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While exporting data, Heidi uses system locale. This seems to be fine, but it's not! MS Excel, while importing CSV files, does not respect locale but sticks to en-US number format. For instance - while importing semicolon-delimited CSV files with a comma used as decimal point for decimal numbers (Polish locale), Excel imports these numbers as text. This is nasty as one must convert them to numbers in Excel, what is troublesome. If we could choose a point rather than comma as decimal point while exporting to CSV, then it would be much easier.

Rgs, Ziggi

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Yes, I also saw that in Excel. The Excel csv files generated by HeidiSQL are fine when you just open them in Excel, and the clipboard content is fine when you just paste it in Excel. But an import in Excel works differently, as you said, so this can't be solved in one format. Instead, you can use the "Delimited text" which uses the en/US decimal separator.

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Thank you!

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