Is there a keyboard shortcut for "Apply filter" while editing the a Filter?

svish's profile image svish posted 2 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink

When viewing the Data-tab for a table, you can click on Filter and type out a custom filter to filter the data. You then have to click the "Apply filter" button, which is rather annoying... is there a shortcut key for this?

If there isn't, could this please be added? Could default to Ctrl+Enter (while typing in the field), which is commonly used in several other applications for send/save/etc.

Have attached an image of the button I mean.

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ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 2 years ago Permalink

Just use F9, the same shortcut as for running a query.

svish's profile image svish posted 2 years ago Permalink

Aah, cool, thanks, that worked! Didn't think of trying that, as my mind had connected it to running queries in the query tab. 🙃

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