Refreshing Table view is hard

lemon_juice's profile image lemon_juice posted 14 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink
I'm always struggling with this seemingly simple thing: refreshing the table view so that I can see the most current table structure (columns, keys, etc.). Very often I change a table structure and save the ALTER TABLE code in a version control system so that on my other computer I can reproduce the changes (and for other developers). But every time I run ALTER TABLE from the query tab it's a pain to make Heidi reflect the new table structure. The refresh button doesn't work - when I put focus on the table view then this button does nothing. When I focus on the tree view, it refreshes the tree view only. When I right click on the table name in the tree view and select refresh, also the tree view only gets refreshed. Most often I have to refresh the tree view, navigate away to a different table and come back my table to see the changes but it doesn't work consistently and I'm never really sure when Heidi updates the view.

Is there a way to refresh the table view in a sure and consistent way? Probably there should be another refresh button for refreshing the table structure, or perhaps a separate drop-down under the existing button. At least right click on a table name -> refresh should really refresh the table.
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Also, yesterday I ran into a problem with refreshing the data view as well. It must be very rare because it happened to me for the first time. I was using the refresh button when in the data grid. First I made some changes to data, then clicked away in some empty space - this usually causes Heidi to commit the changes (UPDATE). The small red triangles disappeared so I concluded the data was changed. I refreshed the view to make sure the new values were there. But my application seemed to fetch different (older) data from the db. I spent almost half an hour trying to find the bug in my application because the data were simply different. I refreshed Heidi like crazy many many times, switched to other tables, switched views, came back and still the data was differnt from what my application was fetching. Then I started phpmyadmin and it showed me the actual data consistent with what was really there. Heidi just wouldn't refresh - despite the SELECT statements that I saw issued in the log window. Only restarting Heidi allowed me to see the current data.

I'm sorry but I can't give you any sure steps to reproduce this bug because it is quite rare but certainly something is broken in some cases.
IvanFerrer's profile image IvanFerrer posted 4 years ago Permalink

Hi. 10 years later the problem persists.
A quick way to update all besides restarting Heidi, is to right-click on any item in the tree and then Disconnect. It'll show the connection manager with the last connection selected. Click OK and there you are.

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Hi, development team: I also found similar problem of refreshing most current data entries of a table. It seems that heidisql cannot show the latest data entries of a table even after clicking the "refresh" button.

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Can't refresh when table's structure is changed by another tool like phpmyadmin,I have to right-click on the database name.

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I have this problem as well. In order to see updated table info:

  • I click on the databse name (left tree pane),
  • press F5

  • and only then double click the table name in the right pane.

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