Request: make first two tabs (Host/Database) hide-able

user4958's profile image user4958 posted 3 years ago in Feature discussion Permalink

The first two tabs show the Host, and the Database. Generally, I'm not switching those for a particular project, and largely they are a duplicate of the info in the explorer tree. I'm sure other people have extra use for them, but they also take up a lot of room on that tab row, so I'd like the ability to hide them or turn them off.

Two solutions come to mind:

  1. checkboxes in the settings

  2. checks in the Tools dropdown, like:

    ✔ Enable Host Tab

    ✔ Enable Database Tab

crdeardorff74's profile image crdeardorff74 posted 1 year ago Permalink

I second this! I have no use for those two tabs and they just take up space for the tabs that I do use.

pshep123's profile image pshep123 posted 1 year ago Permalink

Agreed, taking up way too much real estate.

ansgar's profile image ansgar posted 1 year ago Permalink

Keep in mind the Host tab is bound to the connection node in the tree, and the Database tab is shown when a database node is clicked. If these tabs are hidden, there is nothing to show when you for example click on the root/connection node in the tree. That would create a UI inconsistence.

uaoleg's profile image uaoleg posted 5 months ago Permalink

+1 or at least make it smaller size - just an icon instead of full host name will be enough. Currently first two tabs occupy the half of the row width

uaoleg's profile image uaoleg posted 5 months ago Permalink

4 tab: Data - perfect!

3 tab: Table (instead of Table: actual table name)

2 tab: DB (instead of Database: database name)

1 tab: Host (instead of Host: very long host string)

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