improve column filter system.

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HeidiSQL is great.

First of all, the current column filtering function is very inconvenient. It takes a lot of time even when you are trying to find only one column in particular.

During development, when you do not know the record data and only know the column name, you want to quickly access the column name through search.

Column filtering processing steps:

  1. Open the column filter window (Data tab - Right-click on the column name)
  2. Uncheck all in the column filter window
  3. Enter the column name keyword to find
  4. Check the corresponding column
  5. Click OK

Current column filtering requires a five-step process to find a column name and use the mouse unnecessarily.

If you reduce the above 5 steps procedure, heidiSQL will be a great program.

I searched for a good column filtering system among several distributed SQL management programs, but it did not exist.

I suggest a faster and more comfortable column filtering system.

(The column filtering system is used more often than you think. It is really important.)

  1. Find one column through a specific keyword (similar to Ctrl + F)
  • Apply a new search system to find a single column
  • Similar to the existing column system, one column can be found quickly.
  1. Filtering using shortcut keys
  • When unchecking or checking, you have to move your hand with the mouse, but you can supplement it by using shortcut keys.
  • Canceling column filter application also requires a shortcut key.

Most importantly, the user is not using a mouse. (Did you need a mouse to find the record data?)

The perfect system, in my opinion, is to make the column name visible through the search bar without using the mouse (by scrolling the data tab horizontally).

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for reading.

Column filtering system improvement is absolutely necessary. (because it's slow)

There was too much unnecessary content. Please improve the column filtering system.

Please consider.

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