Request: A cancel button when running an SQL Export from the mass table editor

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When I export a large database and it begins to error on some tables, there's no cancel button to stop the operation. I understand if you can't cancel a query, but it would be great if we could stop the batch from executing further.
Code modification/commit from ansgar.becker, 13 years ago, revision
Turn close button into cancel button for processing time, and break loop in TfrmTableTools.Execute when clicked. See
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Yes, reasonable, and doable since every status update calls Application.ProcessMessages which is required to catch any user click on buttons. Close button is now a cancel button in r3774. Just breaks the main loop if clicked.
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What happened to this feature request? I'm currently exporting a table using "Table tools" "insert ignore..." to another server. HeidiSQL is apparently doing this in lots of 4,096KB.

I realised that I had just renamed the target table so all (1.5GB) will be exported, as new table was created by the batch. Pressing "Cancel" won't help. New "Insert ignore..." rows keep on appearing on the command list screen...

I wonder why it is, that the "Table tools" could not just stop the batch, just let the ongoing lot of 4,096KB go, and then stop.

Is the batch operation done by sending a batch command of some sort to MySQL server and HeidiSQL has no way of touching the batch run, or what? Why HeidiSQL is not in charge of the batch run?

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The cancel button produces a log message saying:

Processing cancelled by user, waiting for current object to finish ...

So it's not possible to cancel the export of the currently processed object. The code would need some more careful adjustments to do that.

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