This is so great! I have so many windows open I'm sure to see directly if I'm not typing a command in a wrong environment, it saved me multiple times.

It would be great to see this appears in HeidiSql, even a little flag or circle with the color appearing somewhere could be great.

What do you think ?

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ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 years ago Permalink

HeidiSQL also has a session background, please have a look in the Advanced tab of the session manager:


The session row in the list on the left then uses this color.

Further places where that color gets used are marked in the following screenshot:


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